Energy Services

Dual Fuel Rebate Program

Dual Fuel HVAC systems, combining high efficiency electric heat pumps with fossil fuel (propane or natural gas) backup, provide economical, comfortable heating and cooling. Properly sized and installed dual fuel units can reduce annual electric bills, while keeping residents warm in the winter and cool in the summer. By agreeing to allow the heat pump to be controlled during predetermined cold temperature periods, Buckeye REC members can reduce their cost of upfront installation and enjoy additional savings on their electric bills.

Qualifying co-op members can receive a $600 rebate if they replace an existing conventional furnace or install a new dual fuel unit under the program.


Hot Water Heater Load Control Program

A radio-controlled switch (RCS) is a device that is installed on electric water heaters to help reduce our peak electric load during times of high electric use. When the cooperative is notified that the demand for electricity is reaching an all-time high, a Peak Alert is issued and a signal is sent to the radio-controlled switch, which turns off the heating elements for a period of time. Today's energy efficient water heaters are capable of holding heat for extended periods of time, so the elements can be off for a period with little or no inconvenience.

This program has resulted in significant savings to the cooperative and the members. Members receive a $1 monthly credit for having a RCS installed on their electric water heater.

A RCS wired to a water heater is typically located on the breaker panel or directly on the water heater and installed by a cooperative technician.


Energy Advisor Program

Click here to learn more about our Energy Advisor Program, an online energy management resource for businesses and organizations.



Call Buckeye REC at 1-800-231-2732 for application information if you’re interested in these programs.