Area Lights

Applicants for area lights are required to meet membership, credit, security deposit, meter reading, bill payment, and all other terms and conditions of membership. All such fees, deposits, and charges are due in advance of the work by BREC being started (when the credit status of the applicant for service so requires).


An area light will be installed by Buckeye REC on cooperative-owned poles or consumer’s meter poles. The light will be a 63-watt LED Energy Saver light controlled by a photoelectric cell that automatically turns on at dark and off at dawn.

On existing poles with secondary voltage available, the cost will be $250. When a pole is necessary, the charge will include the cost of the pole, plus $600 (the cost of installation of the pole) plus an additional $100 if set by hand. When a transformer is required, an additional charge equal to the cost of the transformer and the labor to install the transformer will be added.

Ownership, Operation and Maintenance:

The cooperative will own the light fixture and will operate and maintain it on a non-emergency basis.


The cost of relocation of an area light shall be borne by the member: light only — $250; light and pole — $700.

Repair Charges for Vandalism:

When it is apparent that an area light has been damaged by vandalism, the cost of repairs will be charged to the member/consumer at prevailing cooperative rates, $250.

Request Service:

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