Unclaimed Capital Credits

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A & O Construction Inc, Patriot OH
A T & T – Bosg Xenia OH
A T & T, Louisville KY
Abrams, Stanley Midland MI
Abshire, B Viola St Cloud FL
Adamitis, Walter Jupiter FL
Adams, Alice Wellston OH
Adams, Edgar A Duncan Falls OH
Adams, Larry Vinton OH
Adams, Larry Vinton OH
Adams, Mack Columbus OH
Adams, R H South Point OH
Adams, Ted L Kitts Hill OH
Adams, William D Gallipolis OH
Addington, Larry Ironton OH
Addis, Edwin Pedro OH
Adkins, Bobby R South Point OH
Adkins, Bruce Crown City OH
Adkins, Delbert Huntington WV
Adkins, Douglas E Bidwell OH
Adkins, Edison E Huntington WV
Adkins, Estill Sandy Hook KY
Adkins, Everett South Point OH
Adkins, Harold Milton WV
Adkins, Hazel L Gallipolis OH
Adkins, Inez G Chesapeake OH
Adkins, Jerry Ceredo WV
Adkins, John H Lincoln Park MI
Adkins, Kenneth Crown City OH
Adkins, Kenneth R Crown City OH
Adkins, Larry G Chesapeake OH
Adkins, Loren Crown City OH
Adkins, Mike Huntington WV
Adkins, Mildred E Crown City OH
Adkins, Myrl Scottown OH
Adkins, Pamela J Ironton OH
Adkins, Raymond Albuquerque NM
Adkins, Rhea R Yuma AZ
Adkins, Robert E Oglesby TX
Adkins, Sonya L Barboursville WV
Adkins, Tommy Texas City TX
Adkins, Tommy L Jackson OH
Adkins, Woodrow South Point OH
Agrigeneral Corporation Columbus OH
Aikman, P Nelsn Athens OH
Alban, Bessie Jackson OH
Albaugh, James Scottown OH
Albaugh, Ronald A Galloway OH
Albaugh, V R Reynoldsburg OH
Alderman, Bobby Morehead KY
Alderman, Darrell Morehead KY
Aldridge, Elzabth Pedro OH
Aldridge, Frank Waterloo OH
Aldridge, Otis Pedro OH
Aleshire NM, Ron L Patriot OH
Alexander Compt Riders, Albany OH
Alexander, Frank Chillicothe OH
Aliff, Scott Proctorville OH
Aliff, Scott E Glade Spring VA
Allard, Mark Wheelersburg OH
Allen, Bert Ironton OH
Allen, Brenda G Chesapeake OH
Allen, Donald South Point OH
Allen, George R Springfiled OH
Allen, Herbert Ashland KY
Allen, Marylou Athens OH
Allen, Randall D Chesapeake OH
Allen, Randy Frederick MD
Allen, Tom E South Point OH
Allie, Thomas E Gallipolis OH
Anders, Charles Lakewood CO
Anders, William Athens OH
Anderson, Edward E Huntington WV
Anderson, Genevieve D Westerville OH
Anderson, Jessie Vinton OH
Anderson, Viola Jackson OH
Anderson, Vivian Beaver OH
Angell, John H South Webster OH
Angle, W W South Point OH
Arick Sr, Walter E Mechanicsburg OH
Armbrister, Andrew Sebring FL
Armstrong Jr, David L Chesapeake OH
Armstrong Jr, David L Chesapeake OH
Armstrong, Kenneth B Bainbridge OH
Armstrong, Philip D Willow Wood OH
Arnett, J M Portsmouth OH
Arnold, Alfred Gallipolis OH
Arnott, Thomas I Racine OH
Arrowood, Mike Oak Hill OH
Arthur, Frank Oak Hill OH
Arthur, William R Scioto Furnace OH
Artis, James E Ironton OH
Artus, Christ H – –
Asbury, Ed Russell KY
Asbury, J B South Point OH
Asbury, Shirley R Ironton OH
Ashby, Herman Point Pleasant WV
Ashcraft, Bert Albany OH
Ashworth, Darla D Saint Clairsville OH
Ashworth, Donald South Point OH
Ashworth, Donald South Point OH
Ashworth, Harvey M Gallipolis OH
Aspin, Gary Dexter OH
Atkins, Edgar L Pomeroy OH
Atkins, Mary E Chesapeake OH
Ator, Conard Albany OH
Atwara, Joseph D South Point OH
Austin, J C Wellston OH
Auxier, George W Lavalette WV
B B & M Coalcorp Gallipolis OH
B P And B Farms Oak Hill OH
Bable, John W Mcarthur OH
Bacon, Allen E Proctorville OH
Baer, David Athens OH
Bailey, Anna L Panama City FL
Bailey, Clifford L Corbin KY
Bailey, Delbert Proctorville OH
Bailey, Donald Albany OH
Bailey, Elmer Pedro OH
Bailey, Jarold L Proctorville OH
Bailey, Jerry South Webster OH
Bailey, Mary New Concord OH
Bair, William D Canton OH
Baird, Thomas Albany OH
Baisden, Dennis Jackson OH
Baisden, Earl Pataskala OH
Baker Jr, Thelmar L Coalton OH
Baker, Dan E Chillicothe OH
Baker, Edward Chillicothe OH
Baker, Gordon B Pittsburg OH
Baker, Jack A Gallipolis OH
Baker, Steven W Patriot OH
Baldwin, Alva Dayton OH
Bale Contracting Inc Galena OH
Ball, Christn M Gallipolis OH
Ball, Lavetta Ironton OH
Ball, Patricia Coalgrove OH
Ballard, Tom Lexington KY
Balling, Joseph Albany OH
Bane, Jeffrey D Gallipolis OH
Barber, Elza V – –
Barberre, Linda Chillicothe OH
Barker Jr, Wendell Jackson OH
Barker Jr, Wendell Jackson OH
Barker, Deborah C Huntington WV
Barker, Donald Ironton OH
Barker, Helen M Gallipolis OH
Barker, Roger South Point OH
Barley, Charles W Rutland OH
Barnes, Wanda L Coolville OH
Barnett Jr, Ray G Columbus OH
Barnett, Maxine Wellston OH
Barnette, Foster South Point OH
Barney, Everett Chillicothe OH
Barr, Raymond A Circleville OH
Barr, Raymond E Middleport OH
Barrett, Buster Cheshire OH
Barrett, Danny Dexter OH
Barrett, Junior Radcliff OH
Barrett, Walter A Vinton OH
Barron, Patrick Willow Wood OH
Barron, Patrick C Willow Wood OH
Barry, Anna B Gallipolis OH
Barry, Charles L Scottown OH
Barry, Loriane Willow Wood OH
Bartells, H F Oak Hill OH
Bartels, Emery D Gallipolis OH
Bartram, James Coal Grove OH
Bartrum, Danny Ironton OH
Basham, Orville Berea WV
Bateman, Lyda Bidwell OH
Bates, David M Herndon WV
Bates, Robert B Gallipolis OH
Batey, Charlen Northup OH
Baumgard, Frank South Point OH
Baylous, Elizbet H Chesapeake OH
Beard, Elton South Point OH
Beaver, David Gallipolis OH
Beaver, Michael Gallipolis OH
Beaver, Milford K Thurman OH
Beaver, Rebecca Gallipolis OH
Beavers, William I New Marshfield OH
Beckett, Debra Athens OH
Belcher, Sebert Albany OH
Belcher, Thomas R Gallipolis OH
Bell, Frank – –
Belville, Anne Gallipolis OH
Belville, Audree Gallipolis OH
Belville, Audree A Gallipolis OH
Belville, James W Gallipolis OH
Bennett, James O Kitts Hill OH
Bennett, Norman L Scottown OH
Bennett, Samuel J Clifton WV
Bennington, Mike Scioto Furnace OH
Bennington, Virgina Wheelersburg OH
Bentley Jr, William S Athens OH
Bentley, Green Columbus OH
Bentley, Jerry D Wellston OH
Berry, Birthel Huntington WV
Berry, Chuck South Point OH
Berry, Garnet Gallipolis OH
Bethel Church Gallipolis OH
Bettis, Melvin H Gallipolis OH
Betts, Clovis New Marshfield OH
Betz, Inez M Gallipolis OH
Bias, Lula Chesapeake OH
Bick, Edward L South Point OH
Bickers, Larry M South Point OH
Bickers, Ronald D Ironton OH
Bickle, Chris D Rio Grande OH
Bickle, Edna K Crown City OH
Big Valley Speedway Ironton OH
Biggs, Janet Bradenton FL
Bird, Belva Wellston OH
Bishop Jr, John O Wellston OH
Bishop, Adam L Fort Mccoy FL
Bishop, Truman Conehatta MS
Black, Eleanor J Gallipolis OH
Black, J W Chesapeake OH
Black, James W Chesapeake OH
Black, John Gallipolis OH
Black, Keith O Middleport OH
Black, Nancy J Sarasota FL
Black, Robert G Proctorville OH
Black, Rosemma F Proctorville OH
Blackburn, Martha Jackson OH
Blagg, Vallee Ironton OH
Blair NM, James E Ironton OH
Blair, Edward J Vinton OH
Blair, Marcus Chillicothe OH
Blair, Ronald F Ironton OH
Blair, Sterlin South Point OH
Blair, Yvonne P Gallipolis OH
Blake, Earl C Myrtle Beach SC
Blake, Maxine Hendersonville TN
Blake, Veronca Ashland KY
Blaney, David P Waverly OH
Blankenship, Arthur Lima OH
Blankenship, Jim G Ashland KY
Blankenship, Robert South Point OH
Blankenship, Thomas D South Point OH
Blankenship, Wallace Jackson OH
Blazer Material Corp Lancaster OH
Blazer Materials Corp Lancaster OH
Blazer, Morris Patriot OH
Bledsoe, Homer Patriot OH
Bledsoe, Lonnie J Charlotte NC
Bledsoe, Luther E Huntington WV
Bledsoe, Shirley A Chesapeake OH
Blessing, Margaret Wellston OH
Blevins, Bernard Donnelsville OH
Blevins, Edgel Berea KY
Blevins, Ersel Williamson WV
Blevins, Jack South Webster OH
Blevins, Joseph Whettensville KY
Bloomfield, James E Ironton OH
Bloomfield, Lee E Oak Hill OH
Bloomfield, Orville E South Webster OH
Boehm, Richard H Pataskala OH
Boggs, Ernest Clearwater FL
Boggs, Harold Ironton OH
Boggs, Ranzy L Newport Port VA
Boggs, Thelma Gallipolis OH
Bolander, Donna J Marion OH
Bolen, Wayne M Waverly OH
Boles, Albert Ironton OH
Bolin, Eric Albany OH
Bolin, Gordon Athens OH
Bolin, Richard D Athens OH
Boll, NM, Richard H Haverhill OH
Bolling, Gladys Jackson OH
Bolton, Richard A Mc Arthur OH
Bolton, Sharon S Athens OH
Bonds, Ethel M Jackson OH
Bonecutter Jr, Sherman Gallipolis OH
Bonham, Jessie Chesapeake OH
Bonner, Dwight Canal Winchester OH
Booth, Amanda Ironton OH
Boothe, Brett Crown City OH
Boothe, Glen South Point OH
Boothe, William South Point OH
Borders, Charles Groveport OH
Boring, William R Albany OH
Boster, Betty Gallipolis OH
Boster, Carroll Crown City OH
Boster, George W South Salem OH
Bostic, Alton Gallipolis OH
Boston, Lowell M Gallipolis OH
Boucher, William A Ray OH
Bourne, Ann Columbus OH
Bouts, Arthur R South Webster OH
Bowen, Ernest A Mcarthur OH
Bowen, George M Chesapeake OH
Bowen, Maude B Mcarthur OH
Bowen, Robert Versailles KY
Bowen, Viola M Oak Hill OH
Bowens, David Lowmansville KY
Bowers, Richard South Point OH
Bowles, David M Ironton OH
Bowles, Pamela Coolville OH
Bowlin, Richard C Birmingham AL
Bowling, William Jackson OH
Bowman Sr, Phillip V Huntington WV
Bowman, Daniel L Rodney OH
Bowman, Ivan Wilkesville OH
Bowman, James E Ironton OH
Bowman, Terry Jackson OH
Boyd, Andrew Chesterland OH
Bradford, John N Albany OH
Bradley, Beth Columbus OH
Bradley, Erma M Pedro OH
Bradley, George Beaver OH
Bradley, Mary L Proctorville OH
Bradley, Stephen L Columbus OH
Braithwaite, Earl D West Jefferson OH
Brammer, Gerald R Ironton OH
Brammer, Lillian South Point OH
Brammer, Maxine Ironton OH
Brammer, Wayne Chesapeake OH
Branham, Bryan E Albany OH
Bratcher, Judy Wellston OH
Brawley, Barbara J Charleston WV
Breakfield, Larry A Morrow OH
Bremer Ii, Edwin Point Pleasant WV
Brentlinger, Mike L Gallipolis OH
Bresenham, Robert E Holland OH
Breudigan, Violet Chesapeake OH
Brewer, Gary D Wellston OH
Brewer, Sandra K Oak Hill OH
Brewster, Ottice South Point OH
Bricker, Nannie Pedro OH
Brickles, Colleen D Shade OH
Bright, Carl Okeechobee FL
Brim, Margare T Patriot OH
Brinegar, Jim Chesapeake OH
Briner, Benjamn F Orient OH
Brink, Nora J New Marshfield OH
Brinker, Ernest Decatur IN
Brinsfield, Susan Waynesville OH
Brinson, Betty L Patriot OH
Brister Sr, Jimmy A Bidwell OH
Brister, Jim A Mahomet IL
Britt, George W Huntington WV
Britt, Stephen D Ben Wheeler TX
Brookgreen Farm Hilton Head Island SC
Brooks, Eugene New Carlisle OH
Brooks, Steve Athens OH
Brooks, Virgil R Gallipolis OH
Broughton, Billye M Chesapeake OH
Brown NM, Verna Kitts Hill OH
Brown Sr, Charley Mcarthur OH
Brown, Bill P Wellston OH
Brown, Cecil Gallipolis OH
Brown, Clara Pedro OH
Brown, Clyde Tucson AZ
Brown, Danny A Holly Hill FL
Brown, Danny A Pedro OH
Brown, Edgar South Webster OH
Brown, George G South Point OH
Brown, Georgia B Troy OH
Brown, Harold Buckeye Lake OH
Brown, Hazel Proctorville OH
Brown, Janet New Boston OH
Brown, Jerry South Point OH
Brown, M Edwin New Carlisle OH
Brown, Mary E The Plains OH
Brown, Olivia Columbus GA
Brown, Robert C Bidwell OH
Brown, Ruth Chillicothe OH
Brown, Sarah C – –
Brown, Steven W Titusville FL
Brown, Troy A Cleveland OH
Brown, Walter Sidney OH
Brown, Willard Oak Hill OH
Brown, William E South Webster OH
Browning, David Proctorville OH
Browning, Jerry L Huntington WV
Browning, Robert L South Point OH
Broyles, William D Pittsburg KS
Brubaker, Malissa R Coal Grove OH
Brumfield, Jewell Whitman WV
Brumfield, Lewis Chesapeake OH
Brumfield, Nina L Gallipolis OH
Brumfield, Ronnie Chesapeake OH
Brumfield, Sherry J Chesapeake OH
Brunton, Dennis D Oak Hill OH
Bryan, Leslie Huntington WV
Bryant, Dale Steinhatchee FL
Bryant, Edgar Ironton OH
Bryant, Frank South Point OH
Bryant, John T Bidwell OH
Bryant, John T Bidwell OH
Buckeye Bucklodge Cincinnati OH
Buckeye Woodproductin South Charleston OH
Buckeye Woodproducts South Charleston OH
Buckeye Woodproducts South Charleston OH
Buckeye Woodproductsc South Charleston OH
Buckles, David L St Charles MO
Buehler, Brian L Gallipolis OH
Buffington, Harley R Wellston OH
Bunch, Freeman Chesapeake OH
Burcham, Helen L Port Charlotte FL
Burcham, Jerald E Kitts Hill OH
Burcham, Scott D Proctorville OH
Burchett, Ed South Deerfield MA
Burd, C Robrt Brockway PA
Burd, Loretta K Proctorville OH
Burdette, D M Ashland KY
Burford, Vergie R Rutland OH
Burke, J D Jackson OH
Burkitt, Rena Logan OH
Burks, John H Pedro OH
Burnap, Tim J Bidwell OH
Burnett, Boyd M Columbus OH
Burnett, Luther Patriot OH
Burnette, Kate Gallipolis OH
Burnette, Ruth E Gallipolis OH
Burns, Melanie S Gallipolis OH
Burns, Stephen Chesapeake OH
Burris Sr, James Wellston OH
Burris, Richard D Cheshire OH
Burrow, L R Gallipolis OH
Burrows, Mary B Zanesville OH
Burton, Dennise Milton WV
Bush, Georgia E Oak Hill OH
Bush, Kenna Cheshire OH
Bush, Roy A Gallipolis OH
Bush, Stanley O Wellston OH
Bush, Victora E Gallipolis OH
Bussler, Robert F Minford OH
Butcher, Mattie B Huntington WV
Butler, Gary M Marion IN
Buzzard, Van Pomeroy OH
Byerly, John Vinton OH
Byrd, Pauline Jackson OH
Byrd, Phil A Albany OH
Byrd, Winfred L Proctorville OH
C & H Electric Co Gallipolis OH
C J Mahan Const Co Grove City OH
C J Mahan Const Co Grove City OH
Cade, Cecil Pedro OH
Cade, Dwayne M Ironton OH
Cain, Betty Athens OH
Caldwell, Geary L Gallipolis OH
Call Jr, John Crown City OH
Callahan, Everett Oak Hill OH
Callicoat Jr, George Willow Wood OH
Callicoat, Denise South Point OH
Callicoat, Emma J Proctorville OH
Callicoat, Wanda J Gallipolis OH
Camden NM, Hazel Gallipolis OH
Campbell, Brenda K Crown City OH
Campbell, James South Point OH
Campbell, Mack Marion OH
Campbell, Reba Pinellas Park FL
Campbell, William E West Unity OH
Cancelli, Dennis A Melbourne FL
Cannon, James Kitts Hill OH
Canter, Judy Point Pleasant WV
Cantrell, Thomas Chesapeake OH
Caplinger, Carmonelle J Waterloo OH
Carbaugh, Jack D Athens OH
Cardillo, Laurie A Gallipolis OH
Cardinal Coalco Columbus OH
Cardwell, Lillie M Wellston OH
Carey, Glenna J Ironton OH
Cargo, William J Gallipolis OH
Carl, Inez E Chesapeake OH
Carlisle, M M Jackson OH
Carman, Dennis Pomeroy OH
Carman, Kenneth M Pomeroy OH
Carmen, Frank Wheelersburg OH
Carmon, Wanda J Ironton OH
Carmon, William Oak Hill OH
Carnes, Hershey Huntington WV
Carnes, Kessley Gallipolis OH
Carney, James M Otway OH
Carpenter, Charles D Scottown OH
Carpenter, Henry A Troy OH
Carrico, David R Kitts Hill OH
Carrico, William South Point OH
Carroll, Bobby J Chesapeake OH
Carroll, Viola M Chillicothe OH
Carson Drilling Co Middleport OH
Carson Gas Producers Barnhart MO
Carson, B H Middleport OH
Carson, M V Barnhart MO
Carson, Stephen A Charleston WV
Cart, Okey H Bidwell OH
Carter Investments, Gallipolis OH
Carter Plumbing & Heat Gallipolis OH
Carter, Calvin R Vinton OH
Carter, George E Oak Hill OH
Carter, Melinda G Oak Hill OH
Carter, Robert Tallahasse FL
Case Jr, Floyd South Point OH
Cash Sr, Emerson Chillicothe OH
Caskey, Robert South Point OH
Cassady, Granvil R Grove City OH
Castle, Belinda K Ray OH
Castle, Kevin E Kitts Hill OH
Castle, Ulysses Wilkesboro NC
Caudill, David Mc Arthur OH
Caudill, Larry B Waverly OH
Caudill, Margret A Jackson OH
Caudill, Rhonda L Patriot OH
Center, Robert Proctorville OH
Cernava, Gary Campbellsburg IN
Chaffins, Brian Pedro OH
Chaffins, Linda L Jenkins KY
Chafins, Hubert Beaver OH
Chamber, Floyd Gallipolis OH
Chamberlain Mangmentco Royal Oak MI
Chamberlin, Kent New Market NH
Chamberlin, Samuel S Athens OH
Chandler NM, Wilmont H Mcarthur OH
Chapman, Carroll L Owasso OK
Chapman, H V Huntington WV
Chapman, Herman L Ironton OH
Chapman, James E Scottown OH
Chapman, Linda Pryor OK
Chapman, William Huntington WV
Chatfield, Jim Proctorville OH
Chatman, Randy C Lucasville OH
Chedester, Betty Jacksonville FL
Chesney, Fred H Flat Rock MI
Chevalier, Andrew Gallipolis OH
Chhibber, Bakshy A Pt Pleasant WV
Childers, Frank Gallipolis OH
Childers, James O Gallipolis OH
Childers, Shirley E Beaver OH
Childers, William Chesapeake OH
Childress, Ronnie A Jonesboro GA
Chinn, James A Huntington WV
Christ Christian Center, Marblehead OH
Christ Temple Church, Pedro OH
Christian, Herbert L Chesapeake OH
Christian, Larry W Gallipolis OH
Christy, Joe C Syracuse OH
Church, Marvin M Patriot OH
Church, Murray E Crown City OH
Circle, Dean Gallipolis OH
Cisco, Kermit Gallipolis OH
Civic Savingsassoc Portsmouth OH
Clagg Sr, Terley L Gallipolis OH
Clagg Sr, Terley L Gallipolis OH
Clagg, Roger A Milton WV
Clagg, Terley L Gallipolis OH
Clark, Angelin D Columbus OH
Clark, Barbara A Scottown OH
Clark, Brent A Gallipolis OH
Clark, David Trenton OH
Clark, Mary Scottown OH
Clark, Thomas Bidwell OH
Clark, Walter Chesapeake OH
Clarke, M David Jackson OH
Clarkson, Maude E Oak Hill OH
Clary, Ada Scottown OH
Clary, Ed Gallipolis OH
Clary, Lola J Silversprings FL
Clary, Tom Immokalee FL
Clay Twp Townhouse Gallipolis OH
Clay, Dwight L Kitts Hill OH
Clay, Harold L Chesapeake OH
Clay, James C Jackson OH
Clay, James E Ironton OH
Clay, Mildred A Highlands NJ
Click, Dennis W Ironton OH
Click, Lewis R Huntington WV
Climer, Cynthia D Chillicothe OH
Climer, Warner Columbus OH
Cline Sr, Billy F Jackson OH
Cline, Bill F Barnes KS
Cline, Connie J Ray OH
Cline, Freddie Springfield VA
Clonch, Bill Kitts Hill OH
Clonch, Willie R South Point OH
Close, Orrie Ray OH
Cochran, Charles W Vinton OH
Cochran, John A Fairfield OH
Cochran, John W Patriot OH
Coe, Harry R Columbus OH
Coffman, Gary E Huntington WV
Cogar, Ruby M Chesapeake OH
Cole, Donald Pedro OH
Cole, Sharon Waterloo OH
Coleman, Bernice Mcarthur OH
Coleman, Charles Oak Hill OH
Coleman, Clyde Hollywood FL
Coleman, Emmitt E Wheelersburg OH
Coleman, Howard J Wellston OH
Coleman, John R Jackson OH
Coleman, Larry R Gallipolis OH
Coleman, Ransom J Vinton OH
Coleman, Ransom J Vinton OH
Coleman, T S Northup OH
Colf, Bessie Mason WV
Collier Jr, J B Ironton OH
Collier, Eugene Scioto Furnace OH
Collier, John R South Webster OH
Collins, Cary L Huntington WV
Collins, Joe E Greensburg PA
Collins, Thomas L Gallipolis OH
Columbia Gas Trans BR, Mcarthur OH
Columbia Gas Trans BR, Sugar Grove OH
Colwell, Thelma Columbus OH
Combs, Linda C Ironton OH
Combs, Raymond Kitts Hill OH
Comer, Ivan Hamden OH
Comer, Pearl Coal Grove OH
Comstock, Eddie Jackson OH
Cone, Gerald W Natalbany LA
Congelton, Helen H South Point OH
Conger, Francis Buckeye Lake OH
Conger, Glenda F Wellston OH
Congerada Thurman OH
Conley, Marlene Beaver OH
Conley, Randy E Holden WV
Conn, Hobart R Ironton OH
Conn, Jeffery H Crown City OH
Conn, Wayne Vinton OH
Connally, Betrice South Point OH
Consolidated Rail Corp, Philadelphia PA
Conway, Cassie D Ironton OH
Cook, Elijah W Beaver OH
Cook, Everett G South Webster OH
Cook, Louis Proctorville OH
Cook, Lydia Wheelersburg OH
Cook, Paul E Lynco WV
Coon, Charles E Oak Hill OH
Coonfield, Ted J Athens OH
Coons, William Ona WV
Co-op Power Inc, Columbus OH
Cooper Jr, Charles E Proctorville OH
Cooper, A B Crown City OH
Cooper, Dana Worthington OH
Cooper, Dora New Marshfield OH
Cooper, Russell South Webster OH
Cooper, Turley Oak Hill OH
Cooper, Vickie L Scottown OH
Coovert Iii, Charles H Savannah GA
Copley, Charlotte Jackson OH
Copley, David Huntington WV
Copley, Harold Pedro OH
Corbin, Edward Rock Camp OH
Cordial, Dennis Blaine KY
Corn, Richard Ironton OH
Cornell, Alfred Athens OH
Corns, Brenda K Chesapeake OH
Corns, Rick D Willow Wood OH
Cornwell, John Lexington KY
Corrado, Michael L Athens OH
Corwin, Seldon R Oak Hill OH
Cotterill, Roger Athens OH
Cottle, Ralph Wheelersburg OH
Cotton, Cory T Chesapeake OH
Coughenour, Mike Vinton OH
Coughenour, Mike R Gallipolis OH
Cover, Sam W Bidwell OH
Covin, Gladys Jackson OH
Cox, Barbara F Thurman OH
Cox, Carol L Gallipolis OH
Cox, Clarence E Gallipolis OH
Cox, Donna M Gallipolis OH
Cox, Freddie M Gallipolis OH
Cox, Gerald Butler PA
Cox, John Thurman OH
Cox, John C Rock Camp OH
Cox, John R Hinton WV
Cox, Maxine Vinton OH
Cox, Mildred Columbus OH
Cox, Pam Wheelersburg OH
Cox, Philip E Proctorville OH
Cox, Robert S Chillicothe OH
Cox, Ruth A Gallipolis OH
Cox, Sandra K Gallipolis OH
Cox, Tracy S Wellston OH
Cox, Wayne Carmichael CA
Coyan, Norman Jackson OH
Cozart, Irvin Glenrogers WV
Cozart, Robert B Pomeroy OH
Crabtree, Cecil Blacklick OH
Crabtree, Clarnce Willow Wood OH
Crabtree, Crit Rodney OH
Crabtree, Don Jackson OH
Crabtree, Donald Albany OH
Crabtree, Isaac Lake City FL
Crabtree, Jack Quincy OH
Crabtree, Nichlas C Columbus OH
Crabtree, Paul Oak Hill OH
Crabtree, Stella M Franklin Furnace OH
Crawford, Pamela S Proctorville OH
Credit of America, Athens OH
Credit Thrift of America, Chesapeake OH
Creech, Marian Kitts Hill OH
Cremeans, Albert H Proctorville OH
Cremeans, Ivan L Crown City OH
Cremeans, James O Patriot OH
Cremeans, Janice I Gallipolis OH
Cremeans, Luther W Chesapeake OH
Cremeans, Marvin W Westerville OH
Cremeans, Michael Gallipolis OH
Cremeans, Orland D Cheshire OH
Cremeans, R W New Port Richey FL
Cremeens, Terry Gallipolis OH
Crews, Pearl Midwest City OK
Crislip Jr NM, William W Oak Hill OH
Crislip, Ruby Patriot OH
Crisp, Tom Catlettsburg KY
Cron, Clyde Willow Wood OH
Cruickshank, Paige C Jackson OH
Crump, Velma Chesapeake OH
Cuckler, Ida Mae Lenoir City TN
Culligan, Gusta Ironton OH
Cullums, Don Hemlock Grove OH
Cullums, Michael Bidwell OH
Cummons, Nellie Jackson OH
Cumpston, David L Milton WV
Cunbo, Dean Albany OH
Cunningham, Jon M Amoria OH
Cunningham, Roy A Grove City OH
Cunningham, Russell Nelsonville OH
Curry, Gwen A Racine OH
Curry, Hansel Gallipolis OH
Curry, John L Kitts Hill OH
Curtis, James Albany OH
Cyr, Donald R Saco ME
D T And I Railroad Jackson OH
D.G.M. Construction Beaver OH
Dailey, Alta E Berea OH
Dailey, Lewis W Gallipolis OH
Dailey, Orley T Sciotoville OH
Dailey, Paul Athens OH
Daines, Ralph M Athens OH
Dalton, Greg Proctorville OH
Dalton, Jeff H Oak Hill OH
Damecki, Chester S Johnstown OH
Damico, Michael J Troy MI
Damron, Howard Pomeroy OH
Damron, Juanita Ypsilanti MI
Dandridge, Eula M Vinton OH
Danesi, Trische A Columbus OH
Danflous, William J Columbus OH
Daniel Jr, Grady South Point OH
Daniels, Bill Proctorville OH
Daniels, Helen Chesapeake OH
Daniels, Helen G South Point OH
Daniels, Louise Gallipolis OH
Daniels, Mike Crown City OH
Daniels, Tracy South Point OH
Danner, Frank Gallipolis OH
Darling, Hattie Ironton OH
Darst, Clarenc – –
Darst, David J Gallipolis OH
Darst, Walden Willow Wood OH
Daugherty, Claude Newark OH
Davidson, Charles R South Point OH
Davidson, David E Wellston OH
Davidson, E L Proctorville OH
Davis, Brinda F Santa Barbara CA
Davis, Carrie Chillicothe OH
Davis, Daniel J Logansport IN
Davis, David L Huntington WV
Davis, Donald L South Point OH
Davis, Elizabeth Sylvania OH
Davis, Jeffrey W Chesapeake OH
Davis, Linda S Gallipolis OH
Davis, Mendell Jackson OH
Davis, Odie M Gallipolis OH
Davis, Preston Wellston OH
Davis, Ralph C Ironton OH
Davis, Richard E Grove City OH
Davis, Richard E Grove City OH
Davis, Terry L Kitts Hill OH
Davis, Thomas Oak Hill OH
Davis, Ulysses G Gallipolis OH
Davis, Wendell Gallipolis OH
Davison-Burton Construction Co, Catlettsburg KY
Dawson Ii, R L Decatur IL
Dawson, Charles Chesapeake OH
Day, Delores Gallipolis OH
Day, Oscar Huntsville NC
Day, Sylvia J Gallipolis OH
Deal, Billy J Albany OH
Dean, Arnold Wheelersburg OH
Dean, Shirley F South Point OH
Dean, Virgina B Pomeroy OH
Dean, Zetta Scottown OH
Dearing, Jerry A Nelsonville OH
Deer, Carroll Ironton OH
Deering, J R Hebron OH
Deering, J R Pedro OH
Deering, J R Kitts Hill OH
Deguzman, Victor M Bidwell OH
Dehart, Richard Jacksonville FL
Delahunt, Robert F Minong WI
Delaney, Larry Winchester KY
Delaney, Minnie Wheelersburg OH
Delawder, George Northup OH
Delawder, Mike Ironton OH
Delille, Michael R Bidwell OH
Deliso Farms Inc, Oak Hill OH
Delong Market – –
Delong, Maebell Crown City OH
Delong, Tom Pedro OH
Delta Resources,Inc Columbus OH
Dement, Edna Rock Camp OH
Demint, Albert W Kitts Hill OH
Denney NM, Owen Jackson OH
Denney, Harry Ray OH
Denney, Richard Cheshire OH
Dennison, Charles Proctorville OH
Dennison, Ralph Proctorville OH
Denny, Charles J Point Pleasant WV
Denny, Tom Northup OH
Depriest, Alan D Pedro OH
Depriest, Fred Pedro OH
Dershem, Thomas L Tustin MI
Desilva, William Gahanna OH
Deskins, Carson Pomeroy OH
Detty, Diane Radcliff OH
Detty, Veatrce K Pedro OH
Dickerson, Flaudeen Wellston OH
Dickess, Donald South Point OH
Dickson, Laura Beaver Creek OH
Dicus, Tracy W Radcliff OH
Diddle, Eric L Pomeroy OH
Dillard, William Gallipolis OH
Dille, Boniden Laurelville OH
Dille, J T Mcconnelsville OH
Dilley, Bridga A Richmond Dale OH
Dilley, Dave Kitts Hill OH
Dilley, George A Kitts Hill OH
Dillon & Bailey, Gallipolis OH
Dillon Jr, Carl R Oak Hill OH
Dillon, R Paskl Kitts Hill OH
Dillon, Rick Chesapeake OH
Dillon, Shirley L Ironton OH
Dingess, Orville Canton OH
Dingus, John R Breman OH
Dingus, Ronald Russell KY
Dixon, Arthur D Willow Wood OH
Dixon, Jeff R Ashville OH
Dixon, Robert N Ashville OH
Dobbins, Ann Bidwell OH
Dodd, George Portsmouth OH
Dolin, Hallie Foster WV
Donahoe, Murl W South Point OH
Donaldson, Joe South Webster OH
Donaldson, Joe South Webster OH
Donley, Mary Chillicothe OH
Donta Jr, William Oak Hill OH
Donta, William Oak Hill OH
Dorn Jr, John Columbus OH
Dorst, Sibyl P Shade OH
Dotson, Carl E Jackson OH
Dotson, Clyde E Jackson OH
Dotson, James Vinton OH
Dotson, Mildred M Beaver OH
Doud, Rhonda K Rutland OH
Douglas, Alpha L Pomeroy OH
Douglas, Clint Pomeroy OH
Douglas, Stephen Jonesville LA
Douglas, Tom Albany OH
Dowdy, James Wellston OH
Dowler, Ronald W Athens OH
Downey, William J Jackson OH
Drake, William Jackson OH
Dray Jr, Edward Chesapeake OH
Dray, Jeanne Gallipolis OH
Dress, John M Nelsonville OH
Drongowski, Cynthia J Thurman OH
Drown, Shannon L Chesapeake OH
Drummond, Edgar E Keystone Heights FL
Drummonds, Arthur Bidwell OH
Dudding, R C South Webster OH
Duffy, John Jacksonville FL
Dulaney, Edwin E West Portsmouth OH
Dummitt, Bill Vinton OH
Dummitt, Bill F Vinton OH
Dunaway, Elizabeth Pedro OH
Dunbar Geological Engrs Columbus OH
Duncan, Edward Jackson OH
Dunfee, John D Proctorville OH
Dunfee, Norma Proctorville OH
Dunn, Larry A Huntington WV
Dunn, Linnie Ironton OH
Duty, Bennie R Columbus OH
Duty, Bennie R Columbus OH
Duty, Lucy Stuart FL
Duty, Rhonda L Langsville OH
Dwyer, Dennis L Dayton OH
Dye, Therian D Proctorville OH
Eagles Club Gallipolis OH
Earles, Clyde E So Charleston OH
Earls, Ida Chesapeake OH
Earls, Terri Proctorville OH
Earls, Terri Proctorville OH
East, Richard Albany OH
Easthom, Phillip Willow Wood OH
Easthom, Saloma Proctorville OH
Easthom, William B Willow Wood OH
Easthon, John R Scottown OH
Eaton, Charles Louisville KY
Eaton, Dave Rush KY
Eaton, Edwin R Gallipolis OH
Eblen, Larry A Gallipolis OH
Eckerle, Karl F Midland MI
Eddy, Linda K South Point OH
Eden, Brenda Chesapeake OH
Edgington, Debbie Oak Hill OH
Edwards, Carl Beachwood OH
Edwards, Cynthia D Wellston OH
Edwards, Joe Chesapeake OH
Edwards, Merrill G Oak Hill OH
Edwards, Paul Rock Camp OH
Edwards, Walter Bidwell OH
Edwards, Wilma J Lancaster OH
Egan, Charles R Huntington WV
Eggleton, Dudley W Gallipolis OH
Eldred, Lanny K Quincy KY
Eldridge, Dawn Jackson OH
Elk Coal Co Mcarthur OH
Elkins, David E Morrisvale WV
Elkins, Robert Pinelos Park FL
Elliott, Darlene Delaware OH
Elliott, Jeffrey Albany OH
Elliott, Johnny R Proctorville OH
Ellis, Debbie Chesapeake OH
Ellis, Jim Muncie IN
Ellis, John V Gallipolis OH
Ellis, Michael E Gallipolis OH
Ellis, Ottie M Proctorville OH
Elson, Danny R Moundsville WV
Empire Minerals Inc Logan OH
Engelhardt, J E Niles OH
Engler, Leona E Ray OH
English Jr, Richard Laura OH
Equity Conversion Corp, Columbus OH
Erickson, Helen R South Webster OH
Ervin, Lulu M Ashland KY
Ervin, Rodger Wellston OH
Erwin, Elza O South Point OH
Eskew, Buelah Columbus OH
Estep, Alvin Huntington WV
Estep, Charles W Flatwoods KY
Estep, David – –
Estep, Frank Franklin Furnace OH
Estep, Gerald Pedro OH
Estep, Hersie F Sciotoville OH
Estep, Kessell Dexter OH
Estep, Troy Waverly OH
Eubanks, Ina Wheelersburg OH
Eubanks, Kathryn Jackson OH
Eubanks, Margaret Jackson OH
Evans, Carolyn Gallipolis OH
Evans, Connie Pedro OH
Evans, Harry H Columbus OH
Evans, Jeffery A Huntington WV
Evans, Karen M Chesapeake OH
Evans, Lee Beaver OH
Evans, Mary B Rodney OH
Evans, Othar E Olive Hill KY
Evans, Rickey Gallipolis OH
Evans, Tressie J Jackson OH
Ewing, Charles L Jackson OH
Exline, Ida J Mcarthur OH
Exline, Orville E Ray OH
F And H Veneer Inc Bainbridge OH
F And H Veneer Inc Bainbridge OH
F And H Veneer Inc Bainbridge OH
Facemyer, Eric J Wilkesville OH
Factor, Pamela J Rio Grande OH
Farahay, James M Gallipolis OH
Farley, Darrell Willow Wood OH
Farley, Sherman South Webster OH
Farris, Bonnie Proctorville OH
Farris, Marshal R Chesapeake OH
Faught, Virgina Wellston OH
Fee, Paul D Springfield OH
Feight, Eugene New Market VA
Feldtz, Kenneth W Cleveland OH
Ferguson Construction Co, Portsmouth OH
Ferguson NM, Ray Gallipolis OH
Ferguson, Clyde Proctorville OH
Ferguson, John L Chesapeake VA
Ferguson, Lewis Ironton OH
Ferguson, Mary Gallipolis OH
Ferguson, Ollie Kitts Hill OH
Ferguson, Rodney Columbus OH
Ferguson, Wayne C Chesapeake OH
Ferrell, Charles W Huntington WV
Ferrell, Clarence A Chesapeake OH
Ferrell, Herman J Dexter OH
Ferrell, Huff Huntington WV
Ferrell, J C South Webster OH
Ferrell, Marvin South Point OH
Ferrell, Robert Barboursville WV
Ferris, Steven A Chesapeake OH
Ferris, Willard Proctorville OH
Fetherolf, Michael D Gallipolis OH
Fetter, Anthony Canal Winchester OH
Fetty Jr, H F Pt Pleasant WV
Fetty, Joseph L Huntington WV
Fetty, Richard N Wilmington OH
Fetty, Wallace Point Pleasant WV
Fielder, Barbara A Vinton OH
Fields, Clyde Albany OH
Fields, John D Gallipolis OH
Fields, Opal B Finksburg MD
Fife, David W Crown City OH
Figgins, Donald M Gallipolis OH
Fillenger, Harlan T Vinton OH
Finley Sr, Larry R Cynthiana KY
Finley, Daniel L Proctorville OH
Finley, Herman Chesapeake OH
First Huntgnbaptistch Huntington WV
First Missionary Bptch Pedro OH
Fisher, Gary L Jackson OH
Fizer, Michael D Kenova WV
Flanery, Douglas Scottown OH
Fleming, Eddie R Radcliff OH
Flesher, William Mc Connelsville OH
Fletcher, Alvin South Point OH
Fletcher, Clare Pittsburg PA
Fletcher, James Athens OH
Fletcher, Roger South Point OH
Flick, Rosmary Pedro OH
Flickinger, Laura L Bowling Green OH
Floyd, Betty A Bryan OH
Floyd, Clarenc E Wellston OH
Fluellen, Alice East Orange NJ
Fogle, Clayton Jackson OH
Folden, Annie L Thurman OH
Follis, Wayland Waverly OH
Ford Brothersinc Coal Grove OH
Ford, Leonard E Gallipolis OH
Forgey, Kathleen Ironton OH
Foss, Lonnie Athens OH
Foster, Marshal R Waterloo OH
Fouty, Majel Wellston OH
Fowler, Robert Chesapeake OH
Fowlkes, Oscar M Proctorville OH
Fox, Mose Jackson OH
Fox, Robert Columbus OH
Fraley, James O Sciotoville OH
Fraley, Nancy Columbus OH
Frame, Roger R Kenova WV
France, Brenda S Chesapeake OH
France, Dennie R Chesapeake OH
Franklin, James R Gallipolis OH
Frazier, C L Fairborn OH
Freeman, Jeffrey D Jacksontown OH
Freeman, Junior Falkville AL
Freeman, Kelly Scottown OH
Freeman, Lila T Jackson OH
Freeman, Mike South Point OH
French Farmsinc Gallipolis OH
Friend, Helen E Pedro OH
Friend, Larry Pedro OH
Friend, Ronald E Willow Wood OH
Frost, Elton R Athens OH
Frost, John Nelsonville OH
Frye, Avice Scottown OH
Fugett, Gary G Ironton OH
Fulk, Arnold South Webster OH
Fulk, Eugene H South Webster OH
Fulk, Gloria J Oak Hill OH
Fulks, Curtis A Crown City OH
Fulks, James H Crown City OH
Fulks, Violet F Gallipolis OH
Full Gospel Church Vinton OH
Fuller, Billy D Chesapeake OH
Fuller, Gregory M Chesapeake OH
Fuller, John M Round Rock TX
Fuller, John W Tucson AZ
Fuller, Malynda G Pedro OH
Fuller, Philip L Oklahoma City OK
Fyffe, Paul Willow Wood OH
Fyffe, Raymond E Fostoria OH
Gage, Gladys H Medway OH
Gaither, Levell P Cheektowaga NY
Gallaher Jr, Thomas J Patriot OH
Gallaher, Mary K Tampa FL
Gallaher, Thomas Northup OH
Gallia Christian School Point Pleasant WV
Gallia Co Local Schools NM, Gallipolis OH
Gallia Development Inc Gallipolis OH
Galloway, Rosvelt Chesapeake OH
Galyen, Patrica R Patriot OH
Gambill, James L Florence SC
Gannon, Lorene M Ashland KY
Gard, Gladys Wheelersburg OH
Gardner NM, John A Gallipolis OH
Gardner, J W Proctorville OH
Gardner, Myrtle Rutland OH
Gardner, Stephen R Gallipolis OH
Garnes, Pearl Wilkesville OH
Gartin, Tracy Crown City OH
Gaston Sr, Ira C Columbus OH
Gates, Eldon J Gallipolis OH
Gates, Jones Patriot OH
Gayhart, Bill Ironton OH
Geiger, Thomas Jackson OH
Gellert, Anne Dexter OH
Gerlach, L R Pt Pleasant WV
German Ridgefruit Farm North Canton OH
German Ridgefruit Farm North Canton OH
Gerwig, Leota B Gallipolis OH
Gibeaut, Jason L Gallipolis OH
Gibson, E R Ashland KY
Gibson, Goldie Chesapeake OH
Gibson, Harry E Jackson OH
Gibson, Joanne Athens OH
Gibson, Leroy Columbus OH
Gibson, Lewis Jackson OH
Gibson, Tracey South Point OH
Gibson, William E Chesapeake OH
Giglio, Alan J Rutland OH
Gilbert, Florenc Thurman OH
Gilbert, John West Jefferson OH
Gilbert, Pearl Gallipolis OH
Giles, Virgil Willow Wood OH
Gilkison, G W Proctorville OH
Gillenwater, Frank Willow Wood OH
Gillenwater, Ida Huntington WV
Gillenwater, Mack H Proctorville OH
Gillette, Verlin Huntington WV
Gilliland, H B Jackson OH
Gilliland, Murvle Jackson OH
Gilliland, Richard Chillicothe OH
Gillman, Ernest Hamden OH
Gillum, Tom Richmond Dale OH
Gilman, Jim Thurman OH
Gilmore, Ada B West Jefferson OH
Gilmore, Carl Middleport OH
Gilmore, Mary Rutland OH
Gilmore, Norman Bidwell OH
Gilton, Keith Coal Grove OH
Ginsburg, Matthew A Toledo OH
Gladman, Betty Oak Hill OH
Glass A, William Corning OH
Glass, Everett L Jackson OH
Glass, John H Wellston OH
Glassburn, Barbara Gallipolis OH
Glassburn, Loren M Aguilar CO
Glassburn, Louis Johnstown OH
Glenn, Sarah Gallipolis OH
Glenroy Fullgospel Ch Wellston OH
Glover, Ronald Proctorville OH
Gobble, Tony M Mt Airy NC
Goble, Edgel Dexter OH
Goble, Jerry K Nitro WV
Goble, Linda Chesapeake OH
Godfrey, Rebecca S Chesapeake OH
Goff Jr, Virgil Thurman OH
Gogel, Harvey E Albany OH
Goloyd, Vicky Dexter OH
Good, Glen Chesapeake OH
Good, Rebecca F Chillicothe OH
Goode, Charles H Alum Bank PA
Goodman, Ray H Jewett OH
Goodrich, Jack R Chesapeake OH
Goodrich, Miles C Wellston OH
Goody, Kenneth M Patriot OH
Goodyear Tire& Rubber Jackson OH
Gool, Freddie L Kitts Hill OH
Gorby, Vester Proctorville OH
Gordon, Jeffery S Albany OH
Gosney, Mark New Marshfield OH
Gould, Brian L Mount Pleasant MI
Gould, Patrica W Oak Hill OH
Goyak, Matt A Columbus OH
Grant Realty Proctorville OH
Grant, Charles G Ironton OH
Grant, Dennis R Langsville OH
Grant, Dennis R Langsville OH
Grant, William T Huntington WV
Graves, Bernard J Columbus OH
Graves, Roger E Albany OH
Gray, William R Laurelville OH
Great Lakes Gas Co Chicago IL
Green, Annabel Proctorville OH
Green, Chrstne A Dexter OH
Green, Dudley Jackson OH
Green, James E Maysville KY
Greer, Reeves South Point OH
Greiner, Raymond E Tampa FL
Griffith, Ruth Amlin OH
Griffith, Tammy J Gallipolis OH
Griffiths Sr, David J Gallipolis OH
Griffiths, John R Columbus OH
Grim, Robert E Goshen OH
Grimm, Wilbur E Groveport OH
Grimm, Wilson Huntington WV
Grogg, Daniel A Shade OH
Grosjean, Ruth C Belen NM
Grossarth, Clyde Sugar Grove OH
Grosvenor, Betty J Gallipolis OH
Grounds, Doyle K Jacksonville NC
Grove, Miller H Milton WV
Groves, Kenneth L South Point OH
Groves, Terry Hilliard OH
Grubb, Steve R Athens OH
Grube Jr, Marcus E Warsaw OH
Grube, Carl L Willow Wood OH
Guilkey, Mary E Athens OH
Guinther, Leota A Gallipolis OH
Gum, Daniel A Willow Wood OH
Guthrie, Sam Gallipolis OH
Gwinn, Frank D Huntington WV
Gwinn, Judy Glouster OH
Haas, Nancy R Santa Fe NM
Hackworth, John South Point OH
Haffelt, Fred H Gallipolis OH
Hager NM, James A Proctorville OH
Hager, Connie Racine WV
Hager, David F Bidwell OH
Hager, Glen D South Point OH
Hagley, James Chesapeake OH
Hairston, Tom E Bidwell OH
Hale, Chester F Jackson OH
Hale, Naree Albany OH
Haley, Brenda K Middleport OH
Halfhill, Hershel D Bidwell OH
Halfhill, Patrica Cheshire OH
Hall, Billie Portsmouth OH
Hall, Brenda S Patriot OH
Hall, Brian K Oak Hill OH
Hall, Carolyn S Oak Hill OH
Hall, Charles Mcarthur OH
Hall, Emma South Webster OH
Hall, Ethel Flatwoods KY
Hall, Grover A Ironton OH
Hall, Keith Jackson OH
Hall, Larry Kitts Hill OH
Hall, Linda L Prospect OH
Hall, Mildred Beaver OH
Hall, Sue P Patriot OH
Hall, Wilma J Del Rio TX
Halley, Carl Crown City OH
Halley, Howard L Gallipolis OH
Halley, Joe Crown City OH
Halley, Mary Gallipolis OH
Ham, Vesta G Bolivar OH
Ham, William Gallipolis OH
Hamilton, Charles E Athens OH
Hamilton, Dennis Stoutsville OH
Hamilton, William E Ravenswood WV
Hamilton, William E Live Oak FL
Hamlin, Alberta Chesapeake OH
Hamlin, Everett South Point OH
Hamlin, Forrest D Chesapeake OH
Hammond, Earl Gallipolis OH
Hammond, Earl T Bremen OH
Hammond, Jeff A Chillicothe OH
Hammons, Art W Greenwood AR
Hampton, Anna Gallipolis OH
Hancock, Melissa A Jackson OH
Hancock, Robert K Ironton OH
Haney Jr, William C Ironton OH
Hankins, Ruby South Point OH
Hanley, Guss C Gallipolis OH
Hann, Steven L Loveland OH
Hanna, Edwin N Rodney OH
Hanna, Janice Patriot OH
Hannan, Jack A Rio Grande OH
Hanning, A G Albany OH
Hanshaw, Donald E Ironton OH
Hanson, Richard Gallipolis OH
Hapney, Marcia Chesapeake OH
Harbert, Betty J Vienna WV
Harbour, Winston K Salt Rock WV
Hardin, David K Gallipolis OH
Hardman, H E Jackson OH
Harless, Arvel Chesapeake OH
Harless, Delbert Huntington WV
Harless, Frank Kenova WV
Harmon, Deborah K Boardman OH
Harmon, Dennis B Stratton OH
Harmon, Mamie M Middleport OH
Harmony Cordly Conference, Bidwell OH
Harnetty, William H Jackson OH
Harold, Regina A Gallipolis OH
Harper, Calvin Ironton OH
Harper, George R Kitts Hill OH
Harper, Mary F Pedro OH
Harper, Theodor O Mannford OK
Harrel, Dianne L Athens OH
Harris, Arnold Beaver OH
Harris, Bonnie Beaver OH
Harris, Charles E Beaver OH
Harris, Dorothy Mcarthur OH
Harris, Ernest Beaver OH
Harris, Frances F Beaver OH
Harris, Gary Piketon OH
Harris, Harry L Beaver OH
Harris, James Pedro OH
Harris, James C Marion OH
Harris, Joyce Oak Hill OH
Harris, Karl W Marietta GA
Harris, Leland D Gallipolis OH
Harris, Mary Beaver OH
Harris, Patrick Rodney OH
Harris, Walter Ashtabula OH
Harris, Woodrow Gallipolis OH
Harrison, Evelyn L Pomeroy OH
Harrison, Homer W Patriot OH
Harrison, Juanita Jackson OH
Harshbarger, Alfred Proctorville OH
Harshbarger, Bennett Scottown OH
Hart, Burl Guysville OH
Hart, Robert E Vinton OH
Hartley, Paul W New Marshfield OH
Hartman, Lyndon D Elida OH
Hartsough, Joyce Wellston OH
Harvey, E C Albany OH
Harvey, Gay Albany OH
Harvey, Jeffery M Gallipolis OH
Haskins, Myrtle C Ironton OH
Haskins, Raymond Jackson OH
Haskins, Terry Charleston SC
Haskins, William Kitts Hill OH
Hatcher Jr, Charles Xenia OH
Hatfield, Charles R Rutland OH
Hatfield, Charles W Gallipolis OH
Hatfield, Jim Yuylee FL
Hatfield, Ronald G Gallipolis OH
Haught, Katie L Gallipolis OH
Hawk, Bill Rutland OH
Hawk, Bill Langsville OH
Hawk, Floyd E Chillicothe OH
Hawk, Jack L New Marshfield OH
Hawk, Jody S Jackson OH
Hawthorn, Herman Chesapeake OH
Hawthorne, Ada Proctorville OH
Hayden, Lloyd P Kerr OH
Hayden, Robert Hamden OH
Hayes And Company Cambridge OH
Hayes, William M Proctorville OH
Hayman, Earl E Gallipolis OH
Hayman, Early E Gallipolis OH
Haynes, Richard D Westerville OH
Haynes, William T Thurman OH
Hayslip, Ann B Kenova WV
Hazelton, James A Pomeroy OH
Hazleton, Timothy P Pomeroy OH
Heacox, Robert H Ona WV
Headley, Cheryl A Chillicothe OH
Hebner, Susan Pomeroy OH
Heck, G E Huntington WV
Hedricks, Odell Proctorville OH
Heilman, Ethel South Webster OH
Hemby, Robert Gallipolis OH
Hemphill, M Lee Northup OH
Hemsley, Ralston Pedon City WV
Henderson Sr, Harold Jackson OH
Henderson, Dee A Gallipolis OH
Henderson, Jerry M South Point OH
Henderson, Owen Scottown OH
Hendricks, David C Washington WV
Henry, Patricia A South Point OH
Henry, Roger South Point OH
Henry, Walter Addison OH
Hensley, James E South Point OH
Hensley, John Northup OH
Hensley, William P Jackson OH
Henson, Jack Jackson OH
Herman, Arzella B Beaver OH
Hern, James – –
Herrell, Helen Northup OH
Herrell, Margart B Scottown OH
Herrell, Opal Kitts Hill OH
Hersman, John Vinton OH
Heslep, Millard West Fork IN
Hess, Keith Delbarton WV
Hesson NM, Marvin Chesapeake OH
Hester, Charles South Point OH
Hewing, Alvin – –
Hewitt, George T Ironton OH
Hewittrobbins Dexter OH
Heyman, Ronald Conyers GA
Hickman, Charles Chillicothe OH
Hicks, Carl Prestonburg KY
Hicks, Clyde S Matthews NC
Hicks, Kenneth P Huntington WV
Hieronimus, Harold Pedro OH
Highlawn Subdivision Gallipolis OH
Hill Jr, William R Hamden OH
Hill Sr, Joseph E Ironton OH
Hill, Claire R Coal Grove OH
Hill, Daniel E Colorado Springs CO
Hill, Denver D Shelbiana KY
Hill, Floyd H Jackson OH
Hill, Harold Columbus OH
Hill, Jimmie South Point OH
Hill, Margret Reynoldsburg OH
Hill, Pamela J Lexington KY
Hill, Paul Huntington Beach CA
Hill, R Keith Langsville OH
Hill, Rodney Jackson OH
Hill, Terry Jackson OH
Hina, Derek S South Point OH
Hinkle, Gladys Jackson OH
Hinson, Lucille H Columbus OH
Hively, Margie Patriot OH
Hively, Roy L Grove City OH
Hix, Ross Bidwell OH
Hixon, Micheal Beaver OH
Hixon, Richard M Maysville KY
Hocter Sr, Charles L Radcliff OH
Hocter, Charles Radcliff OH
Hoctor Sr, Charles Radcliff OH
Hodge, Cecil Columbus OH
Hoffert, Patrica A Bloomville OH
Hoffman, Dencil O Gallipolis OH
Hoffman, Jessie O Patriot OH
Hoffman, Richard C Longview NC
Hogan, James D Gallipolis OH
Hogan, John C Crown City OH
Hogan, John C Crown City OH
Hogan, Patrica R Gallipolis OH
Holbrook, Alma G Reynoldsburg OH
Holbrook, Mary M Waterloo OH
Holbrook, Mary M Waterloo OH
Holcomb, Marion E Ewington OH
Holladay, Mary A Newport KY
Hollanbaugh, Phillip C Bidwell OH
Holland, Andrew J Chesapeake OH
Hollaway, Thomas J Waterloo OH
Holley Brothers Construction, Gallipolis OH
Holley, Dalton L South Point OH
Holley, James P Bidwell OH
Holley, Kenneth E Ironton OH
Hollis, Elizbth A Jackson OH
Holloway Construction, New Lexington OH
Holschuh, Clara Willow Wood OH
Holsinger, Daisy Jasper OH
Holsten, Pearl Richland WA
Holstine, Carl E Jackson OH
Holt Jr, Henry Jackson OH
Holt, William B Springfield OH
Homan, Samuel Lima OH
Home Supply Co, Scottown OH
Hood, William F Kitts Hill OH
Hooper, Don C The Plains OH
Hopewell Oil& Gas Dev Zanesville OH
Hopkins, Mike R Marysville OH
Hopwood, Harry Grove City OH
Horn Jr, Elijah Waverly OH
Horn, Dan Coal Grove OH
Horn, Shirley M Bidwell OH
Hornsby, Pauline Gallipolis OH
Horton, John E Galveston TX
Horvath, Daniel M Farmington Hills MI
Hoschar, J H Pt Pleasant WV
Houck, Henry Gallipolis OH
House, Marsena B Wellston OH
Howard Sr, Elroy Pedro OH
Howard, Arminda Dayton OH
Howard, Edgil Plantation FL
Howard, Mary Kitts Hill OH
Howard, Oliver South Point OH
Howard, Paul Kingston OH
Howell, Geneva H Gallipolis OH
Howell, William Minford OH
Hubbard, Blaine Wellston OH
Huber, Lawrenc E Crown City OH
Huddleston, Arlene H Chesapeake OH
Hudnall, Marie M Athens OH
Hudson, Eva Vinton OH
Hudson, George F Kitts Hill OH
Huff, Danny R South Point OH
Huff, George E Covington KY
Huffman, Larry T Northup OH
Hugg, Homer Jackson OH
Hughes, John W Titusville PA
Humphrey, Joseph Coalton OH
Humphrey, Patrica G Gallipolis OH
Humphreys, George L Kitts Hill OH
Hunkler, Irvin Albany OH
Hunt NM, Marie Gallipolis OH
Hunt, Donnie R Proctorville OH
Hunt, Richard Albany OH
Hunt, W E Proctorville OH
Hunt, Wilburn Gallipolis OH
Hunter, Kenneth Jackson OH
Hunter, Naomi Nelsonville OH
Hupp Jr, Robert Gallipolis OH
Hupp, Mark Crown City OH
Hurlow, Joe Crown City OH
Hurst, James Scottown OH
Hurst, James H South Point OH
Hurt, Ilo Thurman OH
Hurula, Barry G South Point OH
Huston, Kenneth Jackson OH
Hutchinson, Robert E Pedro OH
Hyatt, Kenton S Hiram OH
Ingels, James R Rutland OH
Ingram, F B Gibsonton FL
Ingram, Peter Huntington WV
Inscho, Carl W Columbus OH
Interstate Displays Inc Botkins OH
Irish, Melvin L Gallipolis OH
Irvin, Mildred Chillicothe OH
Isaac, Dale Proctorville OH
Isaac, Lillian Oak Hill OH
Isekeit, Twila South Point OH
Ison Production Service Waverly OH
Ison Production Service Waverly OH
Ison Production Service Waverly OH
Israel, Lawrenc E Jackson OH
Ivan, John Shawnee OH
J Benthall &Co Gallipolis OH
J R Coal Co Gallipolis OH
J R Coal Co Gallipolis OH
J T Corporation Wheelersburg OH
Jack, Alice Proctorville OH
Jackson County Auditor Jackson OH
Jackson Sanitary Lanfil Jackson OH
Jackson Sr, Donald G Portsmouth OH
Jackson, Charlot A Beaver OH
Jackson, Floyd Patriot OH
Jackson, John Athens OH
Jackson, Junior Beaver OH
Jacobs, Robert C Scottown OH
Jacobs, Sallie Kitts Hill OH
Jakeway, Frances E Gallipolis OH
James, David H Wheelersburg OH
James, Dennis R Huntington WV
Janey, Brenda Pomeroy OH
Janitelli, Dina South Point OH
Jarrell, Carol J Scottown OH
Jarrell, Max W Bidwell OH
Jarrett, Charles E Coal Grove OH
Jarrett, Cheryl A Pedro OH
Jarvis, Wm H South Point OH
Jeffers, Cheri L Coalton OH
Jeffers, Mark A Patriot OH
Jeffers, Randy Huntington WV
Jeffries II, Robert D Wallingford KY
Jelovac, Ivan J Proctorville OH
Jenkins, C G Waterloo OH
Jenkins, Curtis M Pedro OH
Jenkins, Danny L Opa Locka FL
Jenkins, Darrell Gallipolis OH
Jenkins, Eloise Kitts Hill OH
Jenkins, Gary L Chesapeake OH
Jenkins, Glenn R Ironton OH
Jenkins, Guster Minford OH
Jenkins, Jim Northup OH
Jenkins, Joyce A Pedro OH
Jenkins, Laura Ironton OH
Jenkins, Mervin T Jackson OH
Jenkins, Ogal Perrysville OH
Jenkins, Orlyn A Proctorville OH
Jenkins, Ronna S Wellston OH
Jenkins, Rosie Oak Hill OH
Jenkins, T R Gallipolis OH
Jenkins, Thomas R Crown City OH
Jenkins, Tim Ironton OH
Jenkins, Willie Kitts Hill OH
Jennings, Daniel T Philo OH
Jewell, Judy K Marysville OH
Jewell, Menford Langsville OH
Jinks, Henry Ashland KY
Jividen, Michael G Mcarthur OH
Jividen, Terry M Gallipolis OH
Johns, Jennie H Proctorville OH
Johnson, Brenda D Oak Hill OH
Johnson, Carline South Webster OH
Johnson, Charles F Oak Hill OH
Johnson, Charles L Chesapeake OH
Johnson, Don F Patriot OH
Johnson, Elmer R Beaver OH
Johnson, Emory Dexter OH
Johnson, Eugene D Lancaster OH
Johnson, Ferris Barboursville WV
Johnson, Frank Beaver OH
Johnson, Gary L Thornville OH
Johnson, Hobert E West Hamlin WV
Johnson, Homer E South Point OH
Johnson, John C Gallipolis OH
Johnson, June O Rutland OH
Johnson, Kenneth E Proctorville OH
Johnson, L Noah Bidwell OH
Johnson, Larry Wellston OH
Johnson, Leona Columbus OH
Johnson, Louise Jackson OH
Johnson, Lowell L Ironton OH
Johnson, Marlene C Gallipolis OH
Johnson, Michael L Pedro OH
Johnson, Mike Gallipolis OH
Johnson, Neil Broadview Heights OH
Johnson, Othello Memphis TN
Johnson, Raymond Jackson OH
Johnson, Robert E Cumberland MD
Johnson, Roger D Oak Hill OH
Johnson, Sandra K South Point OH
Johnson, Silas Northup OH
Johnson, Steve Jackson OH
Johnson, Thomas S Mentor OH
Johnson, Tom Proctorville OH
Johnston, Raymond Vinton OH
Johnston, Walter R South Point OH
Joines, Dolphus J New Middletown OH
Jonas, John E Columbus OH
Jones Jr, Robert Jackson OH
Jones Jr, Simon Pomeroy OH
Jones Quail Farm Akron OH
Jones Sr, Dennis C Glouster OH
Jones, Ann R Kitts Hill OH
Jones, David L Selbyville DE
Jones, David S Proctorville OH
Jones, Durward A Crown City OH
Jones, Edward I Bidwell OH
Jones, Emmett E Huntington WV
Jones, Hobert – –
Jones, J Phil Albany OH
Jones, John Kitts Hill OH
Jones, John C Salisbury NC
Jones, Loretta J Sarasota FL
Jones, Martha J Gallipolis OH
Jones, Ralph Lisbon OH
Jones, Richard L Ostrander OH
Jones, Robert L South Point OH
Jones, Roy S Piketon OH
Jones, Victor W Athens OH
Joseph Jr, William Proctorville OH
Judd, Earl Proctorville OH
Judy, Maude F Athens OH
Justice, Kenneth T Crown City OH
Justice, Larry D Ironton OH
Justice, Lawrenc E South Point OH
Justice, Mary C Pedro OH
Justice, U N Vinton OH
Justus, Hassell Vinton OH
Kaiser Jr, Karl K Jewett City CT
Kalisch, Laura Brick NJ
Kanniard, Lenora Bidwell OH
Karns, Imogene Logan OH
Kasee, Charles L Gallipolis OH
Kauffman, Lawrence Wellston OH
Kauffman, Lawrnce Wellston OH
Kaufman, William E Athens OH
Kearns, Arthur W Columbus OH
Kearns, James R Jackson OH
Kearns, Mary H Chesapeake OH
Kearns, Mary H Scottown OH
Kearns, Mary H Proctorville OH
Keaton, Barbara J Ironton OH
Keels, Donald E Jackson OH
Keels, Fitz Oak Hill OH
Keen, Richard M Rochester WA
Keenan, Sylvan South Point OH
Keener, Laverne P Wellston OH
Keeney, R D Albuquerque NM
Keeton, Robert Gallipolis OH
Keeton, Willie H Bucyrus OH
Keffer, Kerry L Columbus OH
Keil, Donald Logansport IN
Keller, Ida Oak Hill OH
Keller, Paul Pomeroy OH
Kelley, Addie M Willow Wood OH
Kelley, Albert Ironton OH
Kelley, Delbert Albany OH
Kelley, Diana Wellston OH
Kelley, Donald E Slidell LA
Kelley, Ina M Nelsonville OH
Kelley, James Worthington KY
Kelley, Russell Zebulon NC
Kelly Iv, Virgil L Millfield OH
Kelly, Delores C Chillicothe OH
Kelly, Elmer Bidwell OH
Kelly, John Willow Wood OH
Kelly, John B Russell KY
Kelly, Mike F South Point OH
Kemp, Kimbrly Gallipolis OH
Kendrick, Gary W Wellston OH
Kennedy, Jim Kerr OH
Kennedy, Tammi R Langsville OH
Kennedy, Walter Lancaster OH
Kensey, Jim E Chillicothe OH
Kent, Donna Cheshire OH
Kerns, David Bidwell OH
Kerns, Debbie S Pedro OH
Kerns, Joe Proctorville OH
Kerns, Ronald E Pedro OH
Kessler, Roger J Dexter OH
Keys, Horace Russell KY
Kidd Jr, William A Ironton OH
Kidd, Joe Pedro OH
Kidd, Nancy S Orient OH
Kidd, Wayne D Milford IN
Kiesling, Mark Gallipolis OH
Kiger, Everett Gallipolis OH
Kilgore, Leonard E Willow Wood OH
Killebrew, Gary F Crown City OH
Kimbler, Paul E Kingsport TN
Kincaid Jr, Edward L Buxton NC
Kincaid, E R Ironton OH
Kincaid, Mike L Ewington OH
King, Cliford Gallipolis OH
King, Edward Columbus OH
King, John M Athens OH
King, Kenneth Tullahoma TN
King, Lorneta Wellston OH
King, Randy G Wellston OH
Kingery, W J Willow Wood OH
Kinkaid, Robert Jackson OH
Kinsel, Willa M Jackson OH
Kipp, Juanita F South Point OH
Kipp, Leonard I Proctorville OH
Kirby, Robert Mcarthur OH
Kirk, Nina L Albany OH
Kiser, Robert Wellston OH
Kisor, Evan W Vinton OH
Kitchen, Douglas L Albany OH
Kitchen, G E Ashland KY
Kittles, Lora Pontiac MI
Kitts, Glen D South Point OH
Klaiber, Freida Vinton OH
Kline, Daniel Ironton OH
Knauff, Wylie W Crown City OH
Knopp NM, Romaine Chesapeake OH
Knox, Donald W Wellston OH
Knox, Lillian Mcarthur OH
Knox, Mollie Albany OH
Knox, William Gallipolis OH
Konkle, Marvin E Jackson OH
Kottcamp, Elsie K Fort Myers Beach FL
Krajnak, Jeffrey S Ravenswood WV
Krammer Explorations Cleveland OH
Krebs, Girard E Orlinda TN
Kreider, Robert W Jackson OH
Kuhn, Dwayne D Pt Pleasant WV
Kyger, Kenneth Gallipolis OH
Kyle, Jonathn D South Point OH
Lafon, Clovis W Scottown OH
Lafon, D R Proctorville OH
Lahman, Merlyn L Aiken SC
Lair NM, Junior C Gallipolis OH
Lair, Junior C Cookeville TN
Lam, Kenneth A Tucson AZ
Lamay Coal Co, Jackson OH
Lamb, Betty Fort Collins CO
Lambert NM, Donald Kiits Hill OH
Lambert, Andrew Rutland OH
Lambert, Carol S Dexter OH
Lambert, Diana L Crown City OH
Lambert, Edmond A Pittsburgh PA
Lambert, Faith Dexter OH
Lambert, Mary E Crown City OH
Lambert, Orlie Ewington OH
Lambert, Richard West Columbia WV
Lambert, Tim A Columbus OH
Lambert, Warren E Ironton OH
Lamm, Gary Gallipolis OH
Lance, John S Las Vegas NV
Landis, Mark Patriot OH
Landrum Jr NM, Walter S Piketon OH
Landrum, U S Dayton OH
Lane, Dennis E Gallipolis OH
Lane, Pamela K Portsmouth OH
Lane, Sarah Hebron OH
Laney, Troy Waverly OH
Langdon, Cliffor D South Point OH
Langer, William F Midland MI
Lanier, Bill S Gallipolis OH
Lantz, Delila K Ravenna OH
Large, Blanch Pedro OH
Large, James Langsville OH
Large, Jay Columbus OH
Large, Mary A Ironton OH
Large, Sandra K Crown City OH
Lathey, Charles Middleport OH
Laudermilt, Ronald E Northup OH
Lavender, Charles R South Point OH
Laverty, William W Bonita Springs FL
Lavinder, Anthony Jackson OH
Lawhon, Timothy L Gallipolis OH
Lawles, Mary West Jefferson OH
Lawrence Co Lime Crusher, Ironton OH
Lawrence, David L South Point OH
Lawrence, Ross E Huntington WV
Lawson, Charles G Jackson OH
Lawson, Patrick L Albany OH
Lawson, Tom D Westerville OH
Layne, Wilma F Pedro OH
Laywell, Richard G Starke FL
Leach, Alva Jackson OH
Leadingham, Willis Gallipolis OH
Lear, John B Chesapeake OH
Leasure, James L Albany OH
Leavens, Rachelle N Mount Vernon OH
Ledford, George Harlan KY
Lee, Charles Athens OH
Lee, Leon Ripley WV
Lee, Linda R South Point OH
Lee, Lois A Millersport OH
Lee, Mary F Albany OH
Leedy, Golda E Waverly OH
Leedy, William F Gallipolis OH
Leffingwell, Sharon Proctorville OH
Legg, George W Bidwell OH
Legue, Pauline Columbus OH
Lehman, Paul B Patriot OH
Lemaster, Gerald Wheelersburg OH
Lemasters, Larry R Kitts Hill OH
Lemay, Paul E Mcarthur OH
Lemley Jr, Fred Gallipolis OH
Lemley, Ray Cheshire OH
Lentz, Leo Dexter OH
Leonard, Dennis W South Point OH
Lester, Edward H Crown City OH
Lester, Fred Chesapeake OH
Lett, Delores Beaver OH
Levacy, Joyce L Dexter OH
Levernier, James Jackson TN
Lewe, Bonnie S Springfield OH
Lewingdon, Robert Chesapeake OH
Lewis Brothers Farms, Oak Hill OH
Lewis, Beulah Gallipolis OH
Lewis, Edward Ironton OH
Lewis, Emma Wellston OH
Lewis, Eva M Huntington WV
Lewis, Gladys Mcdermott OH
Lewis, Herbert V South Point OH
Lewis, J O Scottown OH
Lewis, Jim W Columbus OH
Lewis, Lester Bidwell OH
Lewis, Michael T Patriot OH
Lewis, Norman K Huntington WV
Lewis, Ray Northup OH
Lewis, Roman E Chesapeake OH
Lewis, Vennis E Sarasota FL
Lewis, Waymon Berry KY
Lewis, William W Thurman OH
Lich, Robert Jackson OH
Lieuellen, Noel New Marshfield OH
Liffick, John Vinton OH
Light, Alfred L South Point OH
Lighthouse Tabernacle Gallipolis OH
Linck, Keith R Ponca City OK
Lindsey, Ronald Wellston OH
Lindsey, Roscoe R New Smyrna Beach FL
Linn, Carter E Crown City OH
Litchfield, Maryann South Point OH
Litteral, Ralph E Proctorville OH
Littlejohn, Dorothy Pedro OH
Livingston, Perry E Bidwell OH
Llewellyn, Douglas New Marshfield OH
Lloyd And Wickensimer Grove City OH
Locey, Marie West Jefferson OH
Lockhart, Karen G St Albans WV
Loevenguth, Cheryle South Point OH
London, Guy F Pickerington OH
Long, Frank L Gallipolis OH
Long, Lewis L Jackson OH
Long, Rodney C Worthington OH
Long, Tim T Duvois PA
Longhenry, Richard Jackson OH
Lookout Ridgedrillco Olive Hill KY
Lookout Ridgedrillco Olive Hill KY
Lookout Ridgedrilling Olive Hill KY
Lookout Ridgedrilling Olive Hill KY
Lookout Ridgedrilling Grayson KY
Looney, Barbara S Chesapeake OH
Loraditch, Mark Chesapeake OH
Lott, William B Piketon OH
Louderback, Diana C Oak Hill OH
Louminhouser, Victor Mcandrews KY
Loveday Jr, Walter Rodney OH
Lowe, Bertha Mcarthur OH
Lowe, Misti L Springfield OH
Lowe, Paul E Jackson OH
Lowry, Mark A Scottown OH
Luberger, William A Oak Hill WV
Lucas, Chester L Chillicothe OH
Lucas, Clifton Auburndale FL
Lucas, E Paul Columbus OH
Lucas, Linda Crown City OH
Luchetti, S Paul South Point OH
Luckett, Carol Mcintosh NM
Lukac, George J Fargo ND
Luman, Robert L Chesapeake OH
Lundy Jr, Dallas Chesapeake OH
Lundy, Charlot M Chesapeake OH
Luzader, Glenda Rodney OH
Lyall, Marla K Pedro OH
Lycans, Ruby Ironton OH
Lynch, H P Gallipolis OH
Lynd, M T South Point OH
Lynn, Carol L Huntington WV
Lyon, John M Bedford Heights OH
Lyons, Clarenc Mcarthur OH
Lytle, Donald E Punta Gorda FL
Lytle, John Beaver OH
Mace, Kenneth E Caldwell OH
Mace, Patrick L Albany OH
Mace, Patrick L Albany OH
Maddix, Clara Rock Camp OH
Maddox, Delores Coal Grove OH
Maddy, Hazel Ironton OH
Maisenbacker, Paul E Kokomo IN
Mallett, A F Charleston WV
Malone, Alan Pedro OH
Malone, Charlot J Huntington WV
Malone, Joe Pedro OH
Malone, L C Oak Hill OH
Malone, Linda S Pedro OH
Malone, Ruel Pedro OH
Manion, Robert Crown City OH
Manly, Fredric Athens OH
Mannon, Brent E Kitts Hill OH
Mannon, Carl Proctorville OH
Mannon, Joyce A South Point OH
Maples, Joe Gallipolis OH
Marcum, Everett Oak Hill OH
Marcum, Grover C Patriot OH
Marcum, John S Oak Hill OH
Marion M E Church, Portsmouth OH
Mark Iv Energy Corp Columbus OH
Mark Iv Energy Corp Columbus OH
Mark Iv Energy Corp Columbus OH
Markle, Reno Loveland OH
Markley, John Gallipolis OH
Markley, John C Land O Lakes FL
Marks NM, A J Jerico Springs MO
Marks, Marjore B Huntington WV
Marsh, Johnny Chesapeake OH
Marsh, Johnny M Proctorville OH
Marshall, Emily E Jackson OH
Marshall, Ralph H Kitts Hill OH
Marshall, Steven J Beaver OH
Martin Iii, Willis E Jackson OH
Martin, Burl W Ashland KY
Martin, Dennis Gallipolis OH
Martin, Edgar A Willow Wood OH
Martin, Estella Mcarthur OH
Martin, Grace Hebron OH
Martin, Harry Jackson OH
Martin, John Jackson OH
Martin, John L Northup OH
Martin, Joseph Huntington WV
Martin, Kerry R Gallipolis OH
Martin, Patrica Pedro OH
Martin, Paul L Mcarthur OH
Martin, Phyllis Huntington WV
Martin, Robert L Gallipolis OH
Martin, Robert W Athens OH
Martin, Violet L Gallipolis OH
Martyn, Nolan G Langsville OH
Mason, Richard V – –
Masonry Inc Wellston OH
Masonry Inc Wellston OH
Massey Jr, Charles E Patriot OH
Massie, Carl Ironton OH
Massie, Cecil E Northup OH
Massie, Deborah Pedro OH
Massie, Earl Pedro OH
Massie, Esther Ironton OH
Massie, Hazel Chesapeake OH
Massie, Herman L Gallipolis OH
Massie, Jimmy D Ironton OH
Massie, Marty M Pedro OH
Massie, Tim M Kitts Hill OH
Massie, Willard G Gallipolis OH
Mastrangelo, Joseph Kenova WV
Mathes Jr, Kenneth D South Webster OH
Mathews, Donald S Jackson OH
Mathews, John R Jacksonville FL
Mathews, Tommy K Gallipolis OH
Mathis, Shirley E Nitro WV
Matney, Albert Gallipolis OH
Matthews, Bill B Gallipolis OH
Matthews, Pearl Wellston OH
Matthews, Raymond Columbus OH
Mattox, Henry H Kitts Hill OH
Maxwell, Ronald Athens OH
May, Burgess Ashland KY
May, Jeff E Wilkesville OH
May, Larry Mcandrews KY
Mayberry, James Chesapeake OH
Mayenschein, Darrell A South Point OH
Mayles, Perri L New Marshfield OH
Maynard, Archie Columbus OH
Maynard, Greg Rio Grande OH
Maynard, Ivan P Sugar Grove NC
Maynard, James M South Point OH
Maynard, Lloyd D Nokomis FL
Maynard, Patsy L South Point OH
Maynard, Richard L Vinton OH
Maynard, Robert Lavalette WV
Maynard, Sherlie L Ripley OH
Maynard, Victoria Orlando FL
Maynard, Woodrow Jackson OH
Mayo, Ovinton Huntington WV
Mayo, Robert C Bothell WA
Mayo, Rolland R Ironton OH
Mayo, Woodie R Willow Wood OH
Mays, David South Point OH
Mays, Ruth Gallipolis OH
McCain, Given Oak Hill OH
McCain, Ronnie R Oak Hill OH
McCall, Carl Albany OH
McCall, Ronald South Point OH
McCallister, Brenda South Point OH
McCarley, Randall C Vinton OH
McCarty, Acy Wellston OH
McCarty, Danny Jackson OH
McCarty, Dessel Vinton OH
McCarty, Keith A Gallipolis OH
McCarty, Nathaniel L Oak Hill OH
McCarty, Paul A Vinton OH
McCathern, Gerald D Mc Arthur OH
McCathern, Roger Albany OH
McClanahan Jr, Charles South Point OH
McClanahan, Charles K South Point OH
McClaskey, Ray Chillicothe OH
McClellan, Avis Langsville OH
McClellan, Loretta S Scottown OH
McClellan, Terry L Gallipolis OH
McClelland, Tim W Ashland KY
McClintock, Joanna K Pomeroy OH
McCloud, Florencia Huntington WV
McCollister, William Nelsonville OH
McComas, Berkley L Scottown OH
McComas, Fred A Proctorville OH
McComas, James South Point OH
McComas, Larry Chesapeake OH
McComas, Linda L Gallipolis OH
McComas, W A South Point OH
McConnell, Ethel Buchtel OH
McConnell, Robert Athens OH
McCormick Jr, Odis D Conway SC
McCormick, Grege South Point OH
McCormick, James Patriot OH
McCormick, William A Gallipolis OH
McCoy, Bobby J Jackson OH
McCoy, Otto Oak Hill OH
McCraw, William F Tupelo MS
McCullah, Eugene Fort Myers FL
McCune, Kathy S New Marshfield OH
McCutcheon, Wayne A Wheelersburg OH
McDaniel, Everett R Gallipolis OH
McDaniel, H Dwight Pomeroy OH
McDaniel, Mark Shiloh OH
McDaniel, Randy Pomeroy OH
McDaniel, Richard G Albany OH
McDilda, Arthur C New Castle VA
McEwen, Fran O Gallipolis OH
McFadden Jr, Charles Ray OH
McFann, Oscar Ashland KY
McFann, Theodor Jackson OH
McFarland, Sarah Rock Camp OH
McGhee, Julius Gallipolis OH
McGinnis, Mathew R Westover WV
McGlone, Teresa South Webster OH
McGowan, Harl 0 Gallipolis OH
McGrath, Verna Jackson OH
McGraw, Mary Beaver OH
McGuckin, Kathlen J Athens OH
McGuire, Chester C Gallipolis OH
McGuire, Donald E Gallipolis OH
McGuire, James Crown City OH
McGuire, Marvin Gallipolis OH
McGuire, Max Nelsonville OH
McGuire, Nellie Gallipolis OH
McGuire, Tammy S Gallipolis OH
McIlvain, Charles N New Martinsville WV
McKee, Mary Wellston OH
McKee, Randy E Beaver Creek OH
McKeehan, Homer South Point OH
McKenzie, Gary L Portsmouth OH
McKenzie, Jim Bainbridge OH
McKenzie, William Ironton OH
McKinney, Archie Rutland OH
McKinney, Don A Gallipolis OH
McKinney, Lillian Dayton OH
McKinnis, Steve Jackson OH
McKnight, Harold B Lawrenceville GA
McNeal, Eva Beaver OH
McNeely, Gregory M Chesapeake OH
McNeely, Kathy L Proctorville OH
McPherson, William T Gallipolis OH
McQuaid, Jimmy A Gallipolis OH
McWilliams, Floyd Athens OH
McWilliams, Fred A Athens OH
McWilliams, Vickie L Wellston OH
Meadows, Dan L Rutland OH
Meadows, Donald C Scottown OH
Meadows, Joe Ann Jackson OH
Meadows, Steve Ray OH
Medas, George R Gallipolis OH
Meeks, John M Longwood FL
Mendoza, Pacifco J Gallipolis OH
Menear, Norman Barboursville WV
Menous, Mary Willow Wood OH
Merlo, Salvdor Huntington WV
Merola, Mark A Gallipolis OH
Messer, Dwaine D South Webster OH
Messer, James L Waverly OH
Metcalfe, Grace H Willow Wood OH
Metzler, Eric Columbus OH
Metzler, William E Oak Hill OH
Meyer, Kathy M Radcliff OH
Meyers, Jim L Athens OH
Michael, Carter Dexter OH
Michiritch, Tom Pomeroy OH
Middleton, Debbie Chesapeake OH
Midkiff NM, Egbert Huntington WV
Midkiff, Craig E Wellston OH
Midkiff, Kenneth Jasonville IN
Mikes Market, Richmond Dale OH
Milam, Mamie Sissonville WV
Miller Jr, Leander Jackson OH
Miller, Aldo Wellston OH
Miller, Alfred H Carlsbad NM
Miller, Arthur P Gallipolis OH
Miller, Clara Catlettsburg KY
Miller, Edna R Dover DE
Miller, Emory W Mc Dermott OH
Miller, Ermalan South Webster OH
Miller, Frank F Chillicothe OH
Miller, George Bidwell OH
Miller, James E Columbus OH
Miller, Jeff D Pedro OH
Miller, Jerry D South Point OH
Miller, John H St Cloud FL
Miller, Larry Jackson OH
Miller, Louise Pedro OH
Miller, Lowell F North Augusta SC
Miller, Mark L Patriot OH
Miller, Robert T Chesapeake OH
Miller, Robert W Waterloo OH
Miller, Russell B Lakeland FL
Miller, Steven D Marietta OH
Miller, Taylor B Patriot OH
Miller, Vernon L Gallipolis OH
Miller, Wayne R Vinton OH
Milliron, Karen S Point Pleasant WV
Mills, Earl Gallipolis OH
Mills, Nevada Russell KY
Mills, Nova L Proctorville OH
Mills, Viola Beaver OH
Mine Serviceconst Co Wheeling WV
Miracle, Thomas Painesville OH
Misner, Cliford Mcarthur OH
Mitchell, Emmett Mcarthur OH
Mitchell, Flora Gallipolis OH
Mitchell, Larry Gallipolis OH
Mixon, Colleen D Athens OH
Mize, Cleova Albany OH
Mobley, Joyce Beaver OH
Moeller, William J Gallipolis OH
Mohler, David H Rodney OH
Mohler, Thomas A North Canton OH
Mollett, Roy L Jackson OH
Mollihan, Nolan Vinton OH
Monroe, Carrie L Columbus OH
Montgomery, Donald Crown City OH
Montgomery, Donald Scottown OH
Montgomery, Donald W Gallipolis OH
Montgomery, Garry E Wellston OH
Montgomery, James M Vinton OH
Montgomery, Robert Gallipolis OH
Montgomery, Thurman Crown City OH
Montle, Alfred Guysville OH
Montrella, Dennis South Point OH
Mooney Sr, Clarence M Columbia TN
Mooney, Patrica Northup OH
Moore Jr, Homer B South Point OH
Moore Jr, James E Chillicothe OH
Moore, Anthony Proctorville OH
Moore, Anthony Proctorville OH
Moore, Brenda Chillicothe OH
Moore, Clemnce E Crown City OH
Moore, Clyde South Point OH
Moore, Daryl D Jackson OH
Moore, Dolores Ironton OH
Moore, Earl W Cincinnati OH
Moore, Eileen E Gallipolis OH
Moore, Emory Jackson OH
Moore, Ernest R Pottstown PA
Moore, Frances D Gallipolis OH
Moore, Gregory Chillicothe OH
Moore, Herbert Jackson OH
Moore, Janie Vinton OH
Moore, Joseph A Charleston WV
Moore, Judith South Point OH
Moore, Norman Athens OH
Moore, Ralph E South Point OH
Moore, Ralph S South Webster OH
Moore, Roger Beaver OH
Moore, Tony M Wheelersburg OH
Moore, Virgina M Grove City OH
Moore, Vivian South Webster OH
Moore, Wilbur C South Point OH
Moorehead, William E Cambridge OH
Morgan, Dennis C Oak Hill OH
Morgan, Robert Wellston OH
Morgan, Ron E Zaleski OH
Morgan, S A Rock Camp OH
Moritz, Gary L Whitehouse OH
Morris Jr, Chris P Gallipolis OH
Morris, Charles M Huntington WV
Morris, David South Point OH
Morris, Edward A Columbus OH
Morris, Kenneth R Albany OH
Morris, Leroy Westerville OH
Morris, Michael K Corpus Christi TX
Morris, Paul E Ewington OH
Morris, Steve Columbus OH
Morris, William Albany OH
Morrison, J Tim South Point OH
Morrison, Melvia Vinton OH
Morrow, Danny C Middleport OH
Moshier, Erma J Jackson OH
Moshier, Mary M Jackson OH
Mosier, Mary M Waterloo OH
Mossbarger, Mary H Beaver OH
Mount, Michael L Willow Wood OH
Mowrey, Michele Athens OH
Mriz, Mike Saint Clairsville OH
Muchow, Douglas Florissant MO
Mueller, John J Wheelersburg OH
Mullens, John Pedro OH
Mullet, Eugene Gallipolis OH
Mullett, Gene Gallipolis OH
Mullins, Frances Rodney OH
Mullins, James A Gallipolis OH
Mullins, James R Pittsburg PA
Mullins, Karen S Crown City OH
Mullins, Mary C Oak Hill OH
Mullins, Oliver B Dexter OH
Murdock, Brady Willow Wood OH
Murdock, Keith A Proctorville OH
Murdock, Mel Chesapeake OH
Murnahan, Clovis C Willow Wood OH
Murnahan, Robert Scottown OH
Murphy Jr, George D Proctorville OH
Murphy, Lawrnce R South Point OH
Murray, Forrest Beaver OH
Murray, Gary E Jackson OH
Murrell, John Ironton OH
Murrell, Sarah E Pedro OH
Musgrave, Eloise Chesapeake OH
Music, Ivan A Zephryhills FL
Musser, Betty G Proctorville OH
Musser, W D Rutland OH
Myers NM, James E Willow Wood OH
Myers NM, James E Willow Wood OH
Myers, Carl E Gallipolis OH
Myers, Daniel L Wheelersburg OH
Myers, Glenora A Melbourne FL
Myers, Hollis Gallipolis OH
Myers, Mary South Bloomingville OH
Myers, W B Proctorville OH
Nance, C F Chesapeake OH
Nance, Norval W Willow Wood OH
Nance, Vivian L Proctorville OH
Napier, Raynell South Webster OH
Napper Jr, Carl Willoughby OH
Napper, Patrick B Vinton OH
Nash, Slater C South Point OH
Navy, Louie J Huntington WV
Neadue, Donna Ripley WV
Neal, Dennis E Chesapeake OH
Neal, Donald Arcadia FL
Neal, Jessie Kitts Hill OH
Nelson, Cora M Beaver OH
Nelson, Dana W Albany OH
Nelson, Lucian Grove City OH
Nelson, Marion Middleport OH
Nelson, Richard D Kenova WV
Neville Iii, Fred South Point OH
Newell, David L South Point OH
Newell, Nelson Middleport OH
Newlon, Andrew M Hamden OH
Newsome, Ernest Jackson OH
Newsome, Golden Vinton OH
Newsome, Golden Viinton OH
Newsome, Judy A South Webster OH
Newsome, Willard Gallipolis OH
Nibert, Garland Gallipolis OH
Nice, Michael Albany OH
Nichols, Phillip G South Point OH
Nickels, Harvey Mcarthur OH
Nickels, Roger L Elkview WV
Nida, Mary M Gallipolis OH
Niday, Hugh Jackson OH
Nixon, Clarnce Charleston WV
Nixon, S J Akron OH
Noble, Henry Rock Camp OH
Nolan, Lloyd Ironton OH
Nolan, Timothy D Rio Grande OH
Norris, Oscar Ironton OH
Northup, Maxine Gallipolis OH
Northup, Mike Gallipolis OH
Notter, Jean Gallipolis OH
Notter, Sadie North Port FL
Nuce, John Rodney OH
Null, Mike E Bidwell OH
Number 9 Pentecostal Church, Waterloo OH
O Cartee Andj Allen Oak Hill OH
Obanion, Harold South Webster OH
Obiedo NM, Larry San Antonio TX
Ochs, Thomas E Pataskala OH
Ocker, Leah M Wellston OH
Odekirk, R Mark Cumming GA
O’Dell, Ruth E Barboursville WV
Odman, Blenda L Chesapeake OH
O’Donnell, Thomas R Grove City OH
Ohio Agricltbalres &De Jackson OH
Ohio Bell Telephone Akron OH
Ohio Hydrocarbons Inc, Columbus OH
Ohio River Cable TV, Kenova WV
Oil Drillersdevelopcl Medford NJ
Oiler, Flora Vinton OH
Oiler, Pamela Jackson OH
Ojala, Allan W Gallipolis OH
Ojala, Leslie J Gallipolis OH
Old Pine Cemetery Assn1 Gallipolis OH
O’Leary, Patrick Ironton OH
Oliver Jr, Larkin B Kitts Hill OH
Oliver, Bea L Pedro OH
Oliver, Renella J Coalton OH
Oliver, Ronald A Proctorville OH
Oliver, Terry H Gallipolis OH
Olson, Hazel E Crown City OH
OMAC Oil and Gas Co, Newark OH
Oneill, Richard C Ironton OH
Orcutt, Albert Worthington OH
Osborn, John Columbia MD
Osborn, Madeline Beaver OH
Osborne Ii, Terry D Jackson OH
Osborne, David R Henderson WV
Osborne, Elba G New Marshfield OH
Osborne, Ida R Mc Arthur OH
Osborne, Jerry Chesapeake OH
Osborne, Kathlen M Bedford OH
Osburn, J C Huntington WV
Osburn, Orvil Wayne WV
Osburn, Stella Chesapeake OH
Owens, Dawn M Wheelersburg OH
Owens, Ervin Coal Grove OH
Owens, Jerry Waterloo OH
Owens, Orlyn J South Point OH
Owens, Steve Bidwell OH
Oxier, Ronald Piketon OH
P L Grant Realty Inc Proctorville OH
Packo, Morris Pomeroy OH
Pagnani, John A Huntington WV
Painter, Violet Bidwell OH
Palm Jr, Herb F Beaver OH
Palm, Erma Haydenville OH
Palmer, Allen Jackson OH
Pancake Reality Huntington WV
Pannu, Kanwaljyot S Gallipolis OH
Panteloukas, Pete P Huntington WV
Parker, Loren K New Marshfield OH
Parsley, Sherman Pedro OH
Parsons, Frank South Webster OH
Parsons, Garland Gallipolis OH
Parsons, Jackie Bidwell OH
Parsons, Lonnie South Point OH
Parsons, Thomas A Troy OH
Pasquale, Paula C Gallipolis OH
Patrick, Earl Barnetts Creek KY
Patriot Grange – –
Patterson, Arley F Gallipolis Ferry WV
Patterson, Audrey Ironton OH
Patton Lumber Pedro OH
Patton, Harvey Oak Hill OH
Patton, Joe Coalton OH
Patton, Linda Pedro OH
Patton, Virgina Pedro OH
Pauley, Clinton Willow Wood OH
Pauley, Floyd L Proctorville OH
Pauley, Ruby South Point OH
Pauley, William Rock Camp OH
Paxton, Locie L North Whitehall OH
Paxton, Mildred – –
Payne, Jim E Columbus OH
Payne, Mary J Jackson OH
Peck, Donna E Bidwell OH
Peck, Emma J Mcarthur OH
Peck, Freelin F Cheshire OH
Peck, Virgile Bidwell OH
Peck, William Albany OH
Peden, Dallas W Gallipolis OH
Pegram Jr, Arthur L Huntington WV
Pence, Robert C – –
Pendland, John Lower Salem OH
Pendleton, V W Willow Wood OH
Pendry, Gary L Wheelersburg OH
Pennell, Robert W New Martinsville WV
Pennington, David J Ironton OH
Pennington, Philip V Sciotoville OH
Pennys Parlor Proctorville OH
Peoples, Maureen Gallipolis OH
Perkey, Jack R South Point OH
Perkins, Clifton E Chesapeake OH
Perkins, Earl H Chesapeake OH
Perkins, Fred L Wellston OH
Perkins, James W Pomeroy OH
Perkins, Larry Clinton TN
Perkins, Vivian Columbus OH
Perkins, Woodfrd Wellston OH
Perrine, Warren L Crown City OH
Perry, Charles W Dexter OH
Perry, Chess L Athens OH
Perry, Denver Mcarthur OH
Perry, Donald E Coal Grove OH
Perry, James E Fort Worth TX
Perry, Linda M South Point OH
Perry, Minnie South Webster OH
Perry, Worley Athens OH
Peters, C F Willlow Wood OH
Petreas, Nichlas G Euclid OH
Petronis, Alfred J Sandy Beach FL
Pettit, David Sugargrove OH
Pettit, Paul Wilkesville OH
Pettus, Nikki A Medway OH
Pezeshki, Manuel South Webster OH
Phelps, Nellie Albany OH
Phillips, Avonell J Bidwell OH
Phillips, Harry J Scottown OH
Phillips, James P Athens OH
Phillips, Kenneth L New Martinsville WV
Phillips, Opal Crown City OH
Phillips, Orville L Albany OH
Phillips, Ronald Ranson KY
Phillips, Sandra M Albany OH
Phipps, John M Fayetteville TX
Pickens, Jack Johns Island SC
Pickett, Edward G Nelsonville OH
Pidcock, Martha W New Marshfield OH
Pierce, Katherine E Ashville OH
Pierce, Paul South Point OH
Pierotti, Virgie Gallipolis OH
Pierpont, John R Jackson OH
Pigg, Carl C Miamisburg OH
Pine Creek Chapel, Waverly OH
Pine Lake South Point OH
Pinkerman, Cindy Scottown OH
Pinkerman, Hillis Columbus OH
Pinkerman, Kim C Scottown OH
Pip Petroleumcorp Detroit MI
Pirtle, Robert A Crown City OH
Pittman, Steve P Mcarthur OH
Pixley, Harold W New Boston OH
Plants, Betty L Gallipolis OH
Plants, Erica R Gallipolis OH
Plants, James E Bidwell OH
Plummer, Tom Jackson OH
Plybon, Rex H Pedro OH
Plymale, Dwight Jackson OH
Pointview Cable Systems Pt Pleasant WV
Pollard, Alice R Coal Grove OH
Pontious, Francis Chillicothe OH
Pope, John T Crown City OH
Portanova, Ronald P Athens OH
Porter, Lutie P North Lawrence OH
Porter, Marion W Proctorville OH
Porter, Rick J Portsmouth OH
Post, Michael Athens OH
Posten, Edward Waterloo OH
Poston, Dennis Waterloo OH
Potter, James M Patriot OH
Potts Jr, Clarnce Roseville OH
Potts, James W Proctorville OH
Powell, Eliza E Pomeroy OH
Powell, Gladys Sarasota FL
Powell, Harry E South Point OH
Powell, Jeffrey D Dayton OH
Powell, Kenneth W Radcliff OH
Powell, William J Columbus OH
Power, C E Dayton OH
Powers, Dennis E Culloden WV
Prater, Gardes Canal Winchester OH
Prater, Roscoe C Albany OH
Pratt, David K Shoals WV
Pratt, Douglas E Huntington WV
Pratt, Pearl Radcliff OH
Pressler, Robert Proctorville OH
Preston, Gladys Corning OH
Price, Audree E Gallipolis OH
Price, Jerry L St Petersburg FL
Price, John W New Marshfield OH
Price, Roy W Columbus OH
Price, Teresa K Gallipolis OH
Priddy, James D Langsville OH
Priddy, Ricky A Rutland OH
Prince, Edwin J Butte MT
Proctor, William Gallipolis OH
Provens, Biddie Springfield OH
Provens, Cora Northup OH
Provens, Jasper Northup OH
Pruitt, Deborah Proctorville OH
Puckett, Walker Jackson OH
Puckett, Willie J Jackson OH
Putney, David W Mason WV
Pyles, Pierson Chesapeake OH
Quick, Bessie E Albany OH
Quimby Jr, Jack Gallipolis OH
Quinn, Robert E Chillicothe OH
Raby, John Minford OH
Racer, Mark W Gallipolis OH
Radabaugh, Orlie E Jackson OH
Radcliff, James W Ray OH
Radio Jacksoninc – –
Ragland, John Chillicothe OH
Ragland, Norman Chillicothe OH
Ragland, Thomas Beaver OH
Rainer, Frank L Longmont CO
Raines, James C Huntington WV
Raines, Jerry D Ironton OH
Raines, Otis Chillicothe OH
Rainey, Diana S Nitro WV
Rake, James Gallipolis OH
Rake, James F Gallipolis OH
Rake, Teresa L Gallipolis OH
Ralph, Leona M Vinton OH
Ralph, Robert Ironton OH
Ramsay, Jerry R Bidwell OH
Ramsey, Marie Patriot OH
Ramsey, Roney Bidwell OH
Randolph, Irene Bidwell OH
Randolph, Roger A Gallipolis OH
Rang, Hope Shingletown CA
Rapp, Lawrnce W Shade OH
Rapp, Richard A Wellston OH
Rash, Jessie R Proctorville OH
Rasp, Walter Circleville OH
Ratcliff, James W Ray OH
Ratliff, Brenda K Gallipolis OH
Ratliff, Jerry Ironton OH
Rawlings, Fredrick E Albany OH
Rawlins, Adrian Scioto Furnace OH
Rawlins, Beth Milford OH
Rawlins, Darrell Scioto Furnace OH
Rawlins, Guy F Oak Hill OH
Rawlins, Hartfrd G Waverly OH
Rawlins, Mildred Oak Hill OH
Rawlins, Patrica Oak Hill OH
Rawlins, Tiny Wheelersburg OH
Rawlins, William Wellston OH
Ray, Bonnie J Dexter OH
Ray, Edna Columbus OH
Ray, William RD Patriot OH
Rayle Coal Co Saint Clairsville OH
Raymer, David Jackson OH
Raynard, Debbie D Wheelersburg OH
Raynard, Donald South Webster OH
Raynes, Ruth Patriot OH
Razdan, Jimel L Mercer Island WA
Redman Lodgehall Patriot OH
Reed Sr, Frank Coshocton OH
Reed, Cecil Hillsboro WV
Reed, Claude Ewington OH
Reed, Emma C Wellston OH
Reese, Don Gallipolis OH
Reese, Evan D Gallipolis OH
Reese, Evans R Oak Hill OH
Reeves, David Albany OH
Reffitt, Arnold R Ray OH
Reid, Henry Oak Hill OH
Reisinger, Coyt J Rushville OH
Reisinger, Delmon Beaver OH
Reisinger, Donald Beaver OH
Renner, Guy M Chillicothe OH
Repass, Vickie L Gallipolis OH
Reynolds, Carrie South Vienna OH
Reynolds, Earl Gallipolis OH
Reynolds, Earl Massillon OH
Reynolds, G L Albany OH
Reynolds, Glen Jackson OH
Reynolds, Larry Waynesville OH
Reynolds, Roger Mcarthur OH
Reynolds, Ted W Ironton OH
Rhea, David Union Lake MI
Rhoads, Leo Grayson KY
Rice NM, Robert L South Point OH
Rice, Alvin C Ironton OH
Rice, Charles A Gallipolis OH
Rice, Emma R South Point OH
Rice, Jacklyn Huntington WV
Rice, Joseph P Gallipolis OH
Rice, Wilbur Wellston OH
Rice, William E Mason WV
Richards, Kenneth Columbia KY
Richardson, Butch E Columbus OH
Richardson, Dorothy Waverly OH
Richesson Sr, Walter O Gallipolis OH
Richesson, Willard 0 Columbus OH
Richmond, Gladys Wheelersburg OH
Rickard, Jay K South Point OH
Riddell, Hubert Hamden OH
Rideout, Cathy L Buckeye Lake OH
Rife, Virgie S Gallipolis OH
Riggle, Chester L Athens OH
Riggs Jr, Raynal Hayes VA
Riggs, Ronald J Proctorville OH
Riley Development Co Proctorville OH
Riley, Edsel Hernando FL
Riley, James Chesapeake OH
Riley, James A Athens OH
Riley, Leona L Beaver OH
Riley, O W Chesapeake OH
Rinehart, Daniel H Ray OH
Rippeth, Richard Coalton OH
Riskards, Pamela K South Webster OH
Ritchie, Lee Piketon OH
Ritchie, Talmadg South Point OH
Rivers, James B Mt Pleasant TX
Roach, Anna L Willow Wood OH
Roach, Anthony C Proctorville OH
Roach, Fred L Gallipolis OH
Roach, Mark Chesapeake OH
Roach, Sandra F Gallipolis OH
Robbins Restaurant Jackson OH
Roberta Huffman Realty Albany OH
Roberts Jr, Charles M Proctorville OH
Roberts, Boyce E Gallipolis OH
Roberts, Charles J Patriot OH
Roberts, Phebe Racine OH
Roberts, William Ironton OH
Robertson, Fred Proctorville OH
Robertson, Tom Warrenton VA
Robertson, Wanda L Proctorville OH
Robinette, Hugh Vinton OH
Robinette, Rufus Gallipolis OH
Robinson Jr, Fred H Huntington WV
Robinson, Benjamn Vero Beach FL
Robinson, Denver L Fairmont WV
Robinson, Harriet Ashland KY
Robinson, Joseph Oak Hill OH
Robinson, Leslie P Ironton OH
Robinson, Oliver Pedro OH
Robinson, Phillip R Pedro OH
Robinson, William Wellston OH
Robson, William E Wellston OH
Roderick, John E Jackson OH
Rodgers, Carolyn G Gallipolis OH
Rodgers, William E Ironton OH
Rodman, Jesse Pomeroy OH
Roe, George Charleston WV
Roe, James P Jackson OH
Rogers, Jerry Pedro OH
Rogers, Loretta E Pomeroy OH
Rogers, Ryan J Oak Hill OH
Rogers, Victoria Zaleski OH
Rohner, William J Corpus Christi TX
Rohner, Wm J Midland TX
Rollins, Dale Chesapeake OH
Rollins, Willis Mcarthur OH
Romans L, Charlotte Ashland KY
Ronaldson, David Proctorville OH
Rose, Dora M Waverly OH
Rose, Gene Huntington WV
Rose, James W Gallipolis OH
Rose, Marlin D Thurman OH
Rosebrock, Gerald V Oak Hill OH
Rosenberger, John A Columbus OH
Ross Jr, Peter Escanaba MI
Ross, Bess Ironton OH
Ross, Clarence L Wellston OH
Ross, Donna L Patriot OH
Ross, Earl D Patriot OH
Ross, Elbert R Ironton OH
Ross, Ernest D Pedro OH
Ross, Greg P Proctorville OH
Ross, Joe W Dunbar WV
Ross, Marry E Pedro OH
Ross, William Jackson OH
Rossiter, Orie Crown City OH
Rotar, Kenneth Gainesville FL
Roth, Mildred A Jackson OH
Rouse, Eugene Jackson OH
Roush, James E Dexter OH
Roush, James E Cheshire OH
Roush, Joseph Bidwell OH
Roush, Kathlen Jackson OH
Roush, Penny South Webster OH
Rowe, Cathrin E Columbus OH
Rowe, Charles South Point OH
Rowe, Glen E Proctorville OH
Rowe, James A Ironton OH
Rowe, Steve R Ironton OH
Rower, Jim Coolville OH
Rowland, Sallie Jackson OH
Royal Petroleum Prop Cleveland OH
Royal Petroleum Prop, Cleveland OH
Royer, Winona L Geneva OH
Rucker, Iva Proctorville OH
Rucker, Johnny Chesapeake OH
Rucker, Paul Gallipolis OH
Rucker, Robert R Proctorville OH
Ruggles, Tom Jackson OH
Rulen, George L Chesapeake OH
Rumfield, Viola Pomeroy OH
Runyon Jr, Dan Gallipolis OH
Runyon, Dan Gallipolis OH
Runyon, Lovevona M South Point OH
Runyon, Norman E Jackson OH
Runyon, Robert Chesapeake OH
Runyon, Steven Tawas City MI
Rupe, Cathrne Rutland OH
Rupe, Hugh L Athens OH
Rupe, Sharon Gallipolis OH
Rupert, Charles Norwood OH
Russell Jr, Stanley Circleville OH
Russell, Donald Kitts Hill OH
Russell, Forrest R Gallipolis OH
Russell, Larry Gallipolis OH
Russell, Randall S Gallipolis OH
Ruth, Charles Reynoldsburg OH
Rutland Gun Club, Middleport OH
Rutt Brothers Waterloo OH
Rutt, Marvin M Proctorville OH
Rutter, Elmer Nelsonville OH
S And B Gallipolis OH
Sagraves, Raymond F Mcarthur OH
Sagraves, Silva Lowmansville KY
Salmons, Gaylord Patriot OH
Saltsman, Jake R Mcarthur OH
Salyers, Joseph M Pomeroy OH
Salyers, Robert Russell KY
Sam Dillon Farms Hinsdale IL
Sampson, Connie Gallipolis OH
Sams, Gary L Athens OH
Sanders Iii, Charles S Sierra Vista AZ
Sanders Jr, Fred Crown City OH
Sanders, Ethel South Point OH
Sanders, Fred Thornville OH
Sanders, John Vinton OH
Sanders, John Gallipolis OH
Sanders, Mark A Gallipolis OH
Sanders, Taj South Point OH
Sandman, Patricia Columbus OH
Sanitary Comlservices Chillicothe OH
Satterlee, Roger D Laceys Spring AL
Sauer, Richard D Middleport OH
Saunders Jr, Paul L Dexter OH
Saunders, Archie M Gallipolis OH
Saunders, Margart Springfield OH
Saunders, Mark E Oak Hill OH
Saunders, Phillip R Scottown OH
Saunders, S L Gallipolis OH
Saunders, William Gallipolis OH
Sayre Carry Out Wilkesville OH
Sayre, Thelma F Gallipolis OH
Scalf, Woodrow W Nashville TN
Scarberry, Albert Proctorville OH
Scarberry, Billy L Huntington WV
Scarberry, Edna C Chesapeake OH
Scarberry, Frankln L Proctorville OH
Scarberry, Jerry D South Point OH
Scarberry, Leo O Proctorville OH
Scarberry, Lloyd Proctorville OH
Scarberry, Maude South Point OH
Scarborough, Lloyd W Jackson OH
Schacht, Robert E Janesville NC
Schafer, Cadda South Point OH
Schafer, Henry R Columbus OH
Schafer, Patrica E Scottown OH
Scherrer, Robert S Cleveland OH
Schneider, Dorothy C Chesapeake OH
Schneider, Larry J Wheelersburg OH
Schooley, Steve B Newton NC
Schroeder, Otto R Crown City OH
Schuler, James L Columbus OH
Schulz, Tom Wellston OH
Schwalbach Sr, Ernest E Ray OH
Schwalback, Ernest E Ray OH
Schwartz, Timothy D Lancaster OH
Scott, Daniel H Rodney OH
Scott, Gerldne Phyliss KY
Scott, Gregory C Proctorville OH
Scott, Imogene Gallipolis OH
Scott, Jack Huntington WV
Scott, James E Crown City OH
Scott, Jeff Chesapeake OH
Scott, Merrit A Wellston OH
Scott, Paul Middleport OH
Scott, Robert E Ridgely WV
Scott, Ronnie D Albany OH
Scragg, John C Athens OH
Scurlock, Floyd Jackson OH
See, D Ursel Springfield OH
Seely, John M Blackstone VA
Seitz I, Larry H Vinton OH
Setty, Harold Mt Perry OH
Sexton Jr, William A Reynoldsburg OH
Sexton Sr, John L Gallipolis OH
Sexton, Carson Wellston OH
Sexton, Henry Jackson OH
Sexton, James Ironton OH
Sexton, Phillip R Jackson OH
Sexton, William Worthington KY
Sexton, William A Chesapeake OH
Seymour, Edward Mcarthur OH
Shaffer, Jerry D Rodney OH
Shamblin, George M Rt 4 Putman CO
Sharon Silica Company, Jackson OH
Sharp, Helen F Ironton OH
Sharp, John Pedro OH
Sharp, Justin Pedro OH
Sharp, Leroy Pedro OH
Shaulis, Lawrnce Albany OH
Shavor, Billy Proctorville OH
Shaw, J M Gallipolis OH
Shaw, Tonya J Wheelersburg OH
Sheaffer, Robert E Radcliff OH
Shearer, Charles Beaumont TX
Sheets, Allan Gallipolis OH
Sheets, George Patriot OH
Sheets, John R Gallipolis OH
Sheets, John S Gallipolis OH
Sheets, Mary J Patriot OH
Sheets, Melba T Gallipolis OH
Sheets, Melva Gallipolis OH
Sheets, Noah Crown City OH
Sheets, Violet J Oak Hill OH
Sheets, William P Gallipolis OH
Sheffield, James H Kissimmee FL
Shelby, David D Logan OH
Sheline, Gilbert J Gallipolis OH
Shelton, Fred Oak Hill OH
Shelton, Mary Patriot OH
Shelton, Vera A Patriot OH
Shenefield, Shirley Wellston OH
Shepard, Larry E South Point OH
Shepherd, Arlene M Waterloo OH
Shepherd, Cathrne A Chesapeake OH
Shepherd, George E Gallipolis OH
Shepherd, Johnnie Wellston OH
Sherfy, Rolland Palm Bay FL
Sheridan, Barbara H Gallipolis OH
Sherman, Ed New Marshfield OH
Sherman, Michael L Portsmouth OH
Sherrick, Ezra Beaver OH
Sheward, Emma Jackson OH
Shiflet, David Proctorville OH
Shockley, Jackie Scottown OH
Shockley, Lee Chesapeake OH
Shoemaker, Robert S Huntington WV
Shook, Walter Waverly OH
Shope, Frank Scottown OH
Shope, James L South Point OH
Short, Keith Grayson KY
Short, Leland Columbus OH
Short, Stephen Vinton OH
Short, William R Gallipolis OH
Shover Sr, John Jackson OH
Shrader, Richard A Proctorville OH
Shreves, Joseph W Willow Wood OH
Shriver, Clyde D Vinton OH
Shriver, Homer Crown City OH
Shultz, Roger Pomeroy OH
Shy, Stephen C Lavalette WV
Siciliano, Dean A Point Pleasant WV
Sickles, Orin Jackson OH
Silvers, Danny Dexter OH
Silvey, Rex Carlisle OH
Simmons, Bill Georgetown FL
Simmons, Bill T Columbus OH
Simmons, Charles E Beaver OH
Simpkins, Bennie L Proctorville OH
Simpkins, Creed A Point Pleasant WV
Simpkins, David A Crown City OH
Simpkins, Mathias Waverly OH
Simpson, Bob Jackson OH
Simpson, Charles Radcliff OH
Simpson, Charles D Buffalo MO
Simpson, Don Chillicothe OH
Simpson, Joe A Jackson OH
Simpson, Mary Kitts Hill OH
Simpson, Richard Gallipolis OH
Simpson, Robert B Huntington WV
Simpson, Stanley Dayton OH
Sims, Carolyn A Gallipolis OH
Sims, Wilbur L Dexter OH
Sinclair, Helen Athens OH
Sines, Claude A Leon WV
Singer, Harry Proctorville OH
Singer, Michael A Proctorville OH
Singleton, Janet S Augusta KY
Sirback, Mark A Jackson OH
Sirback, Paul A Wellston OH
Sisson, Dale B Lockbourne OH
Sites, Frank R Pedro OH
Sites, John Chesapeake OH
Sites, Randy P South Point OH
Sizemore, Carl Pedro OH
Sizemore, David C Corpus Christi TX
Skaggs, Freddie B Gallipolis OH
Skeels, Elzbeth M Beaver OH
Skeens, Lindeen H Chesapeake OH
Skidmore, Hazel M Rio Grande OH
Skidmore, John Middleport OH
Slive, Steven Cleveland OH
Slone, Dewey Gallipolis OH
Slone, Herman Doniphan MO
Slone, J Richard Gallipolis OH
Slone, Ralph Beaver OH
Slone, Raymond L Waverly OH
Slone, Richard Gallipolis OH
Smallwood, Bobby J Langsville OH
Smart, Kay Dayton OH
Smart, Timothy D Dallas TX
Smith Jr, Grover L Chesapeake OH
Smith Jr, Robert R Chesapeake OH
Smith Sr, Frank C Rawl WV
Smith Sr, Herman F South Point OH
Smith Sr, Lumie Chillicothe OH
Smith Sr, Robert E Mcarthur OH
Smith, A Frank Scottown OH
Smith, Albert Chesapeake OH
Smith, Alva Portsmouth OH
Smith, Anthony W Gallipolis OH
Smith, Billy R Marion OH
Smith, Charles T Proctorville OH
Smith, Dana K Jackson OH
Smith, Dannie L Chesapeake VA
Smith, David H Jackson OH
Smith, Donald R South Point OH
Smith, Elliott L Huntington WV
Smith, Emaline Y Ironton OH
Smith, Emma J Middleport OH
Smith, Harold E Cheshire OH
Smith, Henry J Gallipolis OH
Smith, Jessie D Waverly OH
Smith, John M Lavalette WV
Smith, Keith E Gallipolis OH
Smith, L C Victoria TX
Smith, Lloyd W Crown City OH
Smith, Mary Cheshire OH
Smith, Max C Gallipolis OH
Smith, Maxine Willow Wood OH
Smith, Mildred M Gallipolis OH
Smith, Nancy Scottown OH
Smith, Pauline Wheelersburg OH
Smith, Randy L South Point OH
Smith, Robert B Crystal River FL
Smith, Ronnie G Gallipolis OH
Smith, Scott W Huntington WV
Smith, Stella Oak Hill OH
Smith, Terry L Crown City OH
Smith, Wallace South Point OH
Smith, Wayne Beaver OH
Smith, Wilbur A Middleport OH
Smoot, James Chesapeake OH
Smrekar, Kathryn Rutland OH
Snavely, Sella Jackson OH
Snell & Snellbldrsinc Chesapeake OH
Snell, Jeff A Chesapeake OH
Snodgrass, Richard Gallipolis OH
Snodgrass, Stephanie N Thurman OH
Snuffer, W W Macon GA
Snyder, Donna M Oswego NY
Snyder, James Huntington WV
Snyder, Joe P Gallipolis OH
Snyder, John Waverly OH
Snyder, John T Oak Hill OH
Snyder, Keith R Jackson OH
Snyder, Mabel Ewington OH
Snyder, Ruth Piketon OH
Snyder, Samuel New Castle PA
So Centrl Comunications Chillicothe OH
Solida Discount Gas South Point OH
Sommer, Jason F Gallipolis OH
Sorrell, Keith L West Mansfield OH
Sorrell, Wilbur D Albany OH
South Point Church of God, South Point OH
South, Ronald L South Point OH
Southeast Ohio Ems Dist Gallipolis OH
Southern Hills Motel South Point OH
Southern Ohio Resources, Gallipolis OH
Southworth, Paul E Westerville OH
Sowards, Martin W Bidwell OH
Sowers, Larry C Columbus OH
Spangler, Sandra Scottown OH
Sparks, Jimmy L Ironton OH
Sparks, Ralph D South Point OH
Sparks, Ruth J Gallipolis OH
Sparks, William Jackson OH
Spears, Alfred South Point OH
Spears, Donald R Endicott KY
Spears, Fannie Thurman OH
Spears, Homer Conaway VA
Spears, James E Ironton OH
Spears, Karen S Thurman OH
Spears, Willie R Knoxville TN
Spencer, Jack J Vinton OH
Spencer, James E Beaver OH
Spencer, Thelma Gallipolis OH
Spires, Freda Wellston OH
Spires, Kelley A Wellston OH
Spitzer, Robert Proctorville OH
Sprague, Clinton Albany OH
Spriegel, Don R Davenport FL
Springer, George W Milton PA
Sprouse, William C South Webster OH
Spurlock, Basil Thurman OH
Spurlock, Beulah E Gallipolis OH
Spurlock, Charles L Longbottm OH
Spurlock, Haskell Gallipolis OH
Spurlock, Pamela L Elyria OH
Stacy, Donald H Cambridge Springs PA
Staley, Delmas Kenova WV
Stalland ND, H D Radford VA
Stambaugh Jr, Dallas Jackson OH
Stambaugh, Lucy Jackson OH
Stamper, Richard E Coon Rapids MI
Stanaford, Michael L Barboursville WV
Stanley NM, Hazel Patriot OH
Stanley, Bob W Chesapeake OH
Stanley, Carlos N Crown City OH
Stanley, Ivan C New Marshfield OH
Stapleton, Allan Gallipolis OH
Stapleton, Allen Gallipolis OH
Stapleton, Danny Chesapeake OH
Stapleton, Earl D South Point OH
Stapleton, Paul D South Webster OH
Stapleton, Shawna M South Webster OH
Stapleton, Thomas E Columbus OH
Stark, William Chesapeake OH
State Highwaypatrol Jackson OH
Staten, Rusty A Columbus OH
Stebbins, Steve J Wagoner OK
Steele, Irene Columbus OH
Steele, Richard A Crown City OH
Steele, Richard T Mcarthur OH
Stegall, Sue Gallipolis OH
Steiff, Joanne L Racine WI
Steinbrecker, Mike Chesapeake OH
Steiner, Kenneth L Gallipolis OH
Stephens NM, Ken Kountze TX
Stephens, Flossie Kitts Hill OH
Stephens, Frankln Proctorville OH
Stephens, H L Gallipolis OH
Stephens, L M Gallipolis OH
Stepp, Daniel Beaver OH
Sterrett, Richard N Gallipolis OH
Stevens, David Jackson OH
Stevens, Greg A Pedro OH
Stevens, James E Pedro OH
Stevens, Mary K Pedro OH
Stevens, Paul W Chillicothe OH
Stevens, Ronald Jackson OH
Stevens, Victor W Chesapeake OH
Stevens, Woodrow Beaver OH
Stevers, Phil Rodney OH
Stevers, Thomas R Shade OH
Stewart And Zinn Inc, Wellston OH
Stewart Jr, Thomas Wellston OH
Stewart, Audrey H Gallipolis OH
Stewart, Carl E Patriot OH
Stewart, Danny R Ironton OH
Stewart, Deborah S Ashland KY
Stewart, Floyd W Kitts Hill OH
Stewart, Hildrth J South Charleston OH
Stewart, James Waterloo OH
Stewart, Jim T Gallipolis OH
Stewart, Joe Stockport OH
Stewart, John R Warner Robbins GA
Stewart, Maggie Mcarthur OH
Stewart, Malcolm C Coats NC
Stewart, Matthew L Beaver OH
Stewart, Robert L Patriot OH
Stewart, Rusty Chesapeake OH
Stewart, Sam M Gallipolis OH
Stewart, Telitha M Jackson OH
Stewart, Terry Kitts Hill OH
Stickdorn, Kevin D Athens OH
Stiff, Glinnie Russell Springs KY
Stiff, Shirley C Portsmouth OH
Stiffler, Allie Jackson OH
Stiffler, James Gallipolis OH
Stipes, Vidella Patriot OH
Stokes, Elizbth A Amite LA
Stolarski, Edward Columbus OH
Stollings, Charles Proctorville OH
Stone, Dwight Vinton OH
Stone, Elmer Belle Center OH
Stone, Sarah J Jackson OH
Stonerock, Roger Wheelersburg OH
Stonewall Gasco Jane Lew WV
Stout, James Fairborn OH
Stover, Dennis R Patriot OH
Stover, James O Chesapeake OH
Stover, Leona B Gallipolis OH
Stowers, Lloyd H Gallipolis OH
Stowers, Robert L Shalimar FL
Straight Ii, John E Gallipolis OH
Straight, Roy St Cloud FL
Strang Jr, David M Nelsonville OH
Straten, Richard Wellston OH
Strauch, Charles Newark OH
Straus Jr, Charles Albany OH
Street, Claud R Kitts Hill OH
Strickland, Sandra K Jackson OH
Strite, Jodi L Oak Hill OH
Studer, Joseph C Cheshire OH
Stultz Jr, Allen Waverly OH
Stumbo, Cecil Scottown OH
Stumbo, Edith E Antioch CA
Stumbo, Sarah M Oak Hill OH
Sturgell, Mallie Betsy Layne KY
Sturgeon, Elden H Plain City OH
Sturgeon, Howard Oak Hill OH
Sturgeon, Howard M Proctorville OH
Sullivan, Dale R South Point OH
Summers, James R Meally KY
Sutherland, David Athens OH
Sutton, Charles Gallipolis OH
Swann, J David Chesapeake OH
Swann, James H Albany OH
Swartz, Juanita Chesapeake OH
Swick, Stanley R Vinton OH
Swingle, Hayden E Jackson OH
Swisher, Daniel D Columbus OH
Sword, Allen A Patriot OH
Sycks, Randy L Kitts Hill OH
Sydnor, Joseph R Huntington WV
Szydlek, Barbara J Rodney OH
Tabor, David Gallipolis OH
Tackett, Clyde Columbus OH
Tackett, Earlene Waverly OH
Tackett, Edna B Scottown OH
Tackett, Edna D Trotwood OH
Tackett, Melva J South Webster OH
Tackett, Thomas H Chillicothe OH
Tag Petroleumservices Reno OH
Tagg, Della Ashland KY
Talbott Oil &Gas Co Pomeroy OH
Tannehill, Stella M Nelsonville OH
Tarchalski, Stanley Paola KS
Tatman, Glenn E Mcarthur OH
Taylor (dec), James Waterloo OH
Taylor, Al Chillicothe OH
Taylor, Albert Boaz AL
Taylor, Carl Kitts Hill OH
Taylor, Carolyn F Gallipolis OH
Taylor, Dallas L Thurston OH
Taylor, Ella M Ironton OH
Taylor, George C Bowling Green OH
Taylor, Herbert S Albany OH
Taylor, Jerry L Patriot OH
Taylor, Joey Wheelersburg OH
Taylor, Lewis Gallipolis OH
Taylor, Londal Ironton OH
Taylor, Mabel C Chesapeake OH
Taylor, Mark K Proctorville OH
Taylor, Nancy Pineville NC
Taylor, Perry L South Point OH
Taylor, Ronald A South Point OH
Taylor, William H Chesapeake OH
Taylor, Zane T Columbus OH
Templeton, Ouida F Chesapeake OH
Templeton, Sharel Huntington WV
Tennant, Donald M Gallipolis OH
Terry, Floyd Thurman OH
Thacker, Alvie Cleveland OH
Thacker, Alvin Mcarthur OH
Thacker, Beverly G Hardy KY
Thacker, Dallas Chesapeake OH
Thacker, Ezra Gallipolis OH
Thacker, John R Thurman OH
Thacker, Kathrne M Chesapeake OH
Thacker, Leo Northup OH
Thacker, Marsha S Scottown OH
Thacker, Ralph A South Point OH
Thacker, Russel O Hardy KY
Thacker, Ruth A Thurman OH
Thacker, Stella C Proctorville OH
Thaler, Glen F Avon OH
Thaxton, Deborah K Gallipolis OH
The Wieteki Dairy Farm, Chesapeake OH
Thevenir, James Bidwell OH
Thomas, Barbara A Athens OH
Thomas, D Keith Gallipolis OH
Thomas, Dillard F Belmont OH
Thomas, Elmer South Webster OH
Thomas, Forrest L Gallipolis OH
Thomas, John Bidwell OH
Thomas, Kristi Lynn Thurman OH
Thomas, Lucy E Pembroke Pines FL
Thomas, Rick South Webster OH
Thompson Cablevision Bellefonte PA
Thompson Jr, Tommy R Bidwell OH
Thompson, Ann S Gallipolis OH
Thompson, Bert E Gallipolis OH
Thompson, Charles Kitts Hill OH
Thompson, Donnie M Scottown OH
Thompson, Edward Ironton OH
Thompson, Hubert Lavalette WV
Thompson, John W Huntington WV
Thompson, Martha N Lexington KY
Thompson, Michael Bidwell OH
Thompson, Olive Chesapeake OH
Thompson, P Ruth Gallipolis OH
Thompson, Richard Peebles OH
Thompson, Vivian K South Point OH
Thompson, William Euclid OH
Thompson, William P Mcconnelsville OH
Thornburgh, Jeff South Point OH
Thornton, Mary Gallipolis OH
Thorson, Robert E Jackson OH
Thrush, Jeff K Marysville OH
Thurman, Virgil W Beaver OH
Tiano, Sam A Huntington WV
Ticknor, Terry L Proctorville OH
Tiller, Chalmer Wellston OH
Tilley, Etta Jackson OH
Timber Ridgelake Estat Ironton OH
Tivener, Lillian C Orlando FL
Tivener, Philip Norfolk VA
Todd, Richard D Chesapeake OH
Tomlinson, James K Crown City OH
Tom’s Familygrocery South Point OH
Tooley, L M Willow Wood OH
Toothman, John R Ironton OH
Tope, George Vienna WV
Tope, Mildred Gallipolis OH
Town & Country Dr Inn Athens OH
Town & Country Drive In Athens OH
Townsend, Zara Willow Wood OH
Tracy, Arthur R Winter Park FL
Trader, Robert L Albany OH
Trapp Sr, Larry L Lucasville OH
Tredway Jr, James Huntington WV
Trent, Richard Jackson OH
Trippies Warehouse #1 Martinsburg OH
Trippies Warehouse #2 Ray OH
Trippies Warehouse #3 Ray OH
Tri-State Dist Chesapeake OH
Trivett, Charles M Lovely KY
Troncone, Charles J Piketon OH
Trout, Nellie B Radcliff OH
Truesdell, Libby G Gallipolis OH
Tucker NM, Phyllis Hartsville SC
Tucker, Bill Huntington WV
Tucker, Henry Chillicothe OH
Turley, Frank Chesapeake OH
Turley, Hanan W Chesapeake OH
Turner, Betty Cedero WV
Turner, Juanita Clermont FL
Turner, Maymie V Pedro OH
Underwood, Betty Oak Hill OH
Universal Coal & Energy Gallipolis OH
Universal Mine Supply Gallipolis OH
Valkinburg, Max E Nelsonville OH
Valley Pavingco Inc Piketon OH
Van Fossan, William S Mt Vernon OH
Van Kannel, Wilmer Coshocton OH
Van Sickle, Delores Columbus OH
Vance, Clarence Charlotte MI
Vance, Danny R Chesapeake OH
Vance, Danny R Chesapeake OH
Vance, William H South Point OH
Vandyke, William R Bay City MI
Vanhoose, Charles Patriot OH
Vanhoose, Teresia Scottown OH
Vansickle, Garland L Gallipolis OH
Vansickle, Rena E Gallipolis OH
Varney, Donald Hamden OH
Varney, Frankln Bidwell OH
Vencill, Gary M Nashport OH
Venters, William E Rodney OH
Vermillion, Zelma Patriot OH
Vernon, Madison Albany OH
Vernon, Nellie L Columbus OH
Veterans Administration Gallipolis OH
Veterans Administration Gallipolis OH
Viars, Dennis D Scottown OH
Viars, Johnnie L Scottown OH
Viars, William D Scottown OH
Vickers, Robert D Wellston OH
Victor Petroleum Corp Columbus OH
Villaloboz, Barbara Carroll OH
Vincell, Augusta Pedro OH
Vinton Twp Grange Hall – –
Vititoe, Donald Pedro OH
Vogel, Donald A Columbus OH
Vonstroh, Gerald Proctorville OH
Vulhop Jr, Edward C Ironton OH
W L M J Inc Jackson OH
Wade, Adrian W Albany OH
Wade, Edith Proctorville OH
Wadkins, Ralph L Middletown CT
Wagoner, James E Huntington WV
Waldon, Ethel Ewington OH
Walker Jr, James J Gallipolis OH
Walker, George Gallipolis OH
Walker, William Chillicothe OH
Walker, Wm Gallipolis OH
Wallace, Joe T Point Pleasant WV
Waller, Ella South Point OH
Waller, John F South Point OH
Wallis, Sharon Rodney OH
Walls, John San Diego CA
Wally’s Arabia Grocery Garrison KY
Walnut M E Church Patriot OH
Walsh, John Kitts Hill OH
Walter, Charles R Gallipolis OH
Walter, Christn Gallipolis OH
Walter, James Bradley IL
Walters, Alice Ironton OH
Walters, Bertie E Wellston OH
Walters, Carolyn L Huntintong WV
Walters, Eileen Columbus OH
Walters, James D South Point OH
Walters, Judi Ray OH
Walton Coal Co Wellston OH
Walz, Donald Mount Vernon OH
Wamsley, Linda L Cheshire OH
Wanamaker, James Sulphur LA
Ward, Anthony W Gallipolis OH
Ward, Carl D South Point OH
Ward, Charles W Proctorville OH
Ward, Danny Bethel OH
Ward, Homer Albany OH
Ward, Howard Crown City OH
Ward, Larry Bidwell OH
Ward, Maxwell A Plain City OH
Ward, Virgene E Deltona FL
Warix, Ruby Wheelersburg OH
Warne, James W Huntington WV
Warneke Baptist Church Franklin Furnace OH
Warneke, Chester Columbus OH
Warner, Clair H North Ridgeville OH
Warner, Michael Pomeroy OH
Warner, Vernon H Charleston WV
Warren III, Frederick H Patriot OH
Warren, Bluford West Alexandria OH
Warren, Robert S Gallipolis OH
Washam, Nellie T Jackson OH
Washburn, Elmer Jackson OH
Washington Grange Hall, Wellston OH
Washington Local School Wellston OH
Washington, Terry W Fairview Heights IL
Wassell, Daniel D South Point OH
Wassmuth, George Columbus OH
Watkins, David Nashville TN
Watkins, Robert G Huntington WV
Watkins, Robert O Gallipolis OH
Watson, Mark A Gallipolis OH
Watson, Nanci M Gallipolis OH
Watson, Ricky D Gallipolis OH
Watts, Paul Chesapeake OH
Waugh, Donald Cheshire OH
Waugh, Emma L Scottown OH
Waugh, Emory C Bidwell OH
Waugh, James Gallipolis OH
Waugh, Miriam Vinton OH
Waugh, Roger Gallipolis OH
Waybright, Delmer Mc Arthur OH
Waybright, Mark Mc Arthur OH
Waybright, Oral R Gallipolis OH
Wcjo Fm Radio Jackson OH
Weaver Chapel Chrurch, Tarlton OH
Weaver, John Vinton OH
Weaver, Ona W Lansing NC
Webb, Bertie M Chesapeake OH
Webb, Charles D Grove City OH
Webb, Everett B Hamden OH
Webb, Ronald D Kitts Hill OH
Weber, Delores A Port Charlotte FL
Weiher, James E Rio Grande OH
Weiss, Martin Langsville OH
Welch, Keith A Gallipolis OH
Welch, William H Circleville OH
Wellington, Joshua L Gallipolis OH
Wellman, Ralph C Chesapeake OH
Wellman, Ray Huntington WV
Wellman, Ray Huntington WV
Wells, Clara Rutland OH
Wells, Eugene Wilkesville OH
Wells, Frank Littleon CO
Wells, George W Cheshire OH
Wells, James Proctorville OH
Wells, Larry New Brighton PA
Wells, Robert Northup OH
Wesley Chapelchurch Marion OH
West, Charles B Pt Pleasant WV
West, Edward P New Marshfield OH
West, Sharon Nelsonville OH
Western Uniontel Co Sabetha KS
Westfall, Bob Gallipolis OH
Westfall, Bobby Gallipolis OH
Westfall, Hurl Gallipolis OH
Whaley, Helen Pickerington OH
Whaley, Terry Gallipolis OH
Whaley, William South Point OH
Wheatcraft, Lynn N Rio Grande OH
Wheeler, Albert Gallipolis OH
Wheeler, James R Proctorville OH
Wheeler, Rachel Gallipolis OH
Wheeler-Muncy, Michele Radcliff OH
Whisman, Robert L Willow Wood OH
Whitaker, William T Columbus OH
White NM, Paul D Crown City OH
White, Bertie Proctorville OH
White, Bryan C Scottown OH
White, Buryl E Circleville OH
White, Carolyn Jackson OH
White, Eddie Pecks Mill WV
White, Harless H Proctorville OH
White, J Meril Gallipolis OH
White, Jack R Richmond KY
White, Jimmy L South Point OH
White, John E Waterloo OH
White, Miriam Proctorville OH
White, Richard A Gallipolis OH
White, Richard E Oceana WV
White, Robert Pedro OH
White, Robert L Ray OH
White, Ronald L Gallipolis OH
White, Shana K Crown City OH
White, Virgina A Athens OH
White, Walker G Lockborne OH
White, Walter Wheelersburg OH
Whitrock, Nellie Ironton OH
Whitt nm, John L South Point OH
Whitworth, Justin E Kitts Hill OH
Wicker, Bill Beaver OH
Wickline, David Bidwell OH
Wikoff, Jeffrey A Ironton OH
Wilburn, Harvey Oak Hill OH
Wilfer, Yvonne P Brooksville FL
Wilkes, Lloyd Columbus OH
Wilkes, Roy Chesapeake OH
Wilkins, Ralph E Ewington OH
Wilks, Delena Chesapeake OH
Wilks, William H South Point OH
Will, Joe D Gallipolis OH
Willey, Ruth E Newark OH
Williams Jr, Harold E Beckley WV
Williams, Brenda Ormond Beach FL
Williams, Brian D Lansing MI
Williams, Daniel Point Pleasant WV
Williams, Darlene D Waterloo OH
Williams, David Willow Wood OH
Williams, Delbert South Point OH
Williams, Ernest South Point OH
Williams, Ernest L Laporte TX
Williams, Gladys C Lexington OH
Williams, James Oak Hill OH
Williams, James R Marietta OH
Williams, Jeffrey Beaver OH
Williams, Joann Gallipolis OH
Williams, John M Gallipolis OH
Williams, Justin Bidwell OH
Williams, Melvin Gallipolis OH
Williams, Paul R London KY
Williams, Robert D Chesapeake OH
Williams, Thomas O Rock Hill SC
Williams, Willard R Jackson OH
Williamson, Dallas Wellston OH
Williamson, Roger L Wellston OH
Williamson, Thressa Dawson Springs KY
Willie, Darrell K Guysville OH
Willis Jr, John Ironton OH
Willis, Gracie E South Point OH
Willis, H E Louisville KY
Willis, Harlow Kitts Hill OH
Willis, Willard C Proctorville OH
Willow Valley Ranch FBC, Proctorville OH
Wills, James L Jackson OH
Wilson, Bobby W Ironton OH
Wilson, Charles F Jackson OH
Wilson, Charles W Scottown OH
Wilson, David A Huntington WV
Wilson, Eldon Willow Wood OH
Wilson, Forest E Washington Ch OH
Wilson, Fred Ironton OH
Wilson, Jackie Willow Wood OH
Wilson, Leota Jackson OH
Wilson, Pamela S Jackson OH
Wilson, Rodney South Point OH
Wilson, Roy V Ironton OH
Wilson, Stacy Willow Wood OH
Wilt, Larry Rodney OH
Wise, Alice Syracuse OH
Wiseman Agency Gallipolis OH
Wiseman Agency Gallipolis OH
Wiseman Agency Gallipolis OH
Withrow, Robert Albany OH
Wkov Radio Wellston OH
Wlmj Inc Radio Station Jackson OH
Wolf, Wayne Mcarthur OH
Wolfe, Wayne Mcarthur OH
Wolfingbarger, Richard W Gallipolis OH
Wolford, Lillian Gallipolis OH
Wollerman, Mike Y Point Pleasant WV
Woltz, H Tom Radcliff OH
Wood, Alma E Wayne WV
Wood, Everett Ironton OH
Wood, Lena B Gallipolis OH
Wood, M Randy Rutland OH
Wood, William H Gallipolis OH
Woodall, Marilyn K Crown City OH
Woodard, Martha Pedro OH
Woodby, Debbie Carleton MI
Woodford, Charles M Huntington WV
Woods Jr, Bill Jackson OH
Woods Jr, J P Stuart FL
Woods, C B Ironton OH
Woods, Edgar Chesapeake OH
Woods, Robert L Chillicothe OH
Woodward, Harold W Sebring FL
Woody, Lacy E Vinton OH
Woolfolk, P M Huntington WV
Workman Jr, Norman Valkaria FL
Workman, Cindy S Albany OH
Workman, David Proctorville OH
Workman, Donna Portland OH
Workman, Floyd L Jackson OH
Workman, Kenneth R Pomeroy OH
Workman, Richard E Vinton OH
Workman, Willie L Vinton OH
Worstall, Kelly A Dresden OH
Worster Michigan Inc Wellston OH
Worthington, George C Kingmont WV
Wright, Amy A Cheshire OH
Wright, Donald Chesapeake OH
Wright, Shane T Jackson OH
Wright, Shirley J Gallipolis OH
Wright, Vadis Beaver OH
Wyant Servicebuilding Jackson OH
Wyant, Mark E Jackson OH
Wyant, T A Chesapeake OH
Yates, Cora Pedro OH
Yates, Elmer Jackson OH
Yates, Grace L South Webster OH
Yates, Hester Willow Wood OH
Yates, Wetzel Willow Wood OH
Yates, Willard H Ironton OH
Yeager, Jamie M Thurman OH
Yeley, Harlan Jackson OH
Yenchik, Shannon E New Marshfield OH
Yoder, Alda W Athens OH
York, Foster Pineview GA
Young, Beverly Gallipolis OH
Young, Diane S Pomeroy OH
Young, Floyd R The Plains OH
Young, George A Crown City OH
Young, Joseph A Pomeroy OH
Young, Lois Chillicothe OH
Young, Michael Kenova WV
Young, Morris Ironton OH
Young, Ralph Gallipolis OH
Young, Vernon C Wellston OH
Zakrzewski, Candy V Patriot OH
Zano, Tom Pomeroy OH
Zeigler, William D Albany OH
Zimmer, Chris Gallipolis OH
Zinn, Carolyn S Beaver OH