Buckeye Rural Electric is proud to present the following scholarship to its members. Please look over the materials to determine eligibility, and submit the application following the instructions provided.  Thank you all, and good luck!

All applicants must be a high school senior who resides with parents or legal guardians who are members of the cooperative.  Other minimum requirements must be met.  Read the rules carefully.

Information for BREC Technical Scholorship

Buckeye Rural Electric is proud to present the NEW Technical Scholarship:

For the first time, Buckeye Rural (BREC) will be offering a $1,500 Technical Scholarship to assist the children of cooperative members in their pursuit of a degree in technical training. To be eligible, students must be planning to attend an accredited two or four year technical school program.  They must also meet minimum scholastic requirements, provide a letter of recommendation, and complete an application with two brief essays. The BREC Technical Scholarship application form and complete rules are provided below. All qualified students will be judged by the following criteria: scholastic record, personal achievement, school and community activities, and their written essays. Judges may give priority to fields of study deemed more relevant to electric co-ops.

DEADLINE: Applications  must be postmarked by June 30, 2018.

The candidates will be evaluated initially by their scholastic record  and personal achievements/school & community activities. After finalist are selected, the judging process will include a personal interview and test students’ knowledge of cooperatives. In 2018,  Buckeye REC plans to offer a new Technical Scholarship  for students pursuing  an education in a trade school/program. Details will follow at a later date.

The judging process will also include the students’ knowledge of cooperatives, based upon on the Online Orientation course located at

Mail or deliver the application to:

Buckeye Rural Electric Cooperative, Inc.
4848 SR 325, P. O. Box 200
Rio Grande, OH 45674-0200
Attn: Scholarship Coordinator

BREC Technical Scholarship Rules & Application


Technical Scholarship Scholarship Purpose and Rules 2018

If you do not have Adobe Reader software, it is a free download available here: (If you do not want to install McAfee Security Scan Plus and True Key™ by Intel Security, uncheck their  boxes prior to downloading.)

  1. Open the application file using Adobe Reader, and save it.
  2. Complete the first two pages using Adobe Reader.
  3. Save the file again, then print all pages.

Take the application to a teacher and your guidance counselor to complete the faculty portion. It is preferred those sections are typewritten; however, they may be handwritten if necessary.


Scholarship Rules


To help children of cooperative members pursue two- or four-year technical training, the following scholarship awards program is offered by Buckeye Rural Electric Cooperative (BREC).


Students will be eligible for a $1500 Scholarship.


To be eligible for the BREC Technical Scholarship, the following provisions will govern the acceptance of applicants from the local cooperatives:

  1. Applicants must be graduating seniors who have all basic credits for technical school entrance, or students currently enrolled in a technical school. Applicants must plan to attend or currently attend an accredited technical school program.
  2. Applicants must be a residential member of Buckeye Rural Electric Cooperative, or the child or legal ward of a permanent residential electric cooperative member, receiving service at the time of application. Children/wards of BREC commercial members are not eligible unless their parents are also permanent residential electric cooperative members.
  3. Applicants in both divisions must have a cumulative grade point average of 5 or above on a 4.0 scale or an equivalent standing on a nontraditional scale. High school GPA should be used for students who have not yet begun the program, while college GPA should be used for students currently enrolled in a program.
  4. Applications must be typed and submitted on forms furnished by BREC. The deadline for scholarship applications to be received by BREC is June 30, 2018.


Application information must be confined to the official nomination form. The only attachments permitted are transcripts, typed essay responses, and one 500-word letter of recommendation from an instructor.


  1. Students will be required to complete two brief essays (250-word max per prompt) detailing their educational and career goals, and discussing a cooperative knowledge topic. The essays must be completed on his/her own without outside assistance. For the cooperative knowledge question, students should refer to the Online Orientation program available at
  1. Applicants who have received “full ride” scholarships (tuition, room, board and books) to the schools of their choice are not eligible for scholarships from BREC.
  1. Any applicant who has won a scholarship from BREC or affiliated organizations in another scholarship competition is not eligible to win an award in this competition.
  2. All scholarships must be accepted in the first academic year after proof of enrollment is received by BREC. However, an extension of one year may be granted for just cause in the judgment of the General Manager of BREC. In the event students are unable to fulfill their enrollment obligation under this program, the awards are forfeited.
  3. Members of the immediate families and persons residing in the households of trustees, managers, distribution cooperative employees and BREC-affiliated organizations (Ohio Rural Electric Cooperatives, Buckeye Power, RESCO, etc.) employees are not eligible.


All qualified students will be judged by the following criteria: a maximum of 30 points for scholastic record (academic criteria should include GPA and quality of academic classes); a maximum of 30 points for personal achievement, school and community activities; and a maximum of 40 points for the written essay. Judges may give priority to fields of study deemed more relevant to electric cooperatives.


Buckeye Rural Electric Cooperative, Inc.
4848 SR 325 S. P. O. Box 200
Rio Grande, OH 45674-020
Attn: Scholarship Coordinator

Or, scan completed applications and attachments, and email them to:

[email protected]

If you are interested in this scholarship, please see the application below:

BREC Technical Scholarship Application