ROW Management

2020 right-of-way maintenance program 

Vegetation management and right-of-way tree maintenance is scheduled in 2020 for the following areas: Cooper Hollow and Dixon Run (Jackson County), Sunrise to Lake Vesuvius and Scottown (Lawrence County), Darwin and Rutland (completed 2019) 

When members discourage our efforts to maintain the right-of-way, the direct result is more outages for themselves and their neighbors. 


What standards do BREC and its contractors follow?
BREC, and most utilities, follow the American National Standard Institute (ANSI) directional pruning guidelines. These standards are industry practice and endorsed by the International Society of Arboriculture.

Why do the BREC contractors trim trees the way they do?
According to the ANSI standards and many vegetation experts, directional pruning helps to preserve the tree while reducing the potential for causing an outage.

Why does BREC trim around the power lines?
BREC only trims for safety and reliability reasons. Our preventative maintenance circuit trimming routinely manages vegetation on a cycle basis.

Why are trees sometimes removed completely?
Vegetation that grows extremely fast or specific species of trees are difficult to safely manage between trim cycles. If this type of vegetation is growing in a location that could potentially interfere with BREC’s primary lines, it must be removed.

How do I know that tree-trimmers have the authority to trim my tree?
All BREC contractors have the required identification and will only trim vegetation that is within the utility easement or that presents a safety or reliability threat.

Why are tree crews trimming my tree, if it is not even close to the power lines?
BREC trims vegetation in its easements and right of ways on a regular maintenance cycle. BREC does not trim vegetation that will not interfere with BREC’s primary lines, including trees with a low mature height and trees that are maintained in commercial groves. When we trim a circuit we trim all trees that could interfere with the lines before the next scheduled cycle.

Will you contact me before trimming?
We make every effort to contact landowners before we come.  If yard trees are involved, our Right-of-Way Coordinator or our contractor will make every effort to meet with you in person.  If all else fails, we will leave you a door card in advance, and you can give us a call if you have any concerns.


Video: Trees growing near power lines can pose a danger to children.                 

Video: Most power Outages are caused by the wrong trees in the wrong places.

Plant the Right Tree in the Right Place

The Contractor has the primary responsibility for contacting property owners prior to the commencement of vegetation management work.  Personal contact will be made wherever possible and a VEC member notification hang tag will be left at all residences along the rights of way scheduled for maintenance activities.

Where personal notification has not been made, maintenance activities will not take place for a minimum of 5 days following the placement of a VEC member notification hang tag.  If 5 days have passed and the member has not made contact with the foreperson identified on the hang tag, maintenance activities will take place without any further notice. A reasonable effort will be made to identify property owners at locations where there is not a nearby residence.

Proper Selection and Planting of Trees Near Power Lines


Trees are an important part of the environment that beautify communities and neighborhoods. That’s why BREC is committed to balancing the importance of trees with the equally important need to safely provide a reliable supply of electricity.

Just one tree limb can knock out electric service to dozens of families living several miles away. One falling limb can stop sensitive machinery, halting production for local businesses. Trees and brush that grow into power lines can delay efforts to restore service in the event a power outage does occur.

BREC has a comprehensive Integrated Vegetative Management program to manage the growth of trees and brush located near equipment that delivers electricity to homes and businesses.

While you can count on BREC to clear woody vegetation growth from power lines, thoughtful practices, like planting the right tree in the right place, can preserve a community’s trees while also serving a utility's customers.

BREC recommends that no trees or shrubs be planted directly underneath power lines or near transformers that power underground lines. The diagram above, provided by the National Arbor Day Foundation, is a good guide when making landscaping decisions.

Consider the following characteristics of tree species before planting:

  • Height: will it bump into anything when it is fully grown?
  • Canopy spread: how wide will the tree grow?
  • Growth rate: slow growing species are typically stronger and live longer than those that grow faster.
  • Form or shape: a columnar tree will grow in less space, while round or V-shaped trees provide more shade.

BREC encourages customers to check with the company before placing anything (such as trees, swing sets, decks, porches, pools, etc.) near overhead or underground power lines. Encroachments to these areas present serious safety hazards and may be subject to damage, removal or relocation at your expense.

BREC's Right-of-Way Forester is also a Certified Arborist and can assist in choosing The Right Tree For the Right Place should you have questions before landscaping.

Small trees (mature growth:20 feet or less, if planting within 15 feet of power lines is unavoidable)

  • Flowering Crabapple
  • Flowering Dogwood
  • Redbud
  • Serviceberry
  • Sweetbay Magnolia
  • Wafer-Ash
  • Common Hawthorn
  • Thundercloud Plum
  • Dwarf Fruit Trees
  • Viburnums
  • Rose of Sharon
  • American Boxwood
  • Junipers


BREC Tree Coupon Program

The following nurseries participate in Buckeye REC's Tree Coupon Program.

Bob's Market and Greenhouse
Upper River Rd. (St. Rt. 7)
Gallipolis, Ohio 45631

Wooten's Landscaping, Inc.
4826A Swauger Valley Rd.
Portsmouth Ohio 45662

Davison’s Greenhouse
4530 Clay Chapel Rd.
Crown City, Ohio 45623

Hatcher’s Greenhouse
8794 County Rd. 1
South Point, Ohio 45680

White’s Mill Home & Garden
2 White’s Mill Dr.
Athens Ohio 45701

Four Mile Green House
1063 Franklin Grange Rd.
Jackson, Ohio 45640
(Amish – no phone)

The following are approved trees in BREC's Tree Coupon Program:

Small Trees and Shrubs
Service Berry
Pink Dogwood
Thundercloud Plum
Dwarf fruit trees
Japanese Maple
Fringe Tree
Smoke Tree
Rose of Sharon
Hollies (shrubs only)
Junipers (dwarf species)


Flowering Crabs
Red Jewel
Royal Ruby
(Most other flowering crabs will be acceptable)

Evergreens for Privacy Screen

American Boxwood
Spreading Yew
Mountain Laurel