Unclaimed Capital Credits

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Buckeye Rural Electric is holding checks for the following people for whom it has no current address. According to the rules and regulations of Buckeye Rural Electric, these names must be published twice in two consecutive issues of Country Living Magazine. Sixty days after the second publication of this notice any remaining unclaimed capital credits will revert to the Cooperative to be redistributed. If you have current addresses for these names, please contact the Customer Service Department at our office. 1-800-231-2732

A G P Candlerock Inc, Gallipolis OH
A T & T – Bosg, Xenia OH
A T & T, Louisville KY
Abrams, Mark W South Point OH
Adams, James E Chesapeake OH
Adams, Paul N Zanesville OH
Adams, R H South Point OH
Adams, Raymond J Independence KS
Adkins NM, D Keith Scottown OH
Adkins, Austin New Plymouth OH
Adkins, Bobby R South Point OH
Adkins, Donna F Oak Hill OH
Adkins, Gary Huntington WV
Adkins, Georgia R Vinton OH
Adkins, Harold Milton WV
Adkins, James R Oak Hill OH
Adkins, John W Pedro OH
Adkins, Larry G Chesapeake OH
Adkins, Lora E Jackson OH
Adkins, Mildred E Crown City OH
Adkins, Patty E Gallipolis OH
Adkins, Richard M Chesapeake OH
Adkins, Robert D South Point OH
Adkins, Robert L Albany OH
Adkins, Scott South Point OH
Adkins, Steve T South Point OH
Adkins, Terri L Palm Bay FL
Adkins, Vickie M South Point OH
Adkins, William A South Point OH
Agrigeneral Corporation Columbus OH
Ahmad, Moid U Athens OH
Al Carter Builders Jackson OH
Albaugh, Ronald A Galloway OH
Alberts, Randall C South Point OH
Alcorn, Brenda K Jackson OH
Aldridge, Alva C Patriot OH
Aldridge, Britton A Pedro OH
Aldridge, Otis Pedro OH
Aldridge, Rita Pedro OH
Alexander Compt Riders, Albany OH
Aliff, Scott E Glade Spring VA
Allard, Mark Wheelersburg OH
Allen, Bert Ironton OH
Allen, Charles R Ironton OH
Allen, Claude Catlettsburg KY
Allen, Claude E Catlettsburg KY
Allen, Herbert Ashland KY
Allen, Lloyd Chillicothe OH
Allen, Melba J C/O Dora West Ironton OH
Allen, Rebecca J Jackson OH
Allen, Roy C Chillicothe OH
Allied Landfill Mcarthur OH
Alt, James A Catlettsburg KY
Amburgey, Deborah A Waverly OH
Amburgey, Susan M Waverly OH
Amos, Alva A Bidwell OH
Anderson, Edward E Huntington WV
Anderson, Edward S Chillicothe OH
Anderson, Genevieve D Prescott AZ
Anderson, Raymond Waverly OH
Appeldorn, Philip L Huntington WV
Appling, Randy L Mcdermott OH
Arbaugh, Bill J Waterloo OH
Ariyan, Terilyn M South Point OH
Arthur, Virgina A Wellston OH
Artis, James E Ironton OH
Asbury, Walter Chesapeake OH
Ashworth, Donald South Point OH
Austin, J C Wellston OH
Austin, Joseph R Midway Park NC
Auxier, George W Lavalette WV
Axelrod, David A Lagrande OR
B & B Sanitation Kitts Hill OH
Bailey, Barbara J Gallipolis OH
Bailey, Clifford L Corbin KY
Bailey, Joseph D Huntington WV
Bailey, Mildred L Bidwell OH
Bainter Jr, Robert D Gallipolis OH
Baisden, Earl Columbus OH
Baisden, John A Crown City OH
Baise, Leroy D Chesapeake OH
Baker, Edward Chillicothe OH
Baker, Elizbth M Belpre OH
Baker, Gordon B Pittsburgh PA
Baker, Lenoris Mcarthur OH
Baker, Steve W Albany OH
Balch, June M New Marshfield OH
Baldwin, Alva Dayton OH
Baldwin, Jim E Leon WV
Baldwin, Lee R Ironton OH
Bales, Thelmar H Gallipolis OH
Ball, Sheila J Gallipolis OH
Ballard, Mabel F York PA
Banks, Steven R Proctorville OH
Barnett, Carol J Leon WV
Barnett, Lenora M Gallipolis OH
Barney, Everett Chillicothe OH
Barnhart, Doris M Columbus OH
Barr, Ronald L Bidwell OH
Barrett, Howard W Bidwell OH
Barrett, Walter A Vinton OH
Barrett, Walter H Vinton OH
Barry, Tim R Gallipolis OH
Barry, William W Oak Hill OH
Basham, Goldie L Pomeroy OH
Bateman, Lyda Bidwell OH
Batey, Dezzie L Jackson OH
Batey, Kim A Jackson OH
Baughman, Jeff L Langsville OH
Baumgardner, Lawrence E Proctorville OH
Baumgarner, Lee M Huntington WV
Bayert, William K Chesapeake OH
Beavers, Erma J New Marshfield OH
Beavers, William Max Meadows VA
Belcher, James B Howard OH
Belcher, John E Chesapeake OH
Belcher, Vesta J Leesburg FL
Benner, Lynus E Proctorville OH
Bennett, James A Mccordsville IN
Bennett, Norman L Protorville OH
Bennington, Virgina Wheelersburg OH
Bentley Sr, William S Shade OH
Bentley, Dennis K Huntington WV
Bentley, Donald E Jackson OH
Bentley, Edith Columbus OH
Bentley, Green Logan OH
Bernard, Andy R Jackson OH
Berry, Birthel Huntington WV
Berry, John M Wayne WV
Bias, Cathy A Gallipolis OH
Bice, Martha J Chesapeake OH
Bick, David R Kitts Hill OH
Bickle, Roy L Gallipolis OH
Big Valley Speedway Ironton OH
Biggs, Duane J Gallipolis OH
Billingsley, Fred Pomeroy OH
Bills, Ronnie R Huntington WV
Bingham, Steve N Oak Hill OH
Bird, Linda M Langsville OH
Bishop, Adam L Fort Mccoy FL
Bissell, Lorena F Rutland OH
Bitonti, Anna M Crown City OH
Black, Rosemma F Proctorville OH
Blackburn, Billy E Oak Hill OH
Blackburn, Della F Oak Hill OH
Blackburn, Gary Rio Grande OH
Blair NM, James E Ironton OH
Blair, Marcus Chillicothe OH
Blake, Carmen A Proctorville OH
Blake, Maxine Hendersonville TN
Blankenship, Arthur Lima OH
Blankenship, Pat L Chesapeake OH
Blankenship, Thomas R South Point OH
Blankenship, Thomas R Kitts Hill OH
Blankenship, Wallace Jackson OH
Blanton, Brenda South Point OH
Bledsoe, Shirley A Chesapeake OH
Blevins, Carrie Waterloo OH
Blevins, Ersel Williamson WV
Blevins, Jack South Webster OH
Blevins, Julia Franklin Furnace OH
Blevins, Lonnie E Northup OH
Blevins, Redith G South Point OH
Blevins, Timmy Waterloo OH
Bloomer, Danny R Gallipolis OH
Bloomfield NM, James E Ironton OH
Blumenauer, Nan M Pomeroy OH
Bobo, Charles A Vinton OH
Bobo, Jeri L Ray OH
Boehm, Richard H Pataskala OH
Boggess, Ralph Pedro OH
Boggs, Karla J Springfield OH
Boggs, Nancy E Gallipolis OH
Boggs, Ranzy L Newport Port VA
Bolen, Russell D Wellston OH
Boling, Nellie M Gallipolis OH
Bolling, Doris J Chesapeake OH
Bond, Beverly F Gallipolis OH
Bond, Larry Bidwell OH
Bonds, Ethel M Jackson OH
Bookwalter, Daniel T Proctorville OH
Booth, Charles L Vinton OH
Booth, Charles L Bidwell OH
Booth, William Lockbourne OH
Borders, Charles Groveport OH
Boring, William R Albany OH
Boster, Alvin Crown City OH
Boston, Hazel M Gallipolis OH
Boston, Lowell M Gallipolis OH
Bowen, Richard L Ironton OH
Bowen, Robert Versailles KY
Bowen, Viola M Oak Hill OH
Bowers Auto Service Athens OH
Bowers, Richard South Point OH
Bowles, Wanda J South Point OH
Bowman, Greg N Proctorville OH
Boyd, Mable A Huntington WV
Boyd, Nellie A Oak Hill OH
Boyer, Robert L Oak Hill OH
Boyer, Tammy K Wellston OH
Bradley, Clay J Zanesville OH
Bradley, Deloris M Proctorville OH
Bradley, Edward B Ocala FL
Bradley, Erma M Pedro OH
Brainard, Bert S Lancaster OH
Brammer, Maxine Ironton OH
Breudigan, Violet Chesapeake OH
Brewer, Gary D Wellston OH
Brewer, Mary D Lenore WV
Brewer, Mary L Scottown OH
Bricker, Frances V Toledo OH
Bricker, Lin Athens OH
Bridges, Chuck J Willow Wood OH
Brink, Martin E Lynchburg VA
Brinson, Betty L Chesapeake OH
Brister Sr, Jimmy A Bidwell OH
Brizendine, Sheila E Willow Wood OH
Bronosky, Zachary A Barboursville WV
Bronzel Fabricators Inc Fairmont WV
Brookgreen Farm Hilton Head Island SC
Brooks, Alice E Chesapeake OH
Brooks, John D Long Beach CA
Brooks, Steve Athens OH
Brown, Barbara J Gallipolis OH
Brown, Beverly A Gallipolis OH
Brown, Coralene Huntersville NC
Brown, Danny A Holly Hill FL
Brown, Gary M Kitts Hill OH
Brown, Hazel Huntington WV
Brown, Jan L Medway OH
Brown, Phyllis A Athens OH
Brown, Ruth Chillicothe OH
Brown, Verna Kitts Hill OH
Brown, Walter Sidney OH
Brown, Willard Oak Hill OH
Bruce, Audrey F Waterloo OH
Bruce, Ruth Willow Wood OH
Brumfield, Thurman Northup OH
Brumfield, Walter A Proctorville OH
Buck, Terry D Waterloo OH
Bunch, Freeman Chesapeake OH
Bunner, William G Bidwell OH
Burcham, Debra G Chesapeake OH
Burcham, Elizbth Crown City OH
Burd, C Robert Brockway PA
Burford, Vergie R Rutland OH
Burrow, Frances A Columbus OH
Burton, Leonard A Oak Hill OH
Burton, Ronald M Kettering OH
Burton, Ronald M Kettering OH
Bush, Rodney D Wellston OH
Butler, Gary M Marion IN
Butler, James F Mcdermott OH
Byers, Brent E Hamden OH
Byers, Steven W Gallipolis OH
Byrd, Pauline Jackson OH
Byrd, Winfred L Proctorville OH
Cactus Resources Inc Zanesville OH
Cactus Resources Inc Zanesville OH
Cade, Cecil Pedro OH
Cade, Reba E Patriot OH
Cain, Betty Athens OH
Cain, Nancy L Monroe NC
Calcara, Kathryn D Jackson OH
Calcara, Kathryn D Jackson OH
Caldwell, Chester A Oak Hill OH
Caldwell, Darrell E Bidwell OH
Caldwell, Donna G South Point OH
Caldwell, Gilbert D Crown City OH
Caldwell, Lesa J Gallipolis OH
Caldwell, Michael Gallipolis OH
Camp Sr, Grover M Ironton OH
Campbell Sr, Thomas R Altoona FL
Campbell, Brenda K Waterloo OH
Campbell, Edward R Willow Wood OH
Campbell, John Buffalo NY
Campbell, Judy L New Gailee PA
Campbell, Mike W Bidwell OH
Campbell, Reba Pinellas Park FL
Campbell, Robert D Jackson OH
Campbell, Roger D Gallipolis OH
Campbell, William E West Unity OH
Canode, Timothy J Hamden OH
Canter, Donald E Oak Hill OH
Cantrell, Perry A Ray OH
Cape, Rebecca E Proctorville OH
Carbetta, Angela Marion OH
Carey, Glenna J Ironton OH
Carico, Bernard H Boca Raton FL
Carling, Ruby M Oak Hill OH
Carnes, Kessley Gallipolis OH
Carpenter, Homer L Chesapeake OH
Carpenter, Laureta Chesapeake OH
Carroll, Michael H Chesapeake OH
Carroll, Rhonda Chillicothe OH
Carroll, Thomas M Vinton OH
Carson, Kathryn M Burnsville WV
Carter & Evans Inc, Gallipolis OH
Carter Jr, Ron E Jackson OH
Carter, Brenda D Ray OH
Carter, Donald Chesapeake OH
Carter, Hattie J Columbus OH
Carter, Jo Ann Conroe TX
Carter, Robert Tallahasse FL
Casey, Donald O Lakeland FL
Cash Sr, Emerson Chillicothe OH
Cassell, Bernard E Newberry FL
Casteel, Max Gallipolis OH
Castle, Teresa L Ironton OH
Castle, Ulysses Wilkesboro NC
Catalogna, Betty Proctorville OH
Caudill, Margaret A Jackson OH
Causey, Frank Jackson OH
Cecil, Matthew L Winchester OH
Cennamo, Thomas G Mount Vernon OH
Central Trust Company, Gallipolis OH
Century 21 Jackson OH
Century 21 Jackson OH
Chaffin, Christopher J South Point OH
Chaffin, Marion Montgomery WV
Chaffins, Linda L Jenkins KY
Chambers, Keith Patriot OH
Chandler, Bertha M Thurman OH
Chapman, Carmelita S Proctorville OH
Chapman, H V Huntington WV
Chapman, Pauline Patriot OH
Chapman, Ronald J Parkersburg WV
Chapman, Scotty Rockfield KY
Charles, Randy South Webster OH
Charles, William South Webster OH
Charter Cable Inc, Cincinnati OH
Chartor Energy Corp, Dublin OH
Chedester, Betty Jacksonville FL
Chesser, Maragene M Mcarthur OH
Chevalier, Andrew Gallipolis OH
Childers Jr, Harry Proctorville OH
Childers Jr, Willis R Ironton OH
Childers, Shirley E Beaver OH
Childress, Gracie Chesapeake OH
Childs, Edwin H Youngstown OH
Chillicothe Cablevision Chillicothe OH
Chinn, Brian M Ironton OH
Chinn, David E South Point OH
Chinn, Lennie Proctorville OH
Chinn, Melissa Chesapeake OH
Christ Jr, Emanuel P Dayton OH
Christ Temple Church, Pedro OH
Christian, Beatrce K Proctorville OH
Christian, Charles F Oak Hill OH
Christian, Paul A Canal Winchester OH
Christian, Roger L Willow Wood OH
Christian, Ron Proctorville OH
Christian, Ron Proctorville OH
Christian, Terry L South Point OH
Church, Marvin M Gallipolis OH
Church, Patty J Beaver OH
Circle, Stephen E Dayton OH
Claborn, John S Norcross GA
Clark, Joseph J Kitts Hill OH
Clark, Mary L Proctorville OH
Clark, Susan E Bidwell OH
Clark, Suzanne Pedro OH
Clarkson, Maude E Oak Hill OH
Clary, Kelly A Proctorville OH
Clary, Lola J Silversprings FL
Clary, Tom Immokalee FL
Clay, Mildred A Highlands NJ
Clay, Paul Thurman OH
Clemons, Donald R Lavalette WV
Clemons, Sheila M Groveport OH
Click, Dennis W Ironton OH
Clifford, Tim A Gallipolis OH
Clifton, Benjamin T Marion OH
Clifton, Travis Oak Hill OH
Climer, Warner Columbus OH
Cline, Billy Jackson OH
Cline, Connie J Ray OH
Cline, William C Westwood KY
Cochran, Charles W Vinton OH
Coe, Harry R Columbus OH
Coe, Ritchie A Athens OH
Coffey, William H Mt Sterling OH
Colburn, Carl Lancaster OH
Cole Jr, Walter Portsmouth OH
Cole, Joan W Gallipolis OH
Coleman Jr, Jonah South Point OH
Coleman, Charles Oak Hill OH
Coleman, Howard J Wellston OH
Coleman, John R Jackson OH
Coleman, Ransom J Vinton OH
Coleman, T S Northup OH
Colf, Bessie Mason WV
Collins, Amanda M Ray OH
Collins, Chester R Spring Hill FL
Collins, Edward E Patriot OH
Collins, Joseph T Barboursville WV
Collins, William G Vinton OH
Colstoncollins Rio Grande OH
Columbus Col-Weld, Columbus OH
Combs, Paul D Circleville OH
Comstock, Eddie Jackson OH
Congelton, Helen H South Point OH
Conley, Randy E Holden WV
Conn, Hobart R Ironton OH
Conn, Stanley M Bidwell OH
Connally, Betrice South Point OH
Consolidated Rail Corp, Philadelphia PA
Cook, Elijah W Beaver OH
Cook, Louis Proctorville OH
Cook, Mark W Jackson OH
Cook, Robert E Beaver OH
Cooley Jr, Paul Albany OH
Cooper, Vickie L Scottown OH
Cooper, Wanda Proctorville OH
Copley, Charlotte Jackson OH
Copley, Jocie E Crown City OH
Copley, Keith Bidwell OH
Copley, Kenneth K Scottown OH
Copley, Milton H Bidwell OH
Cordell, Stanley A Cleveland OH
Cordial, Dennis Blaine KY
Cordle, Mildred I Willow Wood OH
Cordray, Cynthia J Lander WY
Corkwell, Judy L Chillicothe OH
Cornell, Alfred Athens OH
Cornell, Carl E Proctorville OH
Costello, Darrell South Point OH
Cottle, Ralph Wheelersburg OH
Cottrill, Edward A Radcliff OH
Coughenour, Dennis L Gallipolis OH
Covey, Paul D Gallipolis OH
Covin, Gladys Jackson OH
Cowan, Elva Wellston OH
Cowles, Doug M Meeker CO
Cowles, Douglas Gallipolis OH
Cox Jr, William W Gallipolis OH
Cox, Bobby J Waterloo OH
Cox, Cathy C Ironton OH
Cox, Clarence E Gallipolis OH
Cox, Donna M Gallipolis OH
Cox, Ella G Gallipolis OH
Cox, Hugh Mc Arthur OH
Cox, Jamie D Pedro OH
Cox, Mike Pedro OH
Cox, Philip E Proctorville OH
Cox, Ray Gallipolis OH
Cox, Steven D Proctorville OH
Cozart, Irvin Glenrogers WV
Crabtree, Clarence Willow Wood OH
Crabtree, David Ironton OH
Crabtree, Jack Quincy OH
Crabtree, Nichlas C Columbus OH
Crabtree, Paul Oak Hill OH
Crabtree, Stella M Franklin Furnace OH
Craft, Dennis W South Point OH
Craft, John R Bidwell OH
Creamer, C F Albany OH
Cremeans, Albert H Proctorville OH
Cremeans, James O Patriot OH
Cremeans, Leroy South Point OH
Cremeans, Leroy South Point OH
Cremeans, Luther W Chesapeake OH
Cremeans, Orland D Cheshire OH
Cremeans, Pam L Chesapeake OH
Crews, Pearl Midwest City OK
Crickard, Betty P Morgantown WV
Criner, Retha P Gallipolis OH
Cron, Clyde Willow Wood OH
Crooks, Mary A Jackson OH
Crooks, William R Oak Hill OH
Cropley, Timothy G Mcarthur OH
Crothers, Libby G Lisbon OH
Crouch, Lon G Apopka FL
Crum, Sharon K Proctorville OH
Crum, Strling Ashland KY
Crump, Velma Chesapeake OH
Culligan, Gusta Ironton OH
Culwell, Lillian G Beaver OH
Cunningham, Susan R Pomeroy OH
Current, Melinda L Oak Hill OH
Curry, John L Kitts Hill OH
Curry, Larry D Patriot OH
Curtis, Margaret J Chesapeake OH
Cutlip, John L Crown City OH
Cutlip, Susan R Gallipolis OH
Daft, Gary L Bidwell OH
Dailey, Alta E Berea OH
Dailey, Eleanor J Gallipolis OH
Dailey, Garnet B Jackson OH
Dalton, Jeff H Oak Hill OH
Damron, Howard Pomeroy OH
Danflous, William J Columbus OH
Danford, Carl E Chesapeake OH
Daniels Jr, George A London OH
Daniels, Donald R South Point OH
Daniels, Louise Gallipolis OH
Daniels, Mike Crown City OH
Daniels, Randy L Gallipolis OH
Dark Hollow Church Jackson OH
Davis, Brenda K Proctorville OH
Davis, Calvin C Jackson OH
Davis, Clara E Gallipolis OH
Davis, Dale R Jackson OH
Davis, Daniel J Logansport IN
Davis, David L Huntington WV
Davis, Joseph J Middleport OH
Davis, Odie M Gallipolis OH
Davis, Richard E Grove City OH
Davis, Richard E Grove City OH
Davison, Thelma J Gallipolis OH
Dawson, Charles Chesapeake OH
Day, Edith M Crown City OH
Day, Kevin M Columbus OH
Day, Oscar Huntsville NC
Dean, Peggy L Waverly OH
Dean, Robert E Canal Winchester OH
Dean, Virgina B Pomeroy OH
Dearing, Jerry A Nelsonville OH
Decker, Lynn Northup OH
Deer Lake Campground Mcarthur OH
Deer Lake Campground Mcarthur OH
Deer Lake Campground Mcarthur OH
Deer Lake Campground Mcarthur OH
Deering, J R Hebron OH
Delaney, M Fern Oak Hill OH
Delaney, Minnie Wheelersburg OH
Delawder, Lillie Chesapeake OH
Delong, Maebell Crown City OH
Delong, Tom Pedro OH
Denney, Iva D Gallipolis OH
Dennison, Lillian M Proctorville OH
Dennison, Nellie Gallipolis OH
Denny, Warren F Wellston OH
Depriest, Catherine Crestview FL
Desilva, William Gahanna OH
Detty, Sue A Athens OH
Dewitt, Tammie Gallipolis OH
Dial Construction Co, Stockdale OH
Dick, David L Proctorville OH
Dickerson, Cheryl A Kitts Hill OH
Dickerson, Cheryl H Willow Wood OH
Dickison, Kathryn C Proctorville OH
Diddle, Michael W Rio Grande OH
Dilley, Dave Kitts Hill OH
Dilley, George A Kitts Hill OH
Dillon Jr, Carl R Oak Hill OH
Dincau, Mary J Chesapeake OH
Dixon, Arthur D Willow Wood OH
Dixon, Ralph T Gallipolis OH
Donahoe, Barbara A Willow Wood OH
Donaldson, James T Albany OH
Donley, Mary Chillicothe OH
Donta Jr, William Oak Hill OH
Dople, Kelli S Gallipolis OH
Dorn Jr, John Columbus OH
Dorton, Kenny A South Point OH
Doss, Kathy L Chesapeake OH
Doss, Larry W New Lexington OH
Dotson, Carl E Jackson OH
Dotson, Clyde E Jackson OH
Dotson, David C Jackson OH
Dotson, Violet Oak Hill OH
Douglas, Alpha L Pomeroy OH
Douglas, Gary L Dayton OH
Douglas, Letha B Charleston WV
Douglas, Michael A Albany OH
Downey, Daniel D Jackson OH
Dray, Calvin R Gallipolis OH
Dress, John M Nelsonville OH
Dress, Wilford Oak Hill OH
Drummond, Robert C Milton WV
Duderstadt, Franz Mount Orab OH
Duhl, Della M Jackson OH
Duling, Sheryl R South Point OH
Duncan, Edward Jackson OH
Dunn, Rhonda D Athens OH
Durham, Fantasy L Gallipolis OH
Durham, Joyce K Jackson OH
Durkin, Joseph M Proctorville OH
Durst, Samuel E Kerr OH
Dust, Lawrence Ironton OH
Duty, Bennie R Columbus OH
Duty, Lucy Stuart FL
Duty, Rhonda L Langsville OH
Ealley, Richard G South Point OH
East, Lelia A Louisa KY
Economous, Robert Thurman OH
Edna Chapel Church Patriot OH
Edwards Sr, Estel C Columbus OH
Edwards, Carl F Gallipolis OH
Edwards, David Huntington WV
Edwards, Deanna K South Point OH
Edwards, Harold R Proctorville OH
Edwards, Wilma J Lancaster OH
Edwards, Wilma J New Straitsville OH
Egelston, Jeff D Stuart FL
Eggleton, Richard L Patriot OH
Eldridge, Dawn Jackson OH
Eldridge, Tamela G South Webster OH
Elkins, Donna J Patriot OH
Elkins, Elizabeth Gallipolis OH
Elkins, Jedward Wellston OH
Elkins, Kermit L Athens OH
Elliott, Elizbth A Gallipolis OH
Elliott, Jeffrey Albany OH
Elliott, Philip B Chesapeake OH
Elliott, Robert E Bidwell OH
Elliott, Robert L Gallipolis OH
Ellis, Glenn M Chesapeake OH
Ellis, Max Athens OH
Ellis, Orin J Fort Gay WV
Ellis, Robert L Crown City OH
English, Jeffrey D Pomeroy OH
Enmen, Harley R Lancaster OH
Equity Conversion Corp, Columbus OH
Erickson, Helen R South Webster OH
Erlewine, Charlot Langsville OH
Ervin, Paul Jackson OH
Ervin, Peggy A Pedro OH
Erwin Sr, Jerry L Bidwell OH
Estep, Elisha E Chesapeake OH
Estep, Frank Franklin Furnace OH
Estep, Hersie F Sciotoville OH
Eubanks, Ina Wheelersburg OH
Evans, David P Jackson OH
Evans, Donald L Beaver OH
Evans, Mary Oak Hill OH
Evans, Neva B Waterloo OH
Evans, Othar E Olive Hill KY
Evans, Tressie J Jackson OH
Ewing Jr, Lee Athens OH
Exline, Ida J Mcarthur OH
Factor, Gordon W Rio Grande OH
Fairless, Patrica H Kent OH
Fannin, Harry L Bidwell OH
Fannin, James E South Point OH
Fannin, Steve Oak Hill OH
Farley, Darrell Willow Wood OH
Farley, John T Athens OH
Farley, Michael D Proctorville OH
Farley, Robert Lancaster OH
Farris, Marshal R Chesapeake OH
Faught, Debra L Oak Hill OH
Faulkner, Eva C Bidwell OH
Fee, Paul D Springfield OH
Fell, Louis S Reynoldsburg OH
Felts, Steven Chillicothe OH
Ferguson Sr, Thomas J Mcarthur OH
Ferguson, Arnold W Kitts Hill OH
Ferguson, Cecil J Huntington WV
Ferguson, Donald E Scottown OH
Ferguson, Donna J Ironton OH
Ferguson, Kathy Pedro OH
Ferguson, Lewis Ironton OH
Ferris, Beulah M Willow Wood OH
Ferris, Eddie L Proctorville OH
Ferris, J Scott Athens OH
Ferris, Stacie Scottown OH
Fetter, Anthony Canal Winchester OH
Fetty, Howard E Reynoldsburg OH
Fetty, Virgie A Langsville OH
Feustel, Kenny L Gallipolis OH
Fields, Berkley E Coal Grove OH
Fife, David W Crown City OH
Fife, Shawna M Chesapeake OH
Finley, Daniel L Proctorville OH
Finley, David B Jackson OH
Fisher, Ical Gallipolis OH
Fitch, Dennis G Vinton OH
Fitzpatrick, Nokey J Sunbury OH
Fitzpatrick, William L South Point OH
Flanery, Douglas Scottown OH
Flannery, Carrie E Ypsilanti MI
Fleming, Charles Ironton OH
Fleming, Rick L Portsmouth OH
Flowers, Clark T Chillicothe OH
Flowers, Monette Gallipolis OH
Floyd, Betty A Bryan OH
Floyd, Clarnce S Wheelersburg OH
Fluellen, Alice East Orange NJ
Ford, Timothy E Columbus OH
Forgey, Kathleen Ironton OH
Forney, Todd M Chesapeake OH
Fournier, Fred J Gallipolis OH
Fowlkes, Oscar M Proctorville OH
Fox, Robert Columbus OH
Fraley, Dwanna L Springfield OH
France, Dennie R Chesapeake OH
France, Wayne A Kitts Hill OH
Francies, John G Gallipolis OH
Francis, Ruth A Pomeroy OH
Franks, Dennis L Lancaster OH
Fraternal Order Of Eagl Huntington WV
Frazier, C L Fairborn OH
Frazier, John Franklin Furnace OH
Frazier, Richard T Meadowview VA
Fredrick, Bruce A Wellston OH
Freeman, Gary Crossville TN
Freeman, Jon M Middleport OH
Freeman, Lila T Jackson OH
Freeman, Lyla T Jackson OH
French, Ginger Ironton OH
Friedli, Kathryn E Chillicothe OH
Friend, Lucinda South Point OH
Frisby, Robert E Chillicothe OH
Frisby, Rodney D Franklin OH
Frische, Gerald Coal Grove OH
Frush, Stephen L Huntington WV
Fry, Roy C Ona WV
Frye, Tim South Point OH
Frye, William K Sheridan MI
Fulks, James H Crown City OH
Fulks, Violet F Gallipolis OH
Full Gospel Church Vinton OH
Fuller, John P Huntington WV
Fulmer, Cheryl K Jackson OH
Fulmer, Robert D Ironton OH
Fyffe, Larry W Beaver OH
Fyffe, Mark T Oak Hill OH
Gage, Gladys H Medway OH
Gagle, Donald Athens OH
Gallia Christian School, Point Pleasant WV
Gallipolis Parts Wareho Gallipolis OH
Galloway, Charles K Proctorville OH
Galloway, Ronald A Huntington WV
Gambill, Linda S Holiday FL
Gamble, Alice M Wyoming PA
Gambs, Charles R Cypress CA
Gannon, Ralph M Ironton OH
Garber, Kim S Gallipolis OH
Gardner, James W Chesapeake OH
Gardner, Sylvan H Gallipolis OH
Garland, Mike South Point OH
Garrett, Beverly A Gallipolis OH
Gaston Jr, Ira C Athens OH
Gaston, James E Albany OH
Gear, Eddie D South Point OH
Geier, Terry H Athens OH
Gibson, Harry E Jackson OH
Gibson, Leroy Columbus OH
Gibson, Oswald R Wellston OH
Gibson, Roger S Athens OH
Gibson, Russel Keene TX
Giglio, Alan J Rutland OH
Gilden, Kathy L Athens OH
Gilliam Ii, James R Gallipolis OH
Gilliland, Gloria C Jackson OH
Gillum, Harold Indian Harbour Beach FL
Gillum, Tom Richmond Dale OH
Gilmore, Everett L Langsville OH
Gilmore, Richard Albany OH
Gindlesberger, Kathryn A Scottown OH
Ginsburg, Matthew A Toledo OH
Glenroy Fullgospel Ch Wellston OH
Gloyd, Audrey M Dexter OH
Gloyd, Elizbth R Portland OH
Goad, Kenneth R Hillard OH
Goff Jr, Virgil Thurman OH
Goldstein, Craig E Athens OH
Goodrich, Jack R Chesapeake OH
Goodrich, Miles C Wellston OH
Goodwin – Cantrell, Elizabeth O Crown City OH
Goody, Kenneth M Patriot OH
Gothard, Teri L Gallipolis OH
Gould, Patrica W Oak Hill OH
Grady, Walter V Jackson OH
Grant, William T Huntington WV
Graves, Clyde Mcarthur OH
Green, Ferrell Crown City OH
Green, Louise Albany OH
Green, Richard A Vinton OH
Green, Timothy L Houston TX
Greenlee, Charles Vinton OH
Greer, James W Gallipolis OH
Gregory, Daryl Hamden OH
Griffin, Victoria L Gallipolis OH
Griffith, Frankln Sumerco WV
Griffith, Jacqlin S Crown City OH
Griffith, Richard L Bidwell OH
Griffith, Ruth Amlin OH
Griffith, Tamara Gallipolis OH
Grimm, Wilbur E Groveport OH
Grossarth, Clyde Sugar Grove OH
Grosvenor, Betty J Gallipolis OH
Grow, Mary B Waverly OH
Gruber, Alice C Dayton OH
Gullett, Drexel L Patriot OH
Guthrie, Earl M Bidwell OH
Gwinn, Judy Glouster OH
H & W Drilling Inc Pomeroy OH
Hacker, Farmer R Manchester KY
Hackney, Beverly A Oak Hill OH
Hager, Barry E Ashland KY
Hager, Connie Racine WV
Hager, Frank Wheelersburg OH
Hager, Laura J Bidwell OH
Hager, Mike Bidwell OH
Hague, Sarah Thurman OH
Hairston, Tom E Bidwell OH
Haislop, Inez Gallipolis OH
Hakes, Judith A Nashport OH
Hall, Billie Portsmouth OH
Hall, Brian D Gallipolis OH
Hall, Clayton D Oak Hill OH
Hall, Emma South Webster OH
Hall, Jean Oak Hill OH
Hall, Shannon Lakeland FL
Halley, Alex L Cheshire OH
Halley, Connie L Gallipolis OH
Halley, Joe Crown City OH
Halley, Opal Crown City OH
Hallows, Gilbert D Amesville OH
Ham, Vesta G Bolivar OH
Hamilton Jr, Robert E South Point OH
Hamilton, Charles E Athens OH
Hamilton, Shirley E Piketon OH
Hamilton, William E Live Oak FL
Hamm, Danny J South Point OH
Hammond, Timothy E Ray OH
Hammonds, James D Gallipolis OH
Hamrick, Chester L Gallipolis OH
Hancock, Robert A Washington Ch OH
Haney Jr, William C Ironton OH
Haney, Pamela D South Point OH
Hannah, Mabel Dayton OH
Hanshaw, Charles E Mcarthur OH
Hanson, Richard Gallipolis OH
Harbour, Winston K Barboursville WV
Harden, Vera I Vinton OH
Hardin, Rodonda R Gallipolis OH
Harding, Thelma P Dale City VA
Hardy, Avanell M Willow Wood OH
Hardy, Darrell L Chesapeake OH
Harkins Bible and Prayer, Radford VA
Harless, Arvel Chesapeake OH
Harless, Denver L Chesapeake OH
Harmon, Mike G Gallipolis OH
Harmon, P Mark Williamsport PA
Harold, Brian K Gallipolis OH
Harold, Regina A Gallipolis OH
Harper Jr, Calvin J Kitts Hill OH
Harper, Earl N Pedro OH
Harper, William P Athens OH
Harrell, Van South Point OH
Harris, Arnold Beaver OH
Harris, David S Beaver OH
Harris, Ernest Beaver OH
Harris, Frances F Beaver OH
Harris, George W Beaver OH
Harris, Leland D Gallipolis OH
Harris, Lorraine J Beaver OH
Harris, Mary Beaver OH
Harris, Monica J Ironton OH
Harris, Terry A Jackson OH
Harris, Timmy Beaver OH
Harrison, Gerlden Jackson OH
Harshbarger, Bennett Scottown OH
Hart, Burl Guysville OH
Hartman, Dana R Columbus OH
Hartman, Norma L Dayton VA
Hartman, Patricia A Athens OH
Hartsock, Robert A New Marshfield OH
Hartwell, William R Saint Albans WV
Harvey II, Michael S Haverhill OH
Harvey, Carl E Ironton OH
Haskins, James O Ironton OH
Haskins, Myrtle C Ironton OH
Hawk, Floyd E Chillicothe OH
Hawthorne, Ermalee Proctorville OH
Hayes And Company Cambridge OH
Hayes Grocery Scottown OH
Hayes, Deborah L Proctorville OH
Hayes, Fred Scottown OH
Hayman, Early E Gallipolis OH
Haynes, Kenneth E Carolina Beach NC
Haynes, Richard D Westerville OH
Hazleton, Timothy P Pomeroy OH
Heacox, Robert H Ona WV
Heady, Robert Gallipolis OH
Hedrick, Robert Hernando MS
Helton, Belvia E Dexter OH
Henderson, Ann South Point OH
Henderson, Bill Mcarthur OH
Henderson, Dee A Gallipolis OH
Henderson, Jerry M South Point OH
Henderson, Owen Scottown OH
Henry, Juanita Crown City OH
Henry, Patricia A South Point OH
Henry, Walter Addison OH
Hensley Jr, Arvie Proctorville OH
Hensley, Howard Laurelville OH
Hensley, Patrick C Columbus OH
Henson, Robert L Huntington WV
Herald, Carl L Crum WV
Herdman, Ronald D Rutland OH
Herman, Leonard F Marengo OH
Hesson, Morris D Gallipolis OH
Hibner, William B Chesapeake OH
Hickman, Charles Chillicothe OH
Hicks, John M Jacksonville FL
Hier, Marvel E Vinton OH
Hieronimus, Harold Pedro OH
Hill Sr, Joseph E Ironton OH
Hill, Harold Columbus OH
Hill, James I Ironton OH
Hill, Margaret Reynoldsburg OH
Hill, Opal Gallipolis Ferry WV
Hill, Pamela J Lexington KY
Hinchman, Sherrae E Coconut Creek FL
Hively, Bruce A Crown City OH
Hively, Isaac Gallipolis OH
Hively, Margie Patriot OH
Hlad, Edward B Middleport OH
Hoagland, James L Dayton OH
Hoch, Denise E Gallipolis OH
Hoch, Denise E Patriot OH
Hocking Valley Cable TV, Nelsonville OH
Hocter Sr, Charles L Radcliff OH
Hoctor Sr, Charles Radcliff OH
Hodge, Cecil Columbus OH
Hofer, Franz Columbus OH
Hoffman, Jessie O Patriot OH
Hoffman, Richard C Longview NC
Hogan, James D Gallipolis OH
Hogan, Scott J Ironton OH
Holbrook, Larry J Jackson OH
Holbrook, Mary M Waterloo OH
Holbrook, Sally Jamestown OH
Holley Brothers Construction, Gallipolis OH
Holley, Dalton L South Point OH
Holloway Construction, New Lexington OH
Holloybrook Farm Bidwell OH
Holston, Marty A Ironton OH
Holt, Robin K Oak Hill OH
Holt, William B Springfield OH
Holthaus, Kevin J Athens OH
Homan, Samuel Lima OH
Hommes, Lewis R Oak Hill OH
Hood, Gary L Gallipolis OH
Hood, Steven R Middleport OH
Hooper, Joseph R Cottageville WV
Hooton, Rickey L Gallipolis OH
Horn Jr, Elijah Waverly OH
Horner, Amy G South Webster OH
Horton, Bobbie L Huntington WV
Houck, Brent D Ironton OH
Howard, Floyd B Stockdale OH
Howard, Janette Mars PA
Howard, Mary A South Point OH
Howard, Ray E Chillicothe OH
Howard, Vadis Portsmouth OH
Howell, William Minford OH
Howery, Deron P Albany OH
Hubbard, Blaine Wellston OH
Hudnall, Lloyd J Athens OH
Hudnell, David Albany OH
Hudson, Gene D Rio Grande OH
Huff, Danny R South Point OH
Huff, George E Covington KY
Huffman, Roy L Proctorville OH
Hughes, Mary L Jackson OH
Hughes, Rhonda Ludyard CT
Hughes, Richard London OH
Hunt, Dennis D Gallipolis OH
Hunt, Richard Albany OH
Hunt, Russell D Proctorville OH
Hunter, Ida L Lexington KY
Hunter, John D Bidwell OH
Hunter, Paul S Ironton OH
Hurlow, Joe Crown City OH
Hurst, James H South Point OH
Hurt, Ernest Ray OH
Hurt, Ilo Thurman OH
Huston, Kathlen Wheelersburg OH
Hutchinson, Kathryn Ironton OH
Hutchinson, Pamela San Diego CA
Icenhower, Rick W Dexter OH
Ingles, Earl D Patriot OH
Ingram, F B Gibsonton FL
Inscho, Carl W Columbus OH
Interstate Displays Inc, Botkins OH
Irvin, Mildred Chillicothe OH
Isaac, Lillian Oak Hill OH
Israel, Harold I Gallipolis OH
Jacks, Dannie R Pomeroy OH
Jacks, Joseph D Wellston OH
Jackson Bldg Loan & Savings, Jackson OH
Jackson Sanitary Lanfil Jackson OH
Jacobs, Sallie Kitts Hill OH
Jakeway, Frances E Gallipolis OH
James, Brice D Statesville NC
James, David H Wheelersburg OH
James, Gavin M Crown City OH
Janey, Jessica R Rutland OH
Janey, Nancy L Gallipolis OH
Janitelli, Dina South Point OH
Jaques, Vallie Gallipolis OH
Jarrells, Cebert Newark OH
Jeffers, Pauline Gallipolis OH
Jeffries, Kathy J Wellston OH
Jelovac, Ivan J Proctorville OH
Jenkins Jr, Richard Proctorville OH
Jenkins, Darrell Gallipolis OH
Jenkins, Dwayne Kitts Hill OH
Jenkins, Eloise Kitts Hill OH
Jenkins, Gwenlyn S Franklin Furnace OH
Jenkins, Rosetta L Gallipolis OH
Jenkins, Timothy L Jackson OH
Jervis, Larry A South Point OH
Jessie, Christina L Scottown OH
Jessie, Vearl D Scottown OH
Jewell, Patricia E Pedro OH
Jobe, Robert South Point OH
Johns, Jennie H Proctorville OH
Johnson Jr, Paul J Chesapeake OH
Johnson Sr, Eugene Crown City OH
Johnson, Brenda K Gallipolis OH
Johnson, Charles R Cape Coral FL
Johnson, Clifford Chillicothe OH
Johnson, Elbin Lancaster OH
Johnson, Gary G Gallipolis OH
Johnson, Gary L Thornville OH
Johnson, Grover Gallipolis OH
Johnson, Harold Beaver OH
Johnson, Homer E South Point OH
Johnson, James A Coalton OH
Johnson, Jerry Chesapeake OH
Johnson, John R Gallipolis OH
Johnson, John W Gallipolis OH
Johnson, Jonnie Bidwell OH
Johnson, June O Rutland OH
Johnson, Larry L Wellston OH
Johnson, Michael J Jackson OH
Johnson, Michael L Pedro OH
Johnson, Neil Broadview Heights OH
Johnson, Randall J Vinton OH
Johnson, Randy J Jackson OH
Johnson, Rebecca A Proctorville OH
Johnson, Scott S Huntington WV
Johnston, Ray E C/O Brian K Johnston Ray OH
Jones, Basil Kitts Hill OH
Jones, James P Crown City OH
Jones, John Kitts Hill OH
Jones, John R Chillicothe OH
Jones, Kenny L Van Buren IN
Jones, Lamont D Waterloo OH
Jones, Malinda L Ironton OH
Jones, Mary L Thurman OH
Jones, Patsy K Athens OH
Jones, Randall Proctorville OH
Jones, Robert L South Point OH
Jones, Wanda G Gallipolis OH
Jones, William O Cave Spring GA
Jordan, Boyce L Gallipolis OH
Jordan, Robert Columbus OH
Jordan, Tamera D Albany OH
Justice, Jennifer Scioto Furnace OH
Justice, Kenneth T Crown City OH
Justice, Mary C Pedro OH
Justice, Ray Huntington WV
Justus, Hassell Vinton OH
Justus, J C Vinton OH
Justus, U N Vinton OH
Kale, Marion L Port Richey FL
Kasperski, Robert J Penfield NY
Kauffman, Lawrence Wellston OH
Kaufman, David J Albany OH
Keefer, Lora L Gallipolis OH
Keels, Mary A Jackson OH
Keen Jr, Allen Ironton OH
Keenan, Sylvan South Point OH
Keeney, Renee L Scottown OH
Keesee, Gary M Patriot OH
Keesee, Keith A Gallipolis OH
Keesee, Willard L Orlando FL
Keffer, Kerry L Columbus OH
Keil, Donald Logansport IN
Kelley, Annamae Proctorville OH
Kelley, Donald E Slidell LA
Kelley, Frank H Minford OH
Kelley, Ina M Nelsonville OH
Kelley, Randy Wheelersburg OH
Kelley, Randy Wheelersburg OH
Kelley, Steve Jackson OH
Kelley, Wanda F Pedro OH
Kelly, Don Patriot OH
Kelly, John B Russell KY
Kennard, Susan L Gallipolis OH
Kennedy, Tammi R Langsville OH
Kennedy, Walter Lancaster OH
Kent, Donna Cheshire OH
Kent, William G Hopkinsville KY
Kern, Tom Bidwell OH
Kerns Sr, Joe Crown City OH
Kerns, Scot M Ironton OH
Keys, Horace Russell KY
Kidd, Larry L Ewington OH
Kidd, Wayne D Milford IN
Kilgore, Bernie D Northup OH
Kilgore, Kenneth R Huntington WV
Kimbler, Paul D Waterloo OH
Kimbler, Paul E Kingsport TN
Kincaid, Jeffery Allen Townsend GA
King, Brad C Wellston OH
King, F E Gallipolis OH
King, Jessie J Ironton OH
King, John M Athens OH
King, Lora L Jackson OH
King, Peggy J Wellston OH
King, Stan R Phoenix AZ
Kingery, Bertha Huntington WV
Kingsley, Brandice A Gallipolis OH
Kinney, Timothy M Piketon OH
Kinsel, S J Wellston OH
Kipp, Donna F South Point OH
Kipp, Juanita F Chesapeake OH
Kipp, Leonard I Proctorville OH
Kirkendall, Tim R Huntington WV
Kisor, Todd Wellston OH
Kitchen, G E Ashland KY
Kitts, Mary F Ironton OH
Klein, Mitchell L Hurricane WV
Knepper, Bonnie K Jackson OH
Knight, Ann Proctorville OH
Knight, Kelly Sun City AZ
Knipp, Rosamond Ironton OH
Konkle, Marvin E Jackson OH
Koren, John Kitts Hill OH
Koukos, Timothy R Huntington WV
Koukos, Timothy R Huntington WV
Kovalic, Stephen Smithfield PA
Kramer Explorations, Rutland OH
Krammer Explorations Cleveland OH
Krautter, Tom L Pomeroy OH
Lake, Donald C Chesapeake OH
Lake, Leslie A Proctorville OH
Lallier, Nancy J Chillicothe OH
Lam, Kenneth A Tucson AZ
Lamay Industries Inc Columbus OH
Lambert, Ronnie L Rutland OH
Lambert, Stanley B Rutland OH
Lambert, Walter L Wellston OH
Landrum, Walter S Piketon OH
Lane, John E Albany OH
Lane, Vernia M Gallipolis OH
Langdon, Clifford South Point OH
Lanier, Bill S Gallipolis OH
Large, Donald R Kitts Hill OH
Large, Jay Columbus OH
Large, Mary A Ironton OH
Lathey, Charles Middleport OH
Laurel Highlands Cable Pittsburgh PA
Lawahon, Nancy A Proctorville OH
Lawles, Mary West Jefferson OH
Lawless, Joseph L South Webster OH
Lawrence, Ross E Huntington WV
Lawson, Peggy S Ironton OH
Layne, William Kitts Hill OH
Laywell, Richard G Starke FL
Leach, Erma Wellston OH
Leach, Wanda C Vinton OH
Leadingham, Willis Gallipolis OH
Lee, Charles Athens OH
Lee, Deatra J Columbus OH
Lee, Leon Ripley WV
Lee, Linda R South Point OH
Lee, Regina D Ironton OH
Lehew, Cheryl L Rio Grande OH
Lehman, Robert W Gallipolis OH
Lemaster, Jeanete Mc Arthur OH
Lemasters, Larry R Kitts Hill OH
Lemley Jr, Fred Cheshire OH
Leslie, Wade Rio Grande OH
Lester, Ernest Fpo AA
Lester, Tami E Thurman OH
Lewis Brothers Farms, Oak Hill OH
Lewis, Donald R Pedro OH
Lewis, John E Patriot OH
Lewis, Michael T Patriot OH
Lewis, Ray Northup OH
Liffick, Ronald B Vinton OH
Lighthouse Tabernacle Gallipolis OH
Lilly, Barbara J Chesapeake OH
Lilly, Susan M South Point OH
Lipscomb, Randy Hemlock Grove OH
Litteral, Deborah L Rio Rancho NM
Little, Harley S Jackson OH
Little, Michael Gallipolis OH
Little, Oliver Gregory Myrtle Beach SC
Llewellyn, Charles L Coolville OH
Lloyd, Richard W Greenup KY
Locey, Marie West Jefferson OH
Logan, Mark A Oak Hill OH
London, Guy F Pickerington OH
Long, Frank L Gallipolis OH
Long, Grover C Gallipolis OH
Long, Lewis L Jackson OH
Long, Rodney C Worthington OH
Looney, Barbara S Chesapeake OH
Looney, James Ironton OH
Lore, Tom J Patriot OH
Loudermilk, Larry E Jackson OH
Lowe, Bertha Mcarthur OH
Lowe, Dale E Jackson OH
Lowe, James D Mcarthur OH
Lowe, Nancy A Patriot OH
Lowery, David K South Point OH
Lowery, Terry B Westerville OH
Lucas, Gary M Branchland WV
Lucas, Terry F Cheshire OH
Luckett, Carol M Newark OH
Lunsford, Gary E Crown City OH
Luther, Adrian M Chesapeake OH
Lyall, Irvin L Patriot OH
Lyons, Clarence Mcarthur OH
Mahan, John M Willow Wood OH
Malcolm, Leo F Huntington WV
Malone, Gerald Pedro OH
Malone, James E Jackson OH
Malone, Linda K Waterloo OH
Manering, James E Jackson OH
Manley, Anne Glouster OH
Mann, Paul H Willow Wood OH
Mann, Tim L Chesapeake OH
Mannon, Darren R Willow Wood OH
Mannon, Everett Proctoville OH
Mannon, Rita F Willow Wood OH
Mannon, Rita F Gallipolis OH
Mapes, Stanley Jackson OH
Marcum, Gertrude Vinton OH
Marcum, James L Vinton OH
Marcum, James M Gallipolis OH
Marion M E Church, Portsmouth OH
Mark IV Energy Corp, Columbus OH
Marshall, Kathy M Chesapeake OH
Mart, Dorothy Pedro OH
Martin Iii, Willis E Jackson OH
Martin, Clara L Wheelersburg OH
Martin, Edgar A Willow Wood OH
Martin, Edna Beaver OH
Martin, Effie I Gallipolis OH
Martin, Electa L Gallipolis OH
Martin, Eric G Wheelersburg OH
Martin, Estella Albany OH
Martin, Grace Hebron OH
Martin, Homer B Flatwoods KY
Martin, Janet D South Point OH
Martyn, Nolan G Langsville OH
Mash, Jack E Mcarthur OH
Massie, Bobby L Columbus OH
Massie, Charles N Wadsworth OH
Massie, David E Proctorville OH
Massie, Esther Ironton OH
Massie, Hazel Chesapeake OH
Massie, Herman L Gallipolis OH
Massie, Jerry H Gallipolis OH
Massie, Teresa M Pedro OH
Masters, Thomas A Gallipolis OH
Matheny, Dave A Albany OH
Matheny, Gary L Huntington WV
Mathews, Donald S Jackson OH
Mathews, John R Jacksonville FL
Matkins, Mark W Kitts Hill OH
Matthew, Donna C Gallipolis OH
Matthews, Bill B Gallipolis OH
Mattingly, Marsha A Chesapeake OH
Mauer, J David Jackson OH
Maxey, James W South Point OH
Maxwell, Glenn E Mcarthur OH
May, Jeff E Wilkesville OH
May, William A Frankfort KY
Mayberry, June H Proctorville OH
Maynard, Archie Columbus OH
Maynard, Delores J Chesapeake OH
Maynard, Lloyd D Nokomis FL
Mayo, Alice D Millersport OH
Mays, Angela D Pedro OH
Mays, Ruth Gallipolis OH
Mayse, Terry A Coraopolis PA
McCabe, Oleta R Bidwell OH
McCain, Lenzy Oak Hill OH
McCarty, Acy Athens OH
McClaskey, Ray Chillicothe OH
McClelland, Edward C Wellston OH
McCloud, Florencia Huntington WV
McCloud, Richard F Surfside Beach SC
McColgan, Robert N Washington Court House OH
McComas, Carol A South Point OH
McCombs, Robin A Rio Grande OH
McCormick, Merril Gallipolis OH
McCormick, Willard South Vienna OH
McCoy, Dale Jackson OH
McCoy, Eva Augusta GA
McCoy, Roy E Gallipolis OH
McCullah, Eugene Fort Myers FL
McDade, Wayne L Middleport OH
McDaniel, Dwight Cheshire OH
McDaniel, H Dwight Pomeroy OH
McFadden Jr, Charles Ray OH
McFann, Anthony L Pedro OH
McFann, Brenda K Patriot OH
McGhee, Julius Gallipolis OH
McGhee, Kenneth D Bidwell OH
McGlone, Timmy R Columbus OH
McGraw, Dan L Troutman NC
McGuire Realty Co, Huntington WV
McGuire, Chester C Gallipolis OH
McGuire, Era D Willow Wood OH
McGuire, James T Gallipolis OH
McGuire, Joyce Wheelersburg OH
McGuire, Paul D South Webster OH
McGuire, Roger N Gallipolis OH
McGuire, Tommy Radcliff OH
McGuire-Baird, Brenda Gallipolis OH
McHone, Irene E Proctorville OH
McKelvey, James T Ray MN
McKenzie, Glenn Summerville OH
McKinney, Lillian Willow Wood OH
McKnight, Arthur Ironton OH
McKnight, Debbie A Wheelersburg OH
McKnight, Harold B Lawrenceville GA
McLain, George V Arcanum OH
McMahon, Lucille Chesapeake OH
McMullen, Phillip Chesapeake OH
McNeal, Eva Beaver OH
McPherson, Sarah L Gallipolis OH
McQuirt, Lula M Salyersville KY
McWilliams, Floyd Athens OH
Meadows, Linda A Port Charlotte FL
Meece, Joseph A Paloverde AZ
Meigs Non-Ferrous Inc Rutland OH
Menshouse, Lisa J Kitts Hill OH
Mentz Jr, Julian D New Columbia PA
Mercer, Dannie H Wellston OH
Mercer, Emogene Gallipolis OH
Mercer, Ronny Willow Wood OH
Merola, Mark A Gallipolis OH
Merrill, William C Jackson OH
Messer, James L Waverly OH
Messer, Juanita Waterloo OH
Messer, Nancy E South Webster OH
Messer, Oma J Jackson OH
Messinger, Rodney L Huntington WV
Metcalfe, Grace H Willow Wood OH
Metzler, Eric Columbus OH
Michael, Virgina D Gallipolis OH
Mikes Market, Richmond Dale OH
Mikes Taxidermy Waverly OH
Milem Sr, Harry A South Point OH
Miles, Carolyn L Fostoria OH
Miles, Gregory K Jackson OH
Miller, Arthur P Gallipolis OH
Miller, Brad L Albany OH
Miller, Brent L Kitts Hill OH
Miller, Charles South Point OH
Miller, Clara Catlettsburg KY
Miller, Donald I Dayton OH
Miller, Edna R Dover DE
Miller, James E Columbus OH
Miller, Jeff Patriot OH
Miller, John H St Cloud FL
Miller, Richard J Wellston OH
Miller, Roberta J Crown City OH
Miller, Roscoe Kitts Hill OH
Miller, Saundra K Albany OH
Miller, Thomas C Jackson OH
Mills – Fraley, Crystal S Oak Hill OH
Mills, Clifton C Chesapeake OH
Mills, Earl Gallipolis OH
Mills, Paul E Roseville OH
Milton, Robert M Proctorville OH
Minnis, Cindi Vinton OH
Miracle, Thomas Painesville OH
Mitchell Energy Corp, Spring TX
Mitchell, Joni M Athens OH
Mohr, Charles A Albany OH
Mollett, Mary J Franklin Furnace OH
Montgomery, Christopher J Gallipolis OH
Montgomery, Donald W Gallipolis OH
Montgomery, Todd M Wellston OH
Mooney, Eva J Crown  City OH
Moore Jr, Homer B South Point OH
Moore, Alfred L Crown City OH
Moore, Eileen E Gallipolis OH
Moore, Emory Jackson OH
Moore, Essie Scottown OH
Moore, Herbert Jackson OH
Moore, Michael W Wellston OH
Moore, Robert E Lucasville OH
Moore, Vivian K Gallipolis OH
Morabito, Nick G Huntington WV
Morgan, R James Austin TX
Morgan, Roger C Syracuse OH
Moritz, Gary L Whitehouse OH
Morris, Charles M Huntington WV
Morris, David M Scottown OH
Morris, Dennis A Chesapeake OH
Morris, Hurston M Proctorville OH
Morris, William Albany OH
Morrison, Odessa M Wilkesville OH
Moseley, Charles L Albany OH
Mossbarger, Mary H Beaver OH
Mossberg, Joy Ashland KY
Mount, Doug Vinton OH
Mount, Harmon L Scottown OH
Mount, Michael L Willow Wood OH
Mt Zion Memorial Assoc, Portsmouth OH
Mueller, Raymond P C/O Trenton J Cleland Pomeroy OH
Mullens, Debbie Wheelersburg OH
Mullens, Linda K Proctorville OH
Mullins, Christy S Crown City OH
Mullins, David C Thurman OH
Mullins, Droxie Jackson OH
Mullins, Oliver B Dexter OH
Mullins, Richard L Lavalette WV
Mullins, William E Bidwell OH
Murdock, Brady Willow Wood OH
Murdock, George R Chesapeake OH
Murdock, Violet Proctorville OH
Murray Jr, Clarence J Beaver OH
Murrell, John Ironton OH
Musgrave, Eloise Chesapeake OH
Music, Ivan A Zephryhills FL
Myers, Charles W Proctorville OH
Myers, Ethel L Northup OH
Myers, Glenora A Melbourne FL
Myers, Greg Crown City OH
Myers, Louise Pomeroy OH
Myers, Mary South Bloomingville OH
Myers, Mary L Gallipolis OH
Myers, Richard L Linwood NC
Myers, Shirley Gallipolis OH
Myers, Tony Gallipolis OH
Myers, W B Proctorville OH
Nance, Charles E Gallipolis OH
Nance, Norval W Willow Wood OH
Nance, William M Kitts Hill OH
Napier, Raynell South Webster OH
Napper, James H Jackson OH
Navy, Jim Huntington WV
Neal, Leona F Barboursville WV
Nealis, Emmitt Ashland KY
Nelson, Francis Albany OH
Nelson, Lucian Grove City OH
Nelson, Roger L Pedro OH
Nelson, Vickie L Gallipolis OH
New Life Church Of God Wellston OH
Newcomb, Shirley R Pedro OH
Newell, Sharon Gallipolis OH
Newlon, Andrew M Hamden OH
Nibert Jr, Willis W Norwood OH
Nibert, Andy J Gallipolis OH
Nibert, Beulah E Gallipolis OH
Nichols, Terry R Chesapeake OH
Nicinsky Jr, John Rutland OH
Nickel, Penny S Huntington WV
Nickels, Douglas L Jackson OH
Nickels, Harvey Mcarthur OH
Nida, David P Gallipolis OH
Niday, Hugh Jackson OH
Niday, James L Gallipolis OH
Nixon, Donnie New Straitsville OH
Nixon, S J Akron OH
Norman, Terry R Lancaster OH
Norris, Averill J Ironton OH
Norris, David Gallipolis Ferry WV
Norris, Iris Pomeroy OH
Notter, Edna M Blacksburg VA
Notter, Jean Gallipolis OH
Notter, Sadie North Port FL
Noy, Elmer Beaver OH
Noy, Esther J Chillicothe OH
Ocker, Leah M Wellston OH
Ogle, Alice J Mcarthur OH
Ohio Bell 035852 NM, Detroit MI
Ohio Bell Telephone Akron OH
Ohlinger, Charles F Rutland OH
Ohlinger, James W Dexter OH
Ohm, Kenneth L Wellston OH
Oiler, Sharon M Portsmouth OH
Oldaker, Roy A Crown City OH
O’Leary, Patrick Ironton OH
Oliver, Bernice M Gallipolis OH
Oliver, Ronald A Proctorville OH
OMAC Oil and Gas Co, Newark OH
Oninku, Aderonke O Dublin OH
Operation Evangelize Westerville OH
Orcutt, Albert Worthington OH
Ortiz, Juan M Gallipolis OH
Osborn, John Columbia MD
Osborne, Sylvia M Gallipolis OH
Osborne, William Ironton OH
Osburn, J C Huntington WV
Ostby, Debbra L South Point OH
Ostrander, Nancy L Jackson OH
Overturf, Gerald Rutland OH
Owen, Lucinda K New Marshfield OH
Owens, Deborah A Lexington KY
Owens, Homer W South Point OH
Owens, Richard H Naperville IL
Owens, Sharon L Oak Hill OH
Oxier, Ronald Piketon OH
Painter, Violet Bidwell OH
Palletti, Lawrence H Oak Hill OH
Palm Jr, Herb F Beaver OH
Palm, Herb F Hamden OH
Pancake, Mark O Waterloo OH
Parallax Energy Scottsdale AZ
Parker, Manuel Chesapeake OH
Parsley, Howard Canel Winchester OH
Parsons, Frank South Webster OH
Parsons, Gary J Kenova WV
Partain, Carolyn V Gallipolis OH
Patrick, Jason D Gallipolis OH
Patrick, Walter B Huntington WV
Patterson, Robert E Waterloo OH
Paugh, David W Siler City NC
Paugh, Dwayne E Jackson OH
Paxton, Walter O Gallipolis OH
Payne, Jim E Columbus OH
Payne, Madline Beaver OH
Payne, Terry V Scottown OH
Peck, Donna E Bidwell OH
Peck, Emma J Mcarthur OH
Peck, William M Bidwell OH
Peden, Dallas W Gallipolis OH
Pendland, John Lower Salem OH
Pendleton, Mary S Jackson OH
Pennell, Robert W New Martinsville WV
Pennington, Connie S South Point OH
Pennington, Norvle Grove City OH
Perkins, Clifton E Kenova WV
Perkins, Clifton E Chesapeake OH
Perkins, Vivian Columbus OH
Perry Jr, Delbert E Wellston OH
Perry, Charles W Dexter OH
Perry, Denver Mcarthur OH
Perry, Donald E Coal Grove OH
Perry, Homer B Wellston OH
Perry, Minnie South Webster OH
Perry, Orville W Huntington WV
Perry, William G Mcarthur OH
Perry, William T Pedro OH
Perry, Worley Athens OH
Peters, Mary F Jackson OH
Petty, Adelaide E Show Low AZ
Phillips, Aaron S Crown City OH
Phillips, B Paige Webster Springs WV
Phillips, Gladys O Scottown OH
Phillips, James Ironton OH
Phillips, James P Athens OH
Phillips, Phyllis G Wellston OH
Phillips, Sandra M Albany OH
Pidcock, James L Nelsonville OH
Pierce, James H South Point OH
Pierce, Katherine E Ashville OH
Pierce, Vickie S Beaver OH
Pigg, Carl C Miamisburg OH
Pike Co Community Devlp Waverly OH
Pine Creek Chapel, Waverly OH
Pinkerman, Hillis Columbus OH
Pinkerman, James T South Point OH
Pinkerton, Vivian D Ashland KY
Pinnell, William L Ravenswood WV
Pitcock, Kathy J Carbon Hill OH
Pixley, Harold W New Boston OH
Plants, Eugene L Bidwell OH
Pleasant Grove Chapel, Jackson OH
Plummer, Thomas W Butler AL
Plummer, Tom Jackson OH
Poirier, Roland D Vinton OH
Polcyn, Daniel Bidwell OH
Pollock Sr, Michael L Gallipolis OH
Pommell, Ruth J Ironton OH
Poore, Jamie L Nelsonville OH
Pope, Sherrie S Gallipolis OH
Portanova, Ronald P Athens OH
Porter, Bernard L Albany OH
Porter, Curtis Gallipolis OH
Porter, Lutie P North Lawrence OH
Porter, Marion W Proctorville OH
Posey, Wesley D Ironton OH
Poston, Dennis Waterloo OH
Potter, Kevin B Salem VA
Powell, Karen S South Point OH
Powell, Sarah A Jackson OH
Power, C E Dayton OH
Powerline Auto Parts Kitts Hill OH
Powers, Dennis E Culloden WV
Pratt, John W Radcliff OH
Price, Linda M Mount Airy NC
Priddy, Ricky A Rutland OH
Priode, Tim F South Point OH
Provens, Eugene Columbus OH
Pruitt, Timothy Beaver OH
Prunty, Ancil Sunbury OH
Puckett, Dennis Radcliff OH
Puckett, Willie J Jackson OH
Queen, Dustin E South Shore KY
Radabaugh, Orlie E Jackson OH
Radcliff, Ted Willow Wood OH
Ragland, John Chillicothe OH
Ragland, Maryann Mechanicsburg OH
Rake, James Gallipolis OH
Ralph, Robert Ironton OH
Ramey, Richard T Hurricane WV
Ramey, Richard T Harts WV
Randolph, Irene B Bidwell OH
Rapp, Lawrnce W Shade OH
Rapp, Richard A Wellston OH
Rasp, Walter Circleville OH
Ratcliff, Donald L Gallipolis OH
Ratcliff, Nellie M Chesapeake OH
Rauber, David A Jackson OH
Rawlings, Fredrick E Albany OH
Rawlins, Donald E Portsmouth OH
Rawlins, Hartford G Waverly OH
Rawlins, Tiny Wheelersburg OH
Ray, Edna Columbus OH
Reaves, Willis E Proctorville OH
Redmon, Jackie Northup OH
Reed, Betty Mcarthur OH
Reed, Eldon Bowersville OH
Reed, Geraldine C Lewisville TX
Reed, Jo Ann Sandstone WV
Reed, Scott L Oak Hill OH
Reedy, Eldon R Mcarthur OH
Reese, Evans R Oak Hill OH
Reffitt, Wilma J Ray OH
Reis, Susan D Athens OH
Reisinger, Mary J Beaver OH
Remy, Homer L Pedro OH
Reynolds, Carrie South Vienna OH
Reynolds, Charles F Proctorville OH
Rice, Cecil Vinton OH
Rice, Elizabeth G Willow Wood OH
Rice, Gary A Patriot OH
Rice, Jacklyn Huntington WV
Rice, Patrick W Willow Wood OH
Rice, Patrick W Scottown OH
Rice, Susan E Middleburg Hts OH
Richardson, Butch E Columbus OH
Richardson, Deborah L Crown City OH
Richardson, Dorothy Waverly OH
Richendollar, Rick L Pedro OH
Richmond, Gladys Wheelersburg OH
Ridgeway, Robert L Ironton OH
Rife, Richard L Ironton OH
Riggle, Dale R Springfield OH
Riggs Jr, Freelin Circleville OH
Riggs, Thelma Kitts Hill OH
Riley, Inize Beaver OH
Riley, Jack L Jackson OH
Riley, James Chesapeake OH
Riley, Leona L Beaver OH
Riley, O W Chesapeake OH
Ritchie, Lee Piketon OH
Ritchie, Sonja S Gallipolis OH
Rittenhouse, Ruby I Piketon OH
Rivers, James B Mt Pleasant TX
Roach, Michael J Athens OH
Roberts Jr, Charles M Proctorville OH
Roberts, Charles J Patriot OH
Roberts, Grover J Chesapeake OH
Roberts, Phebe Racine OH
Roberts, William Ironton OH
Robie, Patrick J Gallipolis OH
Robinette, Carol J Petersburg WV
Robinette, Howard L Vinton OH
Robinette, Michael G Kitts Hill OH
Robinson, Charles R Wellston OH
Robinson, Denver L Fairmont WV
Robinson, Leatha Coal Grove OH
Robson, William E Wellston OH
Roderick, John E Jackson OH
Rogers, Loretta E Pomeroy OH
Rogers, Mark H Grove City OH
Romans, Charlotte L Ashland KY
Roof Jr, Dewey Mcarthur OH
Roof, Kathy L Minford OH
Rose, Anthony J Gallipolis OH
Rose, Richard L Jackson OH
Rose, Warren M Proctorville OH
Rosebrock, Gerald V Oak Hill OH
Rosenzweig, John Jackson OH
Ross, Anthony P Willow Wood OH
Ross, Donald J Pedro OH
Ross, Jeryl Proctorville OH
Ross, John F Grove City OH
Rossiter, Gary D Gallipolis OH
Roten, George O Gallipolis OH
Roth, Mildred A Jackson OH
Roush, Mable M Gallipolis OH
Rowe, Cathrin E Columbus OH
Rowe, Ernie L Pikeville KY
Rowe, George D Scottown OH
Rowland, Kathryn E Wellston OH
Rowsey, Tammy D Huntington WV
Ruggles, Randall Chesapeake OH
Runyon Jr, Dan Gallipolis OH
Runyon, Brenda G New Caney TX
Runyon, Bruce Bidwell OH
Runyon, Dan Gallipolis OH
Rupert, Charles Norwood OH
Russell, Forrest R Gallipolis OH
Russell, Jimmy E Oak Hill OH
Russell, John L Gallipolis OH
Russell, Mark Jackson OH
Russell, Paul Crown City OH
Russell, Steve C Albany OH
Russell, Teresa J Bidwell OH
Ruth, Kim S Shade OH
Rutledge, Lloyd M Huntington WV
Sadlers Of Jackson Jackson OH
Sadlers Of Jackson Jackson OH
Sagraves, Raymond F Mcarthur OH
Salmons, Ceciel M Jackson OH
Salmons, Zat Gallipolis OH
Saltsman, Marvin Columbus OH
Salyers, Robert Russell KY
Sammons, Jeff T South Point OH
Sanders Jr, Fred Crown City OH
Sanders, James B Jackson OH
Sanders, John Vinton OH
Sandman, Gloria J Scottown OH
Sandman, Patricia Columbus OH
Sanitary Comlservices Chillicothe OH
Sansone, Carl North Platte NB
Sargent, Melvin D Crown City OH
Sauer, Richard D Middleport OH
Saunders, David M Bidwell OH
Saunders, David M Gallipolis OH
Saunders, Mark E Oak Hill OH
Scarberry, Billy L Huntington WV
Scarberry, Leo O Proctorville OH
Scarberry, Lester L Chesapeake OH
Scarberry, Lloyd Proctorville OH
Scarberry, Owen D Gallipolis OH
Scarberry, Pauline Proctorville OH
Scarberry, William E Jackson OH
Scarberry, William L Chesapeake OH
Schacht, Robert E Janesville NC
Schafer, Henry R Columbus OH
Scharbrough, Jake Pedro OH
Scheershmidt, Pamela J Mc Arthur OH
Schooley, Steve B Newton NC
Schreck, Penny S Oak Hill OH
Schroeder, Mary L South Point OH
Schumann, Frederick R Hilliard OH
Schwalbach Sr, Ernest E Ray OH
Schwalbach Sr, Ernest E Ray OH
Scott, Emory W Jackson OH
Scott, Gregory C Proctorville OH
Scott, Hazel J Huntington WV
Scott, Paul Middleport OH
Scott, Paul A Middleport OH
Scott, Ronnie D Albany OH
Scott, Terri J Arlington VA
Scoville, Teresa K Athens OH
Seabolt, Billy J Proctorville OH
Sears, Evelyn J Cheshire OH
See, D Ursel Springfield OH
Seitz I, Larry H Vinton OH
Servis, David L Danville IL
Seth, Ralph A Chesapeake OH
Setty, Harold Mt Perry OH
Sexton Sr, John L Gallipolis OH
Sexton, Carson Wellston OH
Sexton, Dean Wellston OH
Sexton, Mark E Huntington WV
Sexton, William Worthington KY
Shaffer, Darrell M Gallipolis OH
Shamblin, Thomas R Poca WV
Shane, Eunice G Gallipolis OH
Sharp, Burl Pedro OH
Sharp, Everett T Ironton OH
Sharp, Helen F Ironton OH
Sharp, James M Kitts Hill OH
Shaver, Norma J Gallipolis OH
Shavor, Billy Proctorville OH
Shavor, Robert D Proctorville OH
Sheets, Acie Gallipolis OH
Sheets, Allan Gallipolis OH
Sheets, Jackie S Gallipolis OH
Sheets, Kelly D Gallipolis OH
Sheets, William H Vinton OH
Shelly & Sands Co Cinncinnati OH
Shelton, Charles J Ewington OH
Shelton, Fred Oak Hill OH
Shelton, Mary Patriot OH
Shepard, Larry E South Point OH
Sheppard, Earl F South Point OH
Sherfy, Rolland Palm Bay FL
Sherick, Leonard E New Lenox IL
Shoemaker, Clendon L Patriot OH
Shoemaker, Lester P Middleport OH
Short, Curtis E Scottown OH
Short, Randy L Scottown OH
Shreck, Judy A Beaver OH
Shriver, Bernadine H Gallipolis OH
Shriver, Homer Crown City OH
Shuler, Hallie C Gallipolis OH
Shull Jr, Otto Mcarthur OH
Sickles, Sandra L Jackson OH
Siders, William E Gallipolis OH
Sigman Jr, John L Gallipolis OH
Silvers, Sharon K Patriot OH
Simmons, Charles E Beaver OH
Simmons, Doris L South Point OH
Simpkins, Bennie L Proctorville OH
Simpkins, Karen Crown City OH
Simpkins, Karen Crown City OH
Simpkins, Mathias Waverly OH
Simpson, Clyde Richmond Dale OH
Simpson, Joe A Jackson OH
Singer Jr, Leslie Willow Wood OH
Singer Jr, Marvin Willow Wood OH
Singer, Michael A Chesapeake OH
Singer, Velma S Proctorville OH
Sizemore, Mark L Pedro OH
Sizemore, Scott L Chesapeake OH
Skellett, Douglas D Chillicothe OH
Slezak, Walter T Vinton OH
Sloan, Mona Columbus OH
Slone, James Gallipolis OH
Slone, Raymond L Waverly OH
Smathers, Eddie J Vinton OH
Smith Jr, Thomas E Shade OH
Smith Sr, Dewey E Wheelersburg WV
Smith Sr, Lumie Chillicothe OH
Smith, Carl E Proctorville OH
Smith, Charles R Chesapeake OH
Smith, Dana A Stewart OH
Smith, David H Jackson OH
Smith, Donald S Proctorville OH
Smith, Emaline Y Ironton OH
Smith, Harold E Cheshire OH
Smith, Harry L Gallipolis OH
Smith, James A Crown City OH
Smith, James R Vincent OH
Smith, Kathy A South Point OH
Smith, Lloyd W Crown City OH
Smith, Lonnie A Grove City OH
Smith, Nancy Scottown OH
Smith, Renee C Gallipolis OH
Smith, Robert B Crystal River FL
Smith, Ruby Springfield OH
Smith, Teresa J South Point OH
Smith, Thomas A Chesapeake OH
Snodgrass, Patty L Gallipolis OH
Snodgrass, Sheryl L Bidwell OH
Snyder, Donna M Oswego NY
Snyder, Joe P Gallipolis OH
Snyder, John Waverly OH
Snyder, Keith R Jackson OH
Snyder, Kenneth W Albany OH
Snyder, Sam Columbus OH
Sorrell, Wilbur D Albany OH
Southern Hills Motel South Point OH
Southern Ohio Coal Co, Athens OH
Southworth, Paul E Westerville OH
Sowards, Carol I Patriot OH
Sowers Jr NM, Robert M Ray OH
Sparkman, Joshua J Bidwell OH
Sparks, Charles W Waterloo OH
Sparks, Jack Cincinnati OH
Sparks, Jimmy L Ironton OH
Sparks, Mary E Beaver OH
Sparks, Ralph D South Point OH
Spaun, Sue G Gallipolis OH
Spears, Emmett O Proctorville OH
Spears, Fred L Proctorville OH
Spears, James E Ironton OH
Spears, Rhonda G Kitts Hill OH
Spears, Willie R Knoxville TN
Speice, Robert N Atlanta GA
Spence, Ronald R Kenova WV
Spencer, Frances J Beaver OH
Spencer, Jack J Vinton OH
Spencer, Terry Albany OH
Spillman, Kelli J Kitts Hill OH
Spreacker, Darrell Franklin Furnace OH
Springer, Lamar D Dayton OH
Springer, Loretta C Gallipolis OH
Spurlock, Harold W Wilkesville OH
St Nicholas Church Gallipolis OH
Stanley Jr, Virgil K Wauchula FL
Stanley Jr, Virgil K Wauchula FL
Stanley, Carlos N Crown City OH
Stanley, Connie R Chesapeake OH
Stanley, Robert E Conover OH
Stanley, Russell Athens OH
Stans Market Jackson OH
Staples, Nathani Gallipolis OH
Stapleton, Seldon Ashland KY
Starkey, Mike L Chillicothe OH
Starkweather, Lois M Boynton Beach FL
Starr, Carlos South Point OH
Starr, Ray Russell KY
Starr, Wendell Ashland KY
Steele, Irene Columbus OH
Steiff, Joanne L Racine WI
Steiner, Kenneth L Gallipolis OH
Stemple, Scott E Kenton OH
Stephens, Frankln Proctorville OH
Stephens, Gary S Chesapeake OH
Stephens, Larry E Scottown OH
Stephens, Thomas A Crown City OH
Stevens, Jean M South Point OH
Stewart, Audrey H Gallipolis OH
Stewart, Larry W Rutland OH
Stewart, Orville Springfield OH
Stewart, Orville Springfield OH
Stewart, Robert L Patriot OH
Stewart, Sherrie A Proctorville OH
Stewart, Tommy J Gallipolis OH
Stiff, Eugene N Lillian AL
Stiff, Shirley C Portsmouth OH
Stiles, Olive V South Webster OH
Stiltner, Carol J Chillicothe OH
Stiltner, Jessie Iuka MS
Stiltner, Olga L Albany OH
Stocker, Richard E Gallipolis OH
Stollings, Charles Proctorville OH
Stonerock, Clyde G Jackson OH
Stonewall Gasco Jane Lew WV
Stover, Dennis R Patriot OH
Stover, James O Chesapeake OH
Stowers, Robert L Shalimar FL
Straight Ii, John E Gallipolis OH
Stratton, Connie G Mcghee AR
Stritmatter, Andrew J Wooster OH
Strong, Gretta Coalton OH
Stroud, Barbara Gallipolis OH
Stumbo, Sarah M Oak Hill OH
Stumbo, Walter B Willard OH
Sturgeon, Elden H Plain City OH
Sturgeon, Howard Oak Hill OH
Sullivan, Joseph F Huntington WV
Summers, Shirley I Pedro OH
Sunderland, Roxanne Chillicothe OH
Suttles, Melinda S Rock Camp OH
Swackhammer, Terry E Chillicothe OH
Swain, Keith A Crown City OH
Swaney Jr, Carl E Jackson OH
Swann, Gathel Jackson OH
Swann, Mary E Oak Hill OH
Swartzwelder NM, Randy Ironton OH
Sweany, Tim L Dayton OH
Swisher, Lewis Racine OH
Swonger, Kimberly M Gallipolis OH
Sword, Lucky L Patriot OH
Swords, Rickey R Jackson OH
Swords, Steven R Bidwell OH
Tabernacle Church, Galipollis OH
Tabler, Lydia M Chillicothe OH
Tackett, Frank Beaver OH
Tackett, Thomas H Beaver OH
Tackett, Thomas H Chillicothe OH
Tagg, Della Ashland KY
Talbott, Mary J Tuppers Plains OH
Tannehill, Stella M Nelsonville OH
Tarpley, Joe N Huntington WV
Tatman, Glenn E Mcarthur OH
Tawney, Rhonda L Chesapeake OH
Taylor, Albert Boaz AL
Taylor, Bert W Columbus OH
Taylor, Jack D Oak Hill OH
Taylor, Jerry Jackson OH
Taylor, Mark K Proctorville OH
Taylor, Sandena K Peebles OH
Taylor, Terry L Hamden OH
Taylor, William H Chesapeake OH
Taylor, William J South Point OH
Templeton, James D Chesapeake OH
Tennant, Donald M Gallipolis OH
Tennant, Randy E Jackson OH
Terry, Lafe G Chesapeake OH
Thacker, Ezra Gallipolis OH
Thacker, Ralph A South Point OH
Thacker, Ruth A Thurman OH
Thaxton, Deborah K Gallipolis OH
Theiss, Lisa K Washington Ch OH
Thomas, Bonnie L Gallipolis OH
Thomas, Forrest L Gallipolis OH
Thomas, Luther J Jackson OH
Thompson Cablevision, Bellefonte PA
Thompson Jr, Herman W South Point OH
Thompson, C David Huntington WV
Thompson, Donald R Chesapeake OH
Thompson, Donnie M Scottown OH
Thompson, Goldie Orient OH
Thompson, Larry D South Point OH
Thompson, Nellie Mansfield OH
Thompson, Richard G Chillicothe OH
Thompson, Thomas Chesapeake OH
Thompson, Thomas E Patriot OH
Thompson, Vivian K South Point OH
Thon, Ruby J Oak Hill OH
Thon, Ruby J Ocala FL
Thurman, Virgil W Beaver OH
Ticknor, Carolyn S Willow Wood OH
Tindongan, Cynthia W Nelsonville OH
Tinsley, Justen M Jackson OH
Tivener, Lillian C Orlando FL
Todd, Richard D Chesapeake OH
Tolley, H Cathy Athens OH
Tom, Bernard New Marshfield OH
Tomblin, Donna L Chillicothe OH
Tomblin, Sandee K Chesapeake OH
Toole, Douglas M Ashville OH
Tooley, Daniel S Fernandina Beach FL
Toothman, John R Ironton OH
Tope, Mildred Gallipolis OH
Townsend, Faye Kitts Hill OH
Trace, Mac F Jackson OH
Trace, Ruth Wellston OH
Trader, Robert L Albany OH
Tredway Jr, James Huntington WV
Trimble Evangelist Asso Hillsboro OH
Triona, Anthony E Gallipolis OH
Tripp, Denny Mcarthur OH
Trout, Nellie B Radcliff OH
Troutt Jr, Joel C Cheshire OH
Trowbridge, Melvin Kitts Hill OH
Troyer, Lester A Jackson OH
Tulodzieski, Henry E O’Fallon MO
Turner, Carl R Proctorville OH
Turner, Juanita Clermont FL
Turner, Maymie V Pedro OH
Turvey, Wade R Scioto Furnace OH
Tuttle, Darrell W Reynoldsburg OH
Ullom Realty Huntington WV
Unger, John T Mcarthur OH
Union Ridge Freewill Baptist, Albany OH
Universal Mine Supply, Gallipolis OH
Uribe, Nancy A Athens OH
Valentine, Flossie Chillicothe OH
Valkinburg, Max E Nelsonville OH
Vance, Dana South Point OH
Vanmeter, Kathy S Middleport OH
Vansickle, Rena Barboursville WV
Veco Inc South Point OH
Veith, Bobby J Henderson WV
Vencill, Gary M Nashport OH
Vernatter, Brandon C Lesage WV
Vest, Janet Chillicothe OH
Veterans Administration Gallipolis OH
Viars Jr, Joseph D Willow Wood OH
Viars, Brenda K Kitts Hill OH
Vickers, Robert D Wellston OH
Vickroy, Donald L Dexter OH
Vinton Twp Trustees Mc Arthur OH
Virgin, Diane Stockdale OH
Voreh, Walter D Gallipolis OH
Vulgamore, Bradley D Guthrie OK
W L M J Inc Jackson OH
Walden, Harry D Pataskala OH
Walker, Autumn R Columbus OH
Walker, Carol S Chesapeake OH
Walker, George Gallipolis OH
Walker, Larra L Barboursville WV
Walker, Terry W Mcarthur OH
Walker, William Chillicothe OH
Wall, Karen L Wellsburg WV
Wall, Sheila R Scottown OH
Wall, Terry S Ravenswood WV
Wallace, Dennis L Barboursville WV
Walls, Belva Proctorville OH
Walls, Nancy Gallipolis OH
Walls, Robert L Jackson OH
Walls, Robert L Beaver OH
Walters, Bertie E Wellston OH
Walters, Eugene Cutler OH
Ward, Larry Bidwell OH
Ward, Teresa L Vinton OH
Warne, James W Huntington WV
Warner, Aaron L South Point OH
Warner, Earl Jackson OH
Warner, Earl Jackson OH
Warner, Sheila A Chesapeake OH
Warner, Wayde H Willow Wood OH
Warner, Wayde H Willow Wood OH
Warren, Helen F Vinton OH
Washington Grange Hall, Wellston OH
Washington Local School Wellston OH
Wassmuth, George Columbus OH
Watkins, Robert G Huntington WV
Watkins, Robert O Gallipolis OH
Watson, Harold Coal Grove OH
Watson, Phillip C Scottown OH
Waugh, Hobert G Ironton OH
Waugh, Michael D Jackson OH
Waugh, Pauline Alliance OH
Waugh, William Wellston OH
Wears, Rex A Cheshire OH
Weary, Kenneth R Albany OH
Weaver, Donald H Pomeroy OH
Weaver, Richard W Ironton OH
Webb, Bernard L Jackson OH
Webb, Bernard L Jackson OH
Webb, Charles D Grove City OH
Webb, Harold M Norwich NY
Webb, Hubert Wayne WV
Webb, Ronald D Kitts Hill OH
Weiher, Tony R Gallipolis OH
Welch, June Ray OH
Welch, William H Circleville OH
Wellbaum, John M Columbus OH
Wellman, Ralph C Chesapeake OH
Wells, Jerry Wellston OH
Wells, Marilyn R Oak Hill OH
Wentz, Gregory C Willow Wood OH
West, Sharon Nelsonville OH
Western Union Tel Co, Sabetha KS
Westlake, John Xenia OH
Whaley, Helen Pickerington OH
Wheeler, Rachel Gallipolis OH
White, Alden S Burlington KY
White, Buryl E Circleville OH
White, Dorothy L Crown City OH
White, Earl Patriot OH
White, Earl South Point OH
White, Jimmy L South Point OH
White, Leanna D Willow Wood OH
White, Margaret C Chesapeake OH
White, Rebecca J Gallipolis OH
White, Robert L Ray OH
White, Ronald M Proctorville OH
Whiteman, Tony Nelsonville OH
Wickline, David Bidwell OH
Wickline, Sarah A Waverly OH
Wilds, Timothy O Kitts Hill OH
Wilfer, Jerome J Bidwell OH
Willet, Virgil E Pt Pleasant WV
Williams Sr, Lester O Patriot OH
Williams, Arlie Medway OH
Williams, Charles A Crown City OH
Williams, Darlene D Waterloo OH
Williams, David E Oak Hill OH
Williams, Debbie A Albany OH
Williams, Delbert South Point OH
Williams, George F Scottown OH
Williams, Gladys C Lexington OH
Williams, Jerry L Huntington WV
Williams, John M Gallipolis OH
Williamson, James E Gallipolis Ferry WV
Williamson, Roger L Wellston OH
Williamson, Thressa Dawson Springs KY
Willis, Beatrice Waterloo OH
Willis, H E Louisville KY
Willis, James M South Point OH
Willitt, Ruth A Gallipolis OH
Willow Valley Ranch FBC, Proctorville OH
Wills, Eloise Mt Juliet TN
Wills, James L Jackson OH
Wilson, Charles T Lockbourne OH
Wilson, Charles W Scottown OH
Wilson, Claude R Jeffersonville OH
Wilson, Harold Ironton OH
Wilson, Kenneth Syracuse OH
Wilson, Pamela S Jackson OH
Wilson, Randy E Chillicothe OH
Wilson, Rosetta A Waterloo OH
Wilson, Rosetta A Ironton OH
Wimer, Ken D South Point OH
Winkler, David F Huntington WV
Winsiewski, Kenneth V Vinton OH
Winters Church Hamden OH
Winters, Sherman A Ironton OH
Wise, Dwayne B Athens OH
Wiseman, Thomas C Parkersburg WV
Woerner, Dale E Jackson OH
Wolford, Mary J Mc Arthur OH
Wollerman, Mike Y Point Pleasant WV
Wood, Alma E Wayne WV
Wood, Everett Ironton OH
Wood, W C Kitts Hill OH
Woodard, Martha Pedro OH
Woodruff, Wilma Lucasville OH
Woods, C B Ironton OH
Woods, Wilma L Oak Hill OH
Wooldridge, David J Bidwell OH
Woolfolk, P M Huntington WV
Woolum, Genvive Ironton OH
Wooten Sr, Lowell E Albany OH
Workman, Alesia J Willow Wood OH
Workman, Floyd L Jackson OH
Workman, Geneive Marvel Head OH
Wray, Donald W Ironton OH
Wright, Sheila A Chesapeake OH
Writesel, Kelly D Gallipolis OH
Wyant, Mark E Jackson OH
Wyatt, Kathy M Wellston OH
Yapp, Melvin W Chesapeake OH
Yates, Hester Willow Wood OH
Yates, William Jackson OH
Yearta, John W Gallipolis OH
Yonker, Jacqln A Martinsville IL
York, Foster Pineview GA
Young, Harold New Marshfield OH
Young, Joseph A Pomeroy OH
Young, Rita G Waterloo OH
Young, Rosa M Cheshire OH
Young, Vernon C Wellston OH
Zeni Drillingco Morgantown WV