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A humidifier will not only ward off the dry skin that usually accompanies winter but it can also make your home feel warmer.

While a humidifier won’t make the temperature higher, it may make it feel warmer. Water vapor from the humidifier slightly increases the air's ability to hold heat. therefore the more moisture that's in the air, the warmer it will feel.
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One of our favorite tech trends: smart lighting! Smart lighting systems that run through a hub, like the Philips Hue shown here, can control all the lighting inside and outside your home.

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Replacing old power strips with advanced or smart power strips is an easy way you can #saveenergy. ... See MoreSee Less

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#BeSafe: Be prepared for winter storms. Always keep a battery-powered radio or TV, flashlights and a supply of fresh batteries. Also have water, blankets and non-perishable food. ... See MoreSee Less

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ROW Management

Tips and Information about Right-Of-Way

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History of Home Wiring

A Not-So-Shocking story of home wiring

The evolution of residential wiring systems


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