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Load Management & Peak Alert Explanation - Potential Impact to Future Wholesale Energy Costs

Load Management

There is not an inexhaustible supply of energy. Stewardship and conservation of our energy resources, including electric power, can help ensure that current and future demand can be met.

Buckeye REC, along with Ohio's other 23 co-ops, is part of a cooperative power generation system (Buckeye Power), from where wholesale electricity is purchased to be distributed and sold at retail rates to co-op members. Peak demand occurs when everyone is using large amounts of electricity at the same time. Higher peak demand increases wholesale power costs. This wholesale power cost, reflected on your bill as G&T (Generation and Transmission), makes up the majority of a member's monthly bill.

Load management is an important conservation tool, and it can be used to avoid peak demand penalties, thereby helping keep rates stable for members of Buckeye REC.

Load management takes two forms. System-wide, Buckeye REC monitors, maintains, and upgrades its electric distribution between substations and transformers. The co-op’s on-going construction work plan aims to upgrade conductor material and size, install devices to maintain voltage levels, and improve substation capacity and operation.

Peak Alerts

During periods of extreme low or high temperatures, Buckeye REC might issue Peak Alert Warnings via Facebook, local radio stations or other methods. A peak alert situation means the possibility exists due to high energy demand for the co-op’s electric provider to set system peak. High demand during critical temperature periods can tax the generation, transmission, and distribution system. To meet demand, the co-op’s wholesale supplier might have to go on the open market to purchase power. This can be very expensive and result in all Buckeye REC members paying more on their monthly bills.

When you hear about a Peak Alert Warning, please take steps to reduce your energy consumption by turning off unnecessary lighting, adjusting your thermostat, or refraining from types of energy intensive practices until the alert period has passed. Follow instructions associated with the Peak Alert Warnings to help control the amount of electricity being used on the Buckeye REC system. This will save all co-op members money in the long run.

Buckeye Rural is a not-for-profit, member owned electric cooperative. Our goal (and yours) is to keep costs, current and future, down so that all members may benefit. Your participation by reducing electrical loads during a Peak Alert is to the future benefit of everyone.
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Request for AM/morning load curtailment/peak alert which began at 7AM has ended for Thursday, January 18. Thanks to the members that do what they can to assist the cooperative. ... See MoreSee Less

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Winter Peak Alert!
Due to extremely cold temperatures this morning, a peak alert has been issued by Buckeye Power, our generating cooperative, with load control beginning around 7AM Thursday morning, January 18. Updates to follow. Please delay use of appliances (dishwashers, stoves/ovens, clothes washer and dryer, etc.) and turn your heat (if electric) down a few degrees until the load curtailment has ended. This will help you -- and all co-op members -- save! It really matters! Your help this week is appreciated by all members. We'll update when it's over. Please share. Thank you!
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PLEASE BEWARE and inform those that are easily taken advantage of. MORE SCAMS......... We were notified by several members today that they are receiving calls from individuals falsely representing themselves as employees of Buckeye Rural and instructing members to make payment or be subject to having their power disconnected in the next 30 minutes. Members are given a dollar amount and instructed to go to a location, in one instance, CVS, to send a Money Gram to prevent the disconnect. Buckeye Rural appears on their Caller ID and the number on the ID may or may not be a legitimate phone number for BREC. We've investigated before and our IT Department says we are being "spoofed" when they are able to use BREC's phone number. It's happening a lot lately and unfortunately there is not much we can do about it. Sometimes the callers are selling something (i.e. med alert bracelets) . Of course, Buckeye REC is not selling anything at this time other than electricity. So....AGAIN, please be aware that these perpetrators are out there and do NOT provide them with any personal information, especially financial, or converse with them where they can record your voice. Thanks for making us aware and please continue to be aware yourselves. Spread the word! ... See MoreSee Less

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Reminder: Buckeye REC is accepting college scholarship applications. All applicants must be a high school senior who resides with parents or legal guardians who are members of the cooperative. Other minimum requirements must be met. Applications and rules are found at High school guidance counselors will also have the details as well. Applications must be postmarked by Feb. 9, 2018. Scholarship finalist interviews will be held at our offices in Rio Grande in early March 2018. Applicants will receive additional information prior to that date. Be sure to pass along to any eligible students! ... See MoreSee Less

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