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Scammers send suspicious emails that appear to be a bill sent by your utility company, potentially featuring your utility’s logo and color scheme. Do not click on any links or attachments in any email unless you have verified the sender. You may be directed to a scam website designed to steal your personal information, or you might install malicious software onto your computer without ever knowing it. Utility companies typically send bills by mail, unless you have opted to receive your bill by email.
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Thanks to those that were able to assist!
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Winter Peak Alert!
Due to extremely cold temperatures this morning, a peak alert has been issued from Buckeye Power, our generation cooperative, with load control beginning at 7AM Monday morning, January 21. Updates to follow. Please delay use of appliances (dishwashers, stoves/ovens, clothes washer and dryer, etc.) and turn your heat (if electric) down a few degrees until the load curtailment has ended. This will help you -- and all co-op members -- save on future rate costs! It really matters! Your help is appreciated by all members. Please share. Thank you!
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History of Home Wiring

A Not-So-Shocking story of home wiring

The evolution of residential wiring systems


 Our Energy, Our Future

Help Make sure energy laws are fair, affordable.

Electricity Tower at Sunset

How Coops Changed America

A history of America's small electric Cooperatives