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Electric Service Requirements

If you are planning to build a new home or locate a mobile/modular home in the Buckeye REC service area, here is some useful advice. By providing us with complete information about your project and complying with membership requirements, you can help speed the process.

Information BREC will need before we can determine method of service and cost:

  • Copy of Recorded Deed to property
  • Certified Service Address
  • Signed Membership
  • Picture ID
  • Type of Structure
  • Use of Structure
  • Square footage of Finished and Heated space
  • A drawing showing "footprint" of the buildings and dimensions from property lines and Road(s).
  • Approved septic system plan (A copy of the approval from the health department is needed in order to get any credit toward reducing construction costs*) *Does not apply to temporary or seasonal.
  • Type of heating and size (if electric) (tons and/or kW)
  • Size of service entrance (main Breaker, 100 amp, 200 amp, 400 amp, other?)
  • Location of main breaker. Note: Buckeye will determine meter location.
  • Is it air conditioned? What size? (tons)
  • Type of water heating (gas or electric), and size if electric (KW).
  • Design fee — Per board policy (see Policy 450)
  • Account fee — Per board policy (see Policy 450)
  • Notation of any unusual anticipated loads


Once all the above is received, we will contact you for an onsite meeting with the landowner, the applicant, or the qualified electrician that will be performing the work (preferably, all parties) to determine the method of service. Important decisions will be made during the course of this meeting. Having someone else meet the staker generally creates delays and misunderstandings. From this meeting, a cost will be determined. Once the cost has been determined, you will receive a letter stating these costs.

In order for the job to proceed any further, BREC will need the following:

  • A right-of-way easement, signed by the landowner
  • A deposit may be required pending the outcome of a soft credit report. Should a deposit be required, it will be applied to your account after 1 year w/ no late payments.
  • If we cross the neighbor's property, we need a right-of-way easement, signed by the landowner of the neighboring property and permission to trim or remove all trees necessary to allow for construction
  • Any trees that need to be removed or trimmed to enable the installation of electric service, shall be removed by the applicant/landowner (reimbursing BREC is an option)
  • A signed "Aid to Construction" agreement
  • The aid to construction fees must be paid in full before the job will be forwarded for construction
  • The service must meet all requirements and be ready for completion in one trip by BREC

Please see Policy 610 for details on new services.

Other items to keep in mind: (1.) The closer you build to our facilities, the less likely the need for a non-refundable contribution from you for the construction; (2.) The sooner you return this information to Buckeye REC, the sooner we can schedule a meeting to reach an agreement on a method of service.

When designing facilities to serve your needs, Buckeye strives to locate most facilities, especially the transformer, adjacent to a road or driveway. This aids us in keeping costs at a minimum, as well as allowing an accessible route to the facilities at all times. This will also reduce the length of an outage, should one occur, and minimize property damage, all of which not only reduces our costs, but provides you with better service. If you have special locations where you would like our facilities to be located, there may be additional costs to you.

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We look forward to having you as a member of Buckeye Rural Electric Cooperative.

BREC Forms and Schematics to download an electrical inspection form

The Electrical Inspection Form can be filled out by BREC members on their computers, then printed and returned to Buckeye REC.