April & May are “Budget Billing” Sign-up Months

Budget billing allows you to pay a set amount every month. Once every 12 months, a “true-up” of the account occurs, based on actual use. This reconciliation occurs on a yearly basis.
The true-up might require you to pay for an excess amount of kilowatt hours used during the period if use exceeds your budgeted monthly total. Or, if use is less, you will receive a credit or a refund from the true-up.
Budget billing participation is based on credit rating, and the amount of the monthly bill is an estimated average from the previous 12-month period based on actual use.
Also available is Automatic bank draft payment plans (ACH). Call the Buckeye REC Customer Service Department for more information.
For more about these programs, call Buckeye REC’s customer service department at 1-800-231-2732 or (740) 379-2025.